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A humorous introduction to the double bass | Bret Simner | TEDxBasel TEDx Talks
3 years back
Why is a double bass called a double bass? Bret Simner shares his history with the instrument and beautifully plays a piece by Johann Baptist Vanhal on his ...
PINK PANTHER Theme | double bass quintet | Božo Paradžik & students bozoparadzikcom
2 months back
Henri Mancini's epic composition adapted for a double bass quintet. Good work by my talented students from the generations 2017 until 2018 It was very funny ...
Instrument: Double Bass Philharmonia Orchestra (London, UK)
5 years back
In this film, Michael Fuller introduces his instrument - the double bass. To learn more about the double bass visit ...
3 years back
Playing two of my favourite Metallica bass lines (Enter Sandman & Master of Puppets) on a Distorted Upright Bass.... TABS and Backing Tracks: ...
8 months back
This month's box from Thomann for #THINGINSIDETHEBOX was filled with an instrument, I've never really paid much attention to before. Find out how my week ...
Professional vs Beginner Double Bassist TwoSetViolin
1 years back
Pro Double Bass: Phoebe Russell Subscribe: Practice Clothing Co. ...
Canon in D - Double Bass Teseoguitar
6 years back
For the Score visit my website J. Pachelbel - Canon in D - transcription and adaptation in A for ...
7 years back
This video is dedicated to the channel of Adam Ben Ezra, an israeli bassist and multi-instrumentalist, who's known for a couple of amazing cover videos on ...
3 years back
Movimiento 3 de la sinfonía No. 5 de Beethoven interpretada por la OSSBV en el Palau de la Música Catalana en Barcelona - España dirigida por el maestro ...
Giovanni Bottesini Concerto for Double Bass No 2 in B Minor London Symphony Orchestra
8 years back
Principal Double Bass of the LSO, Rinat Ibragimov, performs Bottesini's Concerto for Double Bass No 2 in B Minor on an original 3 stringed period instrument by ...
Pirates Of The Caribbean - Double Bass Solo Teseoguitar
5 years back
Pirates Of The Caribbean - Double Bass Solo - Plays Francesco Tesei.
Sarasate - Zigeunerweisen for Double Bass and String Orchestra (arr. Lauren Pierce) Lauren Pierce
9 months back
Lauren Pierce, bass Joey Golan, Audio Engineer Weston Harris, Videographer Clay Couturiaux, Conductor Violin I: Felix Olschofka Amy Wang Mia Detwiler ...
Donna - 11 year old playing double bass to Rock this town by the Straycats. theswingsisters
8 years back
Donna playing the double bass to Rock this town by the Straycats,
A Double Bass Story - Calin Wultur Workshop, Romania Kyle Bagley
5 years back
Making Double Basses and orchestral string instruments at the Calin Wultur Workshop in Romania. Calin Wultur Instruments are distributed worldwide ...
Upright Bass for Electric Bassists [ AN's Bass Lessons #17 ] Adam Neely
4 years back
Support me on Patreon! A short video primer on all the technical things you need to do in order to get started on upright ...
Gorillaz-Double Bass GeneralBri
12 years back
How Double Bass Extensions Work Contrabass Conversations
3 weeks back
Read the blog post: Great luthiers making double bass extensions: Upton Bass - Kolstein ...
Flight of the Bumble-Bee for two Double Basses Lev Weksler
4 years back
Flight of the Bumble-Bee by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov. Arranged for two Double Basses and performed by Lev Weksler. I approached several superb pianists ...
Upright bass slap lesson Heath Williamson
6 years back
Learn four different upright bass slaps. Single Slap, Double Slap, Triplet Slap, Drag Triplet. Quick easy lesson on right hand technique.
Camila Cabello - Havana | Double Bass Cover Goldkrach
2 years back
Double Bass & Recording – Stephan Goldbach Video – Laura-Janine Kröner.
Double bass - 5-minutes on slap technique Wes Stanton
4 years back
Double bass slap essentials - single, double, triplet, gallop triplet, drag triplet, and drag quadruplet. Hope you find it useful.
All About That [Upright] Bass - Meghan Trainor Cover PMJ ft. Kate Davis PostmodernJukebox
5 years back
See PMJ Live: | Download the song: So, this one is pretty self-explainatory. The incredibly ...
Up Close With A Curator: Octobasse MIMphx
5 years back
Join curator Colin Pearson on a descriptive journey of one of the most famous objects at the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.
220 to 270 BPM Double Bass Drumming (HD) Thomas Crémier
7 years back
Hi there, I haven't been able to play drums for 2 weeks and will be able to play again in one week only, but I managed to record this video in which I play along ...
Introducing the Baroque Double Bass Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment
1 years back
Where did the double bass of today come from? Cecelia Bruggemeyer, a long-time double bass player with the OAE, introduces its baroque ancestor.
YOU RAISE ME UP - Aynur Zayni (double bass) Aynur Zayni (double bass)
3 years back
YOU RAISE ME UP - Aynur Zayni (double bass) Music by Rolf Lovland. Kazan 24.04.2016.
Cello v. Bass: Minuets I & II in G Major VC/CB
3 years back
Nicholas Swett, Cello William Swett, Double Bass Benjamin Swett, Video Guest Starring Lulu J.S. Bach, Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major Minuets I & II.
Giovanni Bottesini Concerto for Double Bass No 2 in B Minor Vincentdelia
6 days back
Vincent D`Elia - Bass Julian Pernett Castilla - Piano Recorded 10/11/2019 in Marsh Auditorium at USM. Video and audio edited and produced by Vincent D`elia.
3 years back
Slapping the Double Bass. TABS and Backing Tracks: Special Thanks to: Dragoninferno100 ,Jack Balsamo, sonsuin, Thiago ...
Gorillaz - Double Bass - Gorillaz Gorillaz
5 years back
Double Bass taken from the 2001 album Gorillaz including the singles Clint Eastwood, 19-2000, Rock the House and Tomorrow Comes Today.
Tetsu Suzuki Double bass Maker in Cremona, Italy 鈴木徹 コントラバスメーカー Tetsu Suzuki Double bass maker 鈴木徹
5 years back
Tetsu Suzuki Double bass Maker in Cremona, Italy 鈴木徹 コントラバスメーカー Making of Dobule Bass
Mikyung Soung performs Bottesini and shares thoughts on double bass Contrabass Conversations
2 years back
Mikyung Seong shares her thoughts on the future of the double bass and performs Bottesini Concerto No 2. Concert footage from the 2nd International Bradetich ...
Cliff Burton - Anesthesia (Upright Bass cover) Rob Scallon
4 years back
Bass solo, take one... thousand. Let me know in the comments what you'd like the next Maytallica video to be. iTunes: ...
Stuff Double Bass Players Say UprightBassAddict
8 years back
These are things i think everyday, when i study the Double Bass Twitter - @MichaelKnott96 I play Principal Bass in the Raleigh Youth Philharmonic.
Vibrato Masterclass for Double Bass by Lauren Pierce Discover Double Bass
3 years back
Lauren's Step-by-Step Bowing Course: In this video Lauren Pierce teaches us how to master ...
8 months back
Russian bassist Daria Shorr plays her composition "Siberia" Watch the bass players playlist ----▻ BTW on Instagram ...
Upright Bass Made From "Trash" tim sway
2 weeks back
I made a double bass from things people threw away. Part 3 is sponsored by Gollihur Music! Hear the bass here: ...
3 Easy Double Bass Grooves That Sound Hard - Drum Lesson Drumeo
4 years back
The fastest way to get faster on drums: ▻ The Ultimate Toolbox To Jumpstart Your Drumming: http://www.
4 years back
It's my biggest honor to present you Renaud Garcia-Fons here on our channel. He's one of the best and innovative upright bassists of our generation and his ...
Game Of Thrones Theme - Double Bass Solo Teseoguitar
11 months back
Game Of Thrones Theme - Double Bass Quartet - Plays Francesco Tesei - New Fan Page - SUBSCRIBE!
Double Bass Solo from Mahler: Symphony #1 (3rd Movement) Discover Double Bass
2 years back - All our lessons & courses in one place and free double bass player resources! In this video Lauren Pierce teaches one of ...
Theme from "Schindler's List" | Božo Paradžik, double bass | Live Berlin 2010 (HD reupload 2019) bozoparadzikcom
2 months back
My most watched YouTube video, now here reuploaded in much higher picture quality. Months after uploading it I have got this recording in full HD resolution ...
Legendary Upright Bass Influences of Paul Kowert | Reverb Learn to Play Reverb
1 years back
Punch Brothers / Hawktail musician Paul Kowert can comfortably claim a spot as one of the most in-demand and visible upright bassists in the modern bluegrass ...
Eastman VB200 Double Bass Review Discover Double Bass
2 years back - All our lessons & courses in one place + free double bass player resources! In this video Geoff Chalmers reviews an ...
Easy Drum Beats for learning Double Bass 66Samus
3 months back
Here's some easy double bass drum beats :) Get 7% off your first year to sell unlimited songs/albums on iTunes, Google Play and more with DistroKid! only ...
The 'Vomit Exercise' for Double Bass Discover Double Bass
2 years back
Download the transcription for this lesson (below the video on this page) ▻Check out ...
Martin 4/4 Double Bass by Thomas & George Martin Violin Makers: Played by Thomas Martin Thomas & George Martin Violin Makers
6 months back
Thomas Martin shows off a Martin 4/4 Double Bass model. This full-sized instrument produces a rich and powerful sound but retains great playability. Find out ...
Niels Pedersen & Sam Jones - Double Bass (1976). Jazz
3 years back
''Double Bass'' is an album by bassists Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen and Sam Jones which was recorded in 1976 and released on the Danish SteepleChase ...