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NAMM 2016 - Duallist's TRIPLE Bass Drum Pedal | GEAR GODS Gear Gods
4 years back
Wanna learn all the scales on the guitar for 50% off? Click here: ▻ ▻ Support us on Patreon: Duallist shows off ...
Bass Drum Slide Technique For Double Strokes DrumAngleOfficial
5 years back Filmed, recorded and performed by Luke Oswald In this drum lesson, I provide an overview of my technique for playing quick bass ...
230 to 290 BPM - Extreme Drumming (HD) Thomas Crémier
2 years back
Hi YouTube ! I wanted to do an updated version of my "220 to 270 BPM Double Bass Drumming" video, which was my very beginning of heel-toe and sound ...
Tama Speed Cobra Double Pedal WhyNotDrum
8 years back
This is a video of me just improvising and playing around on my new Tama Speed Cobras. Nothing amazing, just some fun My Channel: ...
Unboxing My First Direct Drive Double Kick Pedal Wyatt Stav
4 weeks back
Hit Subscribe! I hope you enjoyed the unboxing of my new Trick pedal! Trick Drums Pro 1-V Bigfoot Double Pedal: ...
3 Easy Double Bass Grooves That Sound Hard - Drum Lesson Drumeo
4 years back
The fastest way to get faster on drums: ▻ The Ultimate Toolbox To Jumpstart Your Drumming: http://www.
Double Stroke Kick Drumming - Double Pedal (Heel-Toe Technique) Naquadahx
9 years back
Update: Jan 2018 Finally back on the kit. Loads of new videos up and loads more coming, check em out!
DOUBLE STROKES TECHNIQUE / HEEL-TOE [Extreme Drumming] Thomas Crémier
5 months back
Hi everyone ! Today I'm going to answer a question many of you asked for a long time now ! WHAT IS MY FOOT TECHNIQUE ? It's time for me to unveil and ...
Tama Speed Cobra Double Pedal - Arconda Fast Test Simone ArcOndA Piras
6 years back
Tama Speed Cobra Double Pedal - Test !!!!Support my channel: - Ankle motion, Swivel, Heel toe Simone Arconda Piras Drummer ...
Cobus - Avenged Sevenfold - Critical Acclaim (Drum Cover) Cobus
5 years back
Check Squarespace out! - A big thank you to Squarespace for making The Quadrum Series possible! They made it possible ...
Mike Terrana Double Bass Warm Up Exercise MikeTerranaOfficial
7 years back
This is what i do for about 10 to 15 min before a show to get my hands and feet warm and ready to perform.
Riccardo Grechi - Daily Workout Routine (Double Pedal Exercises) Riccardo Grechi Drummer
3 years back
This is not a tutorial video. It's just a series of daily exercises that I do to improve my control, balance, speed, power and endurance. You can find a lot of tutorial ...
Building Control & Speed With The Double Bass Pedal - Drum Lesson | Drum Beats Online Drum Beats Online
4 years back
Here's a drum lesson on building speed and control on your double bass pedal. ▻▻ Want to improve your creativity + confidence and reach your full potential ...
drum solo speed double pedal Zul Guitarist
2 years back
double pedal speed viral.
10 Best Bass Drum Pedals 2019 Ezvid Wiki
10 months back
UPDATED RANKING ▻▻ Disclaimer: These choices may be out of date. You need to go to to see ...
1 years back
Music by Trivium. Double bass Drum video from the music The SIn And The Sentence from the heavy metal band, Trivium. Video cover de pedal duplo de ...
DW5000 Double Bass Pedal Test Jovi
8 years back
PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION....DO IT! DW5000 Double Bass Pedal test right out of the box. This was a test for the pedal ...
OffSet Eclipse Double Bass Drum Pedal Demo Sweetwater
3 months back
More videos like this Offset Double Bass Drum Pedal Demo Shop for ...
Double Pedal Axis Al2 vs Tama Iron Cobra vs Pearl p1002 Simone ArcOndA Piras
5 years back
Double Pedal Axis Al2 vs Tama Iron Cobra vs Pearl p1002 PT.1 Support my channel : "Single stroke " Arconda Drummer ...
How To Play A Single Pedal Quad Drumeo
8 months back
The fastest way to get faster on drums: ▻ Four-note groupings on a single kick pedal isn't a topic that's normally covered in drumming.
DOUBLE BASS Drumming at 250 BPM! (No Triggers!) Wanja [Nechtan] Gröger
3 years back
Double Bass Drumming at 250 BPM (No Triggers) Double Bass Tutorial: ...
Double Bass Drum Lesson 1 - Basic Logic Erce Arslan
1 years back
Türkçe altyazı mevcuttur. *Subtitulo en Español está disponible. *English subtitles available. In this drum lesson I'm giving exercises about basic logic of double ...
220 to 270 BPM Double Bass Drumming (HD) Thomas Crémier
7 years back
Hi there, I haven't been able to play drums for 2 weeks and will be able to play again in one week only, but I managed to record this video in which I play along ...
Making a DIY offset double pedal Striped Frog
3 months back
I made an offset (middle) pedal using two Pearl P-932 Demonator double bass drum pedal.
How To Play Fast? (Advanced Double Bass Techniques) Eugene Ryabchenko
5 years back
In this video I give you some tips on how to improve your double bass technique which involes fast single stroke patterns. The audio samples and music used in ...
How To Play DOUBLE BASS for BEGINNERS Cameron Fleury
10 months back
How To Play Double Bass for Beginners Learning how to play the double bass drums? In this beginner video I break down how to play alternating 8th notes and ...
Strange Double Bass Foot Technique explained! Wanja [Nechtan] Gröger
7 years back
My Double Bass Drum Pedal (US): My Double Bass Drum Pedal (Europe): ...
MONSTER Double Bass Fill - Drum Lesson | Drum Beats Online Drum Beats Online
7 months back
In todays drum lesson I'm gonna show you a monster double bass fill! -------------------------------------------------------------- ▻▻ Want to improve your creativity + ...
Tips Double Pedal by PUPUTPUTCEH puputputceh
2 months back
DON'T FORGET TO HIT THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON!!! Berdasarkan request/komen dari postingan" sebelumnya, finally video basic tips buat double pedal ini ...
P-16 Double Bass Pedal | Is this the World's Fastest Bass Drum Pedal? Marthyn Jovanovic
1 years back
The P-16 Pedal built by Schossleitner-Technologies combines the speed of a direct drive pedal with the direct, strong feel of a chain driven pedal. Subscribe to ...
Play FAST Double-Bass Drum Patterns (Dom Famularo) Drumeo
2 months back
The fastest way to get faster on drums: ▻ The future is in our feet! There's so much we can do with feet as an extension of our hands.
Double Pedal Tips for Beginners - HOW TO PLAY FAST! Salin Gas
5 years back
I wanna dedicate this to my fans. Thank you for believing in me and supporting me throughout these years. question, requests or comments leave a msg at ...
PDP Concept Direct Drive Double Kick Pedal Review by Sweetwater Sweetwater
4 years back
Hey drummers, check out the PDP Concept Direct Drive double bass drum pedal! It's engineered to give you the sensitivity and performance of a high-end ...
🔴 LIVE Tutorial | HOW TO PLAY DOUBLE PEDAL FOR BEGINNER by Nur Amira Syahira Nur Amira Syahira
1 years back
Thanks for watching, Subscribe and Click The Bell to get my live notification! Don't forget to Join me at -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- I do not own this ...
Double Bass Pedal VS Single Bass Pedal (Which Is Better?) - Drum Beats Online Drum Beats Online
4 weeks back
Which is better for drummers: Single pedal or Double pedal? Lets find out! ▻FREE Beginner Lessons ...
Best Beginner Double Bass Pedal for Black Metal? Zimorog Band
2 years back
I got my first double pedal after 1 month of searching. I considered all the options, consulted with some drummers and i think i found the best one for me. I know ...
Double Pedal Exercises Pt. 2 - Arconda Drummer Simone ArcOndA Piras
2 years back
Double Pedal Exercise Pt. 2 - Arconda Drummer Support my channel : Arconda use: Techra drumsticks Pedaltrigger ...
Pearl Demon Drive P-3002D Double Kick-Drum Pedal Review by Sweetwater Sweetwater
5 years back
Get the Pearl Demon Drive P-3002D pedal here: In this video I am demonstrating the Pearl Demon Drive ...
Floating Double Bass Technique Explained Ryan Alexander Bloom
8 years back
Please consider purchasing my books in the Double Bass Drumming Explained series at or at your favorite ebook retailer.
Duallist D3 triple pedal- introduction and instruction video Henrik Ohlsson
1 years back
Hi, Henrik Olsson here. I`m the drummer and lyricist for Scar Symmetry (melodic death metal), drummer, backing vocalist and lyricist for Beyond the Katakomb ...
Tama Iron Cobra VS Axis A L 2 Double Pedal ( Acoustic version ) Simone ArcOndA Piras
4 years back
Acoustic Double pedal challenge Axis Al2 Vs Tama Iron cobra Power glide Original sound, NO EQ. Microphone : Sm58 Bass Drum Head: Powerstroke 3 coated ...
How To Assemble Your Double Bass Drum Pedal Drum Center of Portsmouth
1 years back
A brief tutorial on how to put together a double bass drum pedal. DW 3000 Series Double Pedal Available for purchase here: ...
2012 World's Fastest Drummer Finals - Battle of the Feet
7 years back brings you exclusive coverage of the 2012 World's Fastest Drummer - Battle of the Feet competition at the Summer NAMM Show in ...
Trick Drums Pro 1-V Custom Shop Bigfoot Double Pedal Demo Sweetwater
10 months back
You can purchase the Pro 1-V Custom Shop Bigfoot Double Pedal here: ...
Meinl TMDCP Double Bass Cajon Pedal - Sound Demo Drums Bonedo
7 months back
Subscribe: *Buy Now: ...
The Practical Guide to Kick Drum Double Strokes Jeffrey Fitzgerald
2 years back
0:48 - Throne Placement 2:00 - Pedal Settings 3:50 - Foot Technique Mechanics I finally made it! Follow me on Instagram @jeff_fitzgerald_drums Or email me at ...
11 months back
Double Bass Drum Lesson 2 - Building Up The Speed Erce Arslan
12 months back
Türkçe altyazı mevcuttur. *Subtitulo en Español está disponible. *English subtitles available. In this double bass drum lesson I'm giving exercises to increase the ...