Ranking 100 JRPGS! (JRPG Tier List) TheGamingShelf
5 months back
Today I'll be ranking 100 #JRPGs in the ultimate JRPG #TierList! Is my tier list trash? Probably! Fill out your own tier list and share it with me on Twitter: ...
Top 10 JRPGs of All Time WatchMojo.com
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There's are RPGs, and then there are JRPGs. Join http://www.watchmojo.com as we count down our picks for the Top 10 JRPGs of All Time. Click here to ...
Every JRPG Coming In 2019 JRPG Central
7 months back
Not the best year for JRPGs in my opinion (including what came out earlier this year), but we have some great games coming nonetheless. Thanks for watching!
Top 5 JRPGs of 2018 JRPG Central
10 months back
Here are my personal top 5 JRPGs of 2018 ranked in order of best to worst. I didn't play every JRPG, but of the ones I did play, here's where I think they'd fall on ...
25 Best JRPGs on the Nintendo Switch - RANKED! SwitchWatch
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25 Best JRPGs on the Nintendo Switch - Ranked! The Switch is fast becoming a JRPG powerhouse with tonnes of classics already on the system. We've put ...
10 BEST JRPG Games of 2018 So Far (JRPGs for PlayStation 4, Switch, X1, PC) GameCross
1 years back
Checkout BlueStacks! - Play Your Favorite Mobile Games on PC! http://bstk.me/osyh4Flq8 In this video, we take a look at 10 GREAT JRPG Games of 2018!
TOP 10 BEST JRPGs EVER! DreamcastGuy
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My favorite genre of gaming has always been old school RPGs. Turned based combat and deep stories are so addictive, so this week we are looking at the ...
Western RPGs vs Japanese RPGs - I: What Makes Them Different? - Extra Credits Extra Credits
7 years back
To compare these genres, we have to first look at how we define a role-playing game to begin with. Culture even influences our perception of what's "fun" or ...
Top 15 JRPG PS4 Games of 2016, 2017 & 2018 whatoplay
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Ranking the best Japanese RPGs on the Sony PlayStation 4 video gaming consoles. These are highly-rated JRPGs to play on your PS4. Support our channel by ...
Starting Out in JRPGs Firescale 20
10 months back
A little video on where to begin in this labyrinth of a genre. Most of it is pretty well documented but I still hope you enjoy. Music: Final Fantasy IX Title Theme ...
Top 10 JRPGs EVERYBODY Should Play! Erick Landon RPG
10 months back
JRPGs for everybody, easy to get into, balanced, great stories. Just as good as most of the classics. Visit my website: http://ericklandonwriter.blogspot.com/ Help ...
The Beauty in JRPGs jaq of thoughts.
3 years back
I lovingly talk about my favorite genre in gaming, role-playing games, especially the ones that populated the genre, the Japanese Role-Playing Games.
JRPGs at Nintendo Direct 2/13/19 SO MANY SWITCH JRPGS ShadowEliteHD
8 months back
CHECK HERE BELOW FOR MY LATEST UPDATES◈ CHECK OUT MY DISCORD! (newly created) https://discord.gg/KpqDz6 NEW EPISODE! (1/27) If you love ...
Top 5 Best JRPGs for Total n00bs! - RPG suggestions for novices | Review feat. Chrono Trigger DariaPlaysRPGs
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My personal top 5 JRPG recommendations for new gamers to the RPG genre, or anyone looking for a classic experience. This list is a mini review of some of the ...
Top 10 JRPGs Fadedragontear
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Fade takes shares his thoughts on the entire JRPG genre to bring you his 10 favorite franchises of all time in his Top 10 JRPGs. Let me know what your top 10 ...
Top 10 JRPGs (No Squaresoft) | Mike's Picks Resonant Arc
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This is a list of my favorite JPRGs not developed by Square-Enix! I can't wait to cover some of these games with a full analysis in the future! Join Our Discord ...
7 Smartphone JRPGs I Wish I Had More Time to Play JRPG Jungle
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Check out the written version on the blog (along with other JRPG content!)
Top 10 Most DISAPPOINTING JRPGs Ever! Erick Landon RPG
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Here's a list of what I consider to be the 10 most disappointing JRPGs of all time, in my opinion, of course. Enjoy! HELP this channel GROW here: ...
10 Jrpgs You Should Play For the Story - Tarks Gauntlet Tarks Gauntlet
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I can't do a list of "Top 10 JRPGs By Story" because.. well.. I haven't played all the JRPGs, but there are at least 10 that I would recommend for the story! Some of ...
Top Ten JRPGs (NOT From Square Enix) ProJared
5 years back
Subscribe! --- http://bit.ly/ZhtgD2 Some of the best RPGs ever do not come from Square. Is your favorite on the list? RULES: - Traditional JRPGs, no Action RPGs ...
Top 10 Best Stories in JRPGs! Erick Landon RPG
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Today we take a look at what I consider to be the 10 best stories in the JRPG genre. Remember that this is my personal opinion. What are your favourite RPG ...
5 JRPGs With Steep Learning Curves ShadowEliteHD
12 months back
Top 12 Upcoming JRPG Games in 2017 and Beyond (NEW JRPGs 2017/2018 - PS4, PC, Switch, Vita, X1, 3DS) GameCross
2 years back
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Top 10 Best JRPGs You (Probably) NEVER Played! Erick Landon RPG
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These are some of the best JRPGs that you've probably never played before. So if you haven't, make sure to check them out! Intro theme by The Legendary ...
Top 5 Super Nintendo JRPGS! JRPG Central
1 years back
Here are my top 5 Super Nintendo JRPGs of all time. Let me know what you think of my SNES list as well as your own complete list down below! Thanks for ...
Top 10 Best PS1 JRPGs Erick Landon RPG
1 years back
THIS VIDEO INCLUDES ONLY NORTH AMERICAN RELEASES* Also not including remakes or ports. Visit my website: http://ericklandonwriter.blogspot.com/ ...
JRPGs I Played in August 2019 JRPG Jungle
2 months back
I got to try a bunch of experiences I wanted to in August including CRYSTAR and Dragon Quest XI S, so here's a look at those and the other games I played in ...
JRPGs I Played in June 2019 JRPG Jungle
4 months back
After finishing Atelier Lulua at the start of the month, I was able to try a couple of new experiences and get back into some other ones too. Hope you enjoy the ...
7 Things You'll Find In Literally Every JRPG Ever PlayStation Access
1 years back
Rob cooks up a storm in this week's Friday Feature - sorry, Friday Eature - and bakes us a traditional Japanese Role Playing Game. Check out the video to see ...
What's On My Vita in 2019? A lot of JRPGs! ShadowEliteHD
8 months back
CHECK HERE BELOW FOR MY LATEST UPDATES◈ NEW EPISODE! (12/16) If you love JRPGs you owe it to yourself to listen to the HP/MP JRPG Podcast ...
Top 10 NEW & Upcoming JRPGs of 2019 for PS4 and Steam The Night Sky Prince
10 months back
Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee Headphones (Sponsor): https://dro.ps/thenightskyprince-hd58x Join our Facebook group, ULTIMA: Square Enix + ...
Top 5 JRPGs on the PS3 Erika Szabo
6 years back
This is a video response to ShintaiReview's Top 5 PS3 JRPGs. You can check out his wicked video here! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2LQ5g9jvGA If you ...
My Top 5 PS Vita JRPGs JRPG Jungle
1 years back
A little throwback to the console that made me the JRPG fan I am today! Hope you enjoy :) (FYI, list is in no particular order :)) Check out the written version on ...
Top 10 Best PSP JRPGs (NO Final Fantasy Games) Erick Landon RPG
1 years back
Top 10 JRPGs you WON'T BELIEVE are Actually GOOD! Erick Landon RPG
3 months back
Whenever something looks like shovel ware, with poor reviews, generic gameplay or a very mediocre cover, we usually turn our backs to it. These are 10 games ...
Los mejores JRPGs de los últimos años 3DJuegos.com
7 months back
Suscríbete, así nos ayudas ;) https://goo.gl/aj16pZ Aunque el género de los juegos JRPG no sea ya tan prolífico como en los tiempos de Super Nintendo o las ...
Top 5 JRPGs on the PSP Erika Szabo
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I had so much fun putting together my Top 5 JRPGs on the PS3 so I thought I'd finally do one for my much-loved PSP! This system was full of amazing games in ...
Top PlayStation 2 JRPGs That Are WORTH TRYING | RPG Recommendations Teysind's Gaming Spot
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Sony's PlayStation 2 is full of many amazing Japanese RPG's, both for pre-existing and brand-new series. In this video I personally recommend five great JRPGs ...
Top 10 Most Underrated JRPGs Erick Landon RPG
2 years back
In my opinion, these 10 games deserve to be more known across the world. Every now and then I see that some of them have become more well known and I'm ...
Top 10 JRPGs that are HONESTLY not THAT BAD! Erick Landon RPG
1 weeks back
Here's my list of 10 JRPGs that, in my opinion, are honestly not that bad. They're kinda bad, yes, I admit it, but come on... not THAT bad! Support my channel ...
Top 10 Best Nintendo DS JRPGs (No ports/remakes) Erick Landon RPG
1 years back
Alright, guys, this is the last video remake I'm making for a while. Remember, no ports or remakes of any kind, just NA releases. Link to my book: ...
E3 2019 JRPG Recap JRPG Central
4 months back
Here's a recap of every major JRPG announcement made during E3 2019. Thanks for watching! Please support the channel by leaving a like if you enjoyed the ...
Top 10 Most Historically Important JRPGs (90s edition) Erick Landon RPG
8 months back
Here are the 10 most significant JRPGs from the 90s. *NOTE* The list was done in chronological order. Intro theme by The Legendary Zoltan Support this ...
5 JRPGs that TORE Fan Bases APART! Erick Landon RPG
1 years back
Here's a little analysis on 5 JRPGs that divided fan bases on a whole different level than others. Link to my book: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07HBZYN3F Visit ...
Top 10 WORST Voice Acting in JRPGs Erick Landon RPG
1 years back
Can't believe some of the greatest JRPGs of all time and cult-classics have some of the worst voice acting ever made. They're still great nonetheless. Visit my ...
Top 10 JRPGs on the PS2 Part 1 Erika Szabo
6 years back
At long last, Part 1 of my Top 10 JRPGs on the PS2 is here! I've been meaning to do this one for awhile, but with all the amazing JRPGs out there, it was a very ...
Top 10 Hardest PS1 JRPGs Erick Landon RPG
6 months back
These are the hardest JRPGs I've ever played. Yes, they were hard for me. They weren't hard for you? Good for you. Why don't you share the hardest you've ...
Top 10 Best SNES JRPGs Erick Landon RPG
1 years back
THIS VIDEO CONTAINS ONLY NORTH AMERICAN RELEASES*** Time to remake some slideshow videos I made around 4 years ago, now with presentation, ...