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PS5: 10 Things Sony Just CONFIRMED gameranx
6 months back
Sony's next generation PlayStation (PS5?) is finally detailed thanks to an official interview with a lead architect. We've finally got some facts instead of rumors.
2 weeks back
We have some breaking video game news today as Sony has officially confirmed the name of its next-gen console will be PlayStation 5 and it will be launching ...
2 weeks back
We finally have PS5 news on when its launching and more info on the new Playstation 5 controllerโ–ท Use code CHAOS for Cash ...
10 months back
The Sony Playstation 5 - Leaks & Rumors! JOIN THE ZONE - Subscribe (It's FREE): ๐Ÿคณ Instagram: ...
PlayStation 5 is official with release date and new controller info CNET
2 weeks back
A sizeable chunk of new PlayStation 5 is upon us, including confirmation of the official name, a holiday 2020 release window and more details about the ...
PS5 Release Date announced by Sony + NEW Controller for PS5! (PlayStation 5 News) ChampChong
2 weeks back
Sony announced the release date for the PS5 will be Holiday 2020. The PS5 will have a new controller when it's released in 2020. ----- My Twitter: ...
PS5 (2020) - Revealed in Sony Patent! ZONEofTECH
2 weeks back
Sony Playstation 5 - Official Patent Reveals Final Design! โ–ทTry PrivateInternetAccess VPN - ZONEofTECH Articles ...
PS5 Release Date, New Controller & Hardware Details Surface gameranx
2 weeks back
Sony has revealed new official details about PlayStation 5, much to our surprise. Let's break it down! Subscribe for more:
PS5 Leaked! Kevin Kenson
2 months back
PS5 leaked design from a design patent. Is this what the PS5 looks like? From this article: ...
PS5 Kevin Kenson
1 weeks back
PS5 specs, release date, controller, and everything you need to know! โšก๏ธSocial Network Things!โšก๏ธ Twitter: Instagram: ...
Playstation 5 | THE SONY PS5 CONTROLLER! | PS5 News, Leaks, Info, Rumours & More Tobe Gaming
2 months back
The Sony Playstation 5 Controller... Touchscreen, Wireless Charging and So much more. Playstation 5 | THE SONY PS5 CONTROLLER! | PS5 News, Leaks ...
Those PS5 Leaks Might Be Real And Sony Isn't Happy Spawn Wave
2 months back
Well it looks like those PS5 pictures that came from a patent discovered online are most likely real. A developer on Twitter confirmed that those pictures are of the ...
PlayStation 5 Release Date and GAMEPLAY Details!! - Ps5 News DreamcastGuy
2 weeks back
Sony has decided to step from the shadows and tell us a ton more about the crazy gameplay, new graphics, NO LOAD TIMES, and totally new controller for the ...
PS5 UPDATE, REVEAL & ANNOUNCEMENTS (Official) Release Date, Controller, Games, Graphics (PS5 News) SuperDan
2 weeks back
Sony just officially revealed the Sony PS5 info we have been waiting for. So here is a breakdown of the PS5 Announcement Interview & Everything you need to ...
Exciting NEW PlayStation 5 Feature Has Just Been Uncovered! | PS5 Update! Saltiest Gaming
4 days back
Exciting NEW PlayStation 5 Feature Has Just Been Uncovered! | PS5 Update! If you would like to support the channel and see it grow, you can donate here: ...
First PS5 Game In Development! Huge New PlayStation 5 Rumors & Info! CrapgamerReviews
2 years back
(SOURCE)) **Pre-Order Xbox ...
How Will PS5's New Haptic Based Controller Impact Video Games? GamingBolt
3 days back
The 9th-gen consoles are getting closer and closer by the day. Recently, Sony added fuel to the rumor mill by giving us some further details about the Playstation ...
PS5: Next-Gen Buzzwords Explained - IGN Now IGN
1 weeks back
Sony has officially announced the PlayStation 5, with lots of new tech not seen in consoles. So what exactly is 'ray tracing'? and 'adaptive triggers'? We break it ...
New Huge PS5 CONTROLLER Info Discovered! Skullzi TV
6 months back
I discovered some crazy new information about the controller for the PS5! Become an Exclusive Channel Member here on YouTube to unlock several unique ...
Official PS5 Release Date | PS5 New Features Interesting Info
3 days back
In this video i tell you about official ps5 release date & ps5 new features recently sony ps5 release date confirmed and it's not far from now. I really hope that the ...
PS5 PREORDERS ARE LIVE ?! - PS5 Release Date Saga | PS4 Xbox One Crossplatform Play Update ! TCMFGamesOFFICIAL
1 weeks back
PS5 (PlayStation 5) Release Preorders seem to be live for some users!? Another game has been added to the PS4 Xbox One switch pc crossplay roster !
Some Interesting Details Have Been Released About The PS5 ReviewTechUSA
2 weeks back
According to a new report, the PlayStation 5 devkit is named the Prospero. There's even more info that has been leaked. Let's go over everything! Check Out ...
4 weeks back
The OFFICIAL patented FIRST LOOK at the PS5. This is amazing, the specs are just MIND BLOWING at this will be competing with the Xbox Scarlett. Here are ...
Sony Makes a Big Announcement! | Update on Sony PS5 and Other News! Films At Home
1 weeks back
Well, just a few days after Sony did some weird stuff when it came to physical media, they're back with a decision that should make us all very happy! Check out ...
PS5 Coming Holiday 2020, More Hardware Details Revealed - IGN Now IGN
2 weeks back
Sony officially announced the release window for the PlayStation 5, along with some interesting hardware details. No more rumble, but there will be more ...
BIG NEWS for PS5 and New Console THIS YEAR!! ChampChong
1 years back
PlayStation just announced the PlayStation Classic and on top of that... AMD is working on the PS5. All that and more gaming news! ----- My Twitch: ...
SONY PS5 RELEASE DATE & GAMES Announcement + NEW MEGAMAN Collection (Playstation News) SuperDan
2 months back
A TON Of Sony PS5 News & Updates came out today to go over & A New Megman Zero and ZX Collection is on the was that got a release date!! SUBSCRIBE ...
PS5 - All The Details Revealed! UrAvgConsumer
6 months back
Sony just gave an interview detailing a TON of information on the new PlayStation 5. We'll be seeing things like more powerful specs, 8K gaming, built-in SSD, ...
Stadia News Update - Controller, A New Game, Shield TV, PS5, & More Generation Stadia
43 minutes back
Stadia news time! This time covering a new game announcement, clarifying some misconceptions about the controller and its wireless capabilities, running ...
BIG NEWS for PS5 console reveal + more!! (PlayStation 5 News) ChampChong
1 months back
PlayStation are having two events this month. Will we see the PS5 at an event? The PS5 could get gameplay or games shown from Sony! ----- My Twitter: ...
PlayStation 5 Official Details and Next-Gen Graphics! Sports Gamers Online
1 weeks back
PlayStation 5 Official Details and Next-Gen Graphics! Still haven't subscribed to SGO? โ–ปโ–ป Visit Our Website ...
Sony Unleashes PS5 Details On New Controller, Release Window, Hardware, Features, & More YongYea
5 days back
PS5 Backwards Compatibility Confirmed? SONY REVEAL PS5 SOON?! RBN Hardware
2 months back
In this video, we're going to talk about Sony PlayStation 5 (ps5) latest leaks & news, and specifically look at graphics hardware, backwards compatibility and ...
So Rumor Has It Sony Is Going To Have A PS5 Pro At Launch, But Why? ReviewTechUSA
4 weeks back
The next-gen PlayStation and Xbox consoles should arrive in time for the 2020 holiday season, and a new leak suggests at least Sony might do something ...
OFFICIAL PS5 ANNOUNCEMENTS - Playstation 5 News Update SuperDan
5 months back
Heres a Playstation Update regarding the Sony PS5 OFFICIAL MEETING with Announcements for Playstation 5 Specs, PS5 Details, New PS5 Info, PS5 ...
5 months back
Brand new official PS5 trailer check it out now.
PS5 Reveal Date LEAKED + Release Date Details! (PlayStation 5 News) ChampChong
2 months back
PS5 News: The PS5 reveal date has potentially been leaked. We also have some PlayStation 5 release date news. So much PS5 news! PS5 Devkit Console ...
Next-Gen PS5 and Streaming Info From Sony Investor Meeting, PS5 Vs PS4 Pro Load Comparison DJames Games
5 months back
Sony discussed the PS5 at their recent investor meeting giving us some new info about their next-gen plans. Also, they showed a video comparison of the PS5 ...
4 weeks back
Subscribe here! - Sources- 00:35 - PS5 Pro Model at Launch of PS5? 05:36 ...
New Leaked PS5 INFO! // CPU Specs, Backwards Compatible Confirmed! Skullzi TV
1 years back
I am BACK AT IT AGAIN with digging up more info about the next generation of gaming consoles! (And those white Vans) I Get SUED For My Elder Scrolls 6 ...
Playstation 5 latest News: PS5 Rumours, SSD, PSVR2 Leaks and Price?? (PS5 NEWS 2019) YourSixStudios
6 months back
With the release date of the PS5 next year, what can we expect from the ps5??? There has been official playstation 5 new info in regards to the specification of ...
PS5 PlayStation 5 - Concept Design Trailer V2 - Welcome to the future of Gaming - VR4Player
5 months back
PS5 Concept Design V2 Sony PlayStation 5 - PS5 Concept Design Trailer V2 - Welcome to the future of Gaming - VR4Player #PS5 #PlayStation5 ...
Playstation 5 | Suprising Feature PS5 Could Have!! | PS5 New, Rumours And Leaks Tobe Gaming
8 months back
Playstation 5 | Suprising Feature PS5 Could Have!! | PS5 New, Rumours And Leaks Stay tuned to see the rumored surprising PS5 feature. Information Source: ...
New PS5 Info! Use ANYTHING as a Controller! Skullzi TV
4 months back
I found some hidden information about new crazy technology that Sony will be using with the PS5! Become an Exclusive Channel Member here on YouTube to ...
Lew Later On PlayStation 5 Confirmed Details LaterClips
1 weeks back
Clip from Lew Later (Episode - The Essential Gem is a Radical New Smartphone) -
Amazing New PS5 Info Discovered! Skullzi TV
7 months back
I discovered new information about the PS5 and some of its next-gen gaming features and technology! Become an Exclusive Channel Member here on ...
PS5 Release Window & New Controller Announced GameSpot News
2 weeks back
The PlayStation 5 release date has been announced. The PS5 arrives in holiday 2020, along with a new controller that supports haptic feedback. Sony also ...