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Roland TD-50KV electronic drums demo: Playing some TD-50 onboard sounds - presented by drum-tec drumtecTV
3 years back In this video we demo the new Roland TD-50V with final firmware / sound library version 1.04 (Nov.2016), by playing a few kits from the ...
Roland TD-50KV Electronic Drum Set Review Sweetwater
3 years back
Nick D'Virgilio presents the Roland TD-50KV electronic drum set. The Roland TD-50 sound module includes all-new kit sounds to inspire your best grooves and ...
Roland TD50KVX First Impressions 65 Drums
1 years back
The TD50KVX is the high end version of the TD50 line .The drum rack is the MDS-50KV stand. It's the best electronic drum rack in the world, looks amazing, ...
Roland TD-50 Series V-Drums performance by Kai Hahto RolandChannel
3 years back
The TD-50 series is the flagship in Roland's acclaimed V-Drums range, created for top-flight live performance, intense practice sessions, and eclectic studio work ...
Roland TD-50 V-Drums Kit examples and custom sounds creation RolandChannel
3 years back
We recommend watching this video using headphones** As an ambitious drummer will know, anything less than the ultimate sound and feel will hold you back.
The Two Most Expensive Drum Modules In The World! Roland TD50 VS Pearl Mimic Pro 65 Drums
4 months back
There are only two modules that cost over $2000 each: The Roland TD50 and the Pearl Mimic Pro. Today we're going put them head to head in a battle to see ...
Roland TD-50KV V-Drums Demo with Craig Blundell Gear4music
3 years back In this Roland TD-50KV V-Drums Demo, Craig ...
Roland TD-50 playing all kits w. drum-tec diabolo pads PART 1/2 drumtecTV
3 years back In our Roland TD-50 "playing all kits" video, we demo all 50 standard drum kits included in the modules stock sound library. We had to ...
Drum Addicts - Roland TD-50 V-Drums In Depth Demo Andertons Music Co
3 years back
Drum Addicts gives you a worldwide exclusive play on the Roland TD-50KV! Check it out here: Other gear we used below... Roland KDA22: ...
Roland TD-50 Performance with David Cannava at 909 Celebration Kraft Music
3 years back
Find exclusive Roland V-Drums BUNDLES at Kraft Music: ...
Roland TD50KV - All Playing, No Talking! Kraft Music
2 years back
Find exclusive TD-50KV V-Drums BUNDLES at Kraft Music: ...
Thomas Lang - Drum Solo UK Drum Show 2017 (Roland TD-50) drummerszone
1 years back
Full article + more videos and photos on Drummerszone: ...
To TD-50, or to not TD-50? Richard Bonaduce
1 years back
Vacillating between buying a Roland TD-50 or a TD-30? Then watch this video for some unsolicited input! And please subscribe for more Drumstuff!
Roland TD-50KV V-Drums Electronic Drum Set Sound Sample and Demo Steve Weiss Music
3 years back
James from Roland visits Steve Weiss Music to demo the new Roland TD-50KV. Available at: ...
ROLAND TD50KV Drumcenter cz
3 years back
Roland TD50KV.
Roland TD50k First Impressions 65 Drums
2 years back
So I spent awhile playing the Roland TD50k. Here are my thoughts: Its incredibly awesome and incredibly expensive. Have a nice day. Facebook: 65 Drums ...
Roland TD30 VS TD50 65 Drums
7 months back
If you want the best drum module that Roland has to offer, you're going to be choosing between the TD50 and TD30. This video goes in-depth on the different ...
Roland TD-50 V-Drums: Live with the Ottawa Senators Roland Canada
1 years back
Getting a good drum mix is already hard enough but imagine doing that in a hockey rink full of commentators, live broadcasting, and cheering fans. With the ...
Roland TD-50 Vintage Sound Edition by drum-tec playing all kits demo drumtecTV
11 months back Welcome, join our all kits demo of the drum-tec Vintage Sound Edition for the Roland TD-50 electronic drums sound module.
Roland TD50KV Kit - Drummer's Review Drummer's Review
2 years back
Here's our review of a Roland TD50KV e-kit. Filmed at Middle Farm Studios, October 2017. For full specs, more reviews and the latest drum news, head to: ...
TD50k Vs TD50KV 65 Drums
2 years back
I've gotten several requests to do a video breaking down the pro and cons of buying a TD50k or KV. There are people that have enough money to buy either, but ...
SSD5 triggered with Roland TD-50 & drum-tec electronic drums drumtecTV
8 months back Welcome to another drum-tec electronic drums demonstration! Today we have hooked up the Roland TD-50 sound module to a ...
Roland TD-50KV Electronic Drum Set Memphis Drum Shop
2 years back
Roland's Jordan West gives an overview of the TD-50. Buy it now at Contact us at ...
Roland TD-50 Metal Sound Edition with drum-tec electronic drums drumtecTV
9 months back Welcome to another drum-tec sound edition demonstration video! This time we introduce the TD-50 Metal Sound Edition, that brings ...
Meet The Boss! ... it's the Roland TD-50 :) Michael Schack
3 years back
Michael Schack's very first public live performance on the new Roland TD-50 V-Drums, recorded (& webcasted) live at the ICP Studios in Brussels, Belgium ...
Roland Special Edition TD50KV- RM (Edrum News) 65 Drums
1 years back
So there's a brand new limited edition Roland flaship drumset: the Roland TD50KV-RM. I got to see it a few times, once in LA and once in Indiana at Sweetwater ...
Roland TD-50 Series V-Drums - Performance Alexandre Aposan Roland Brasil
3 years back
Em 1972, a Roland começou a explorar o universo das baterias eletrônicas com as máquinas de ritmos TR-33, TR-55 e TR-7. A linha V-Drums nasceu em 1997 ...
Roland V-Drums TD-50 Performance by Brian Frasier-Moore RolandChannel
1 weeks back
Brian Frasier-Moore has been drumming for mega pop artists like Justin Timberlake, Madonna, and Christina Aguilera for over a decade. This videos is a ...
Roland All Access: Will Hunt, Drummer for Evanescence RolandChannel
6 months back
Drummer for Evanescence, Will Hunt, recently took the Roland TD-50 kit on the road for the band's "Synthesis" World Tour. In this video, Will breaks down how ...
Roland TD-50 KV electronic drumkit drum-tec edition MK2 with extra PD-108 pad drumtecTV
7 months back In this video we show you the Roland TD-50KV drum-tec edition MK2 electronic drum kit, which is an upgraded version of the regular ...
Infinity Expansion for the Roland TD-50 | V Expressions Ltd V Expressions Ltd
8 months back
Apologies for the terrible room mic mix. In this video, Alan introduces and demos features from the V Expressions Ltd “Infinity” expansion for the Roland TD-50.
Is The Roland TD50 Digital Upgrade Package Worth Buying 65 Drums
2 years back
When the TD50kv line was announced, Roland also came out with this Digital Upgrade Package for TD10/TD20/TD30 owners. The idea is that you could pretty ...
Roland TD 50 Dynamics Jörgen Broman
3 years back
Testing the fantastic dynamics in the new Roland TD-50 module.
Roland TD-50 Update w/ Michael Schack | Better Music Better Music
2 years back
BM recently had the great pleasure of hosting International rad dude, Michael Schack! While he was here he sat down with our 2017 Tom Cruise lookalike ...
James 5 Favourite Kits - Roland TD-50 Drum Kit | Better Music Better Music
3 years back
James has chosen his 5 favourite kits on the BRAND NEW Roland TD-50KV, and here they are! Find out more here -
Roland TD-50KV Flagship V-Drums Kit (mit Dirk Brand) session
3 years back
Dirk Brand war bei uns zu Gast und stellt euch ausführlich das Flaggschiff der V-Drums-Serie vor: das Roland TD-50KV. Das Modul, die Snare und das Ride des ...
Roland TD-50DP - Unboxing,Setup and quick preset look. Steve Monti
3 years back
Skip to 15mins in if you just wanna hear the drums. The horrible sound from GoPro goes away when i start playing. I did initially order the TD50KV but it occurred ...
Roland TD-50 Sample Sounds featuring David Bowie, Daft Punk & Rage Against The Machine PMTVUK
2 years back
Nathan demonstrates some of the custom sounds that can be added to the Roland TD-50 Drum module. Check out the Roland TD-50K Electronic Drum Kit over ...
Roland TD-50 Live Drum n Bass Steve Monti
3 years back
Early draft of drum n bass track at 175! i may be too old for this genre :) Drums are TD50 with user samples added. Keys are NI Massive,Serum,Zebra.
John Bonham Infinity Tutorial for the TD-50 | V Expressions Ltd V Expressions Ltd
7 months back
In this video, Alan demonstrates how easy it is to create a John Bonham kit with the V Expressions Ltd “Infinity” expansion for the Roland TD-50. Infinity Overview ...
Roland TD-50K V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit Review Dawsons Music
3 years back
See the full spec of The Roland TD-50K V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit here The Roland TD-50K V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit is one of ...
Roland TD50KV vs TD30KV 65 Drums
2 years back
This is a video breakdown of the pros and cons of both Roland flagships. The TD30kv came out in 2012 with a smaller snare and ride cymbal. The new TD50KV ...
First Ever Roland TD-50 KV V-Drum Set Consumer Unboxing, Explanation, and First Impressions Coupon Joe
3 years back
HOOOOOOOO!! First consumer in the world to post their new TD 50 bud????? This thing's a beast. This is an unboxing and semi explanation video. I've been ...
Roland TD-50 KV drum-tec Live Sound Edition (part 2/2): Real Snare Sample Package drumtecTV
3 years back In this video, we show you part 2 of our drum-tec Live Sound Edition for Roland TD-50: The Real Snare Sample Package! The drum-tec ...
Roland KD-A22 Kick Unboxing and Impressions + TD-50 Review and Demonstration Coupon Joe
3 years back
Hello friends, Just finally got the Roland KD-A22 Bass drum to replace my KD-140 kick. I LOVE IT! This video is also a loose preliminary review of the TD-50 set ...
Roland TD-50 Sample Import Tutorial. Steve Monti
2 years back
This quick tutorial with a little demo track at end with sounds created.Ive been trying to make good use of the sample import facility in the TD50.Here i use just a ...
Roland TD-50 new Artist Kits update: 25 NEW kits (+15 remixed/edited) drumtecTV
3 years back In this video we show you the new Roland Artist Kits update for TD-50, including: 25 new kits created by Roland artists such as Michael ...