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Killed For Being Gay In Latin America - It's Worse Than You Think The Young Turks
6 years back
"The human rights arm of the Washington-based Organization of American States recently launched a database about the trend, with killings in the region often ...
Transgender Awareness PSA Tyler Seecof
3 years back
Whether by homicide or suicide, a transgender person is killed about once every 29 hours. #AtWhatCost promotes awareness about violence against the ...
Trans People Experienced A Deadly 2016 Amid Rights Expansion Wochit News
3 years back
Amid fears of a backlash against the transgender community following the election of Donald Trump as the next U.S. president, campaigners said on Thursday ...
Transgender Is The New Black? Hollywood and Trans Characters TheLipTV
4 years back
From small screen shows like Transparent to the big screen hits like The Danish girl, the media has played a pivotal role in presenting life as transgender, but ...
transgender day of remembrance. Ashton Daniel
2 years back
take care of yourselves today, and take care of each other. -----trans feminine & nb people of colour you should check out----- Kat Blaque: ...
TS RUNWAY MODELS Transgender men & Woman murdered in 2017 showcase Eve Sofia Monroe
2 years back
Gia Stone & Evelyn Monroe Preform with TS Runway models showcasing this years murders @ Arianna's Center, in collaboration with SAVE and CIC Miami, ...
Lisa Ling Interviews a Son Who Killed His Family | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network OWN
5 years back
In December 2003, Kent and Tricia Whitaker and their sons, Bart and Kevin, returned home from a dinner celebrating Bart's supposed graduation from Sam ...
1 years back
WEDNESDAY 03 OCTOBER 2018 Pinksixty News #Father #jailed for #murdering #daughter to #spite #bisexual #ex; #Switzerland #criminalises #antiLGBT ...
2 years back
Today's News From Service providers will not be exempt from discrimination laws, under the new marriage equality bill currently before the ...
The Trans Agenda: Respect & Protect Black Trans Women WUSSY MAG
4 months back
This week, Iv (@iv.fischer) discusses the recent murders of trans women of color like Muhlaysia Booker, Zoe Spears, and Chynal Lindsey. Hit Like, Subscribe ...
"This year alone 185 trans people have been reported murdered" | Mina Tolu One Young World
3 years back
Mina Tolu is fighting the institutionalised and inhumane discrimination against transgender people apparent at all levels in our society. Mina says many of the ...
20/20 What If? | Kelsie Schelling Disappearance [2020 FULL DOCUMENTARY] 20/20 - Official Channel
3 years back
Full Episode: Part 3: Part 4: Part 5: Part 6: What ...
Transgender bathroom bills technically force men into women's bathrooms. How ironic. Vox
3 years back
The unintended consequence of bathroom bills that lawmakers don't want you to think about. Transgender Americans are in the midst of a public health crisis.
Transgender Remembrance Day & Visibility in 2017 An Goldbauer
2 years back
Twenty Five Murders and the Year Hasn't Ended.
Transgender Day of Remembrance 2009 Grishno
10 years back
101 transgender people have been murdered in 2009, over double the reported number of murders from 2008. Each year on November 20th, Transsexuals ...
Transgender Day of Remembrance #saytheirnames | Rose Montoya Rose Montoya
2 years back
Today is Transgender Day of Remembrance. I wanted to honor some of the lives lost in the last year. There have been more than 270 reported murders of ...
IDAHOBIT - End bigotry against LGBT+ people Claudia Brown
2 years back
Transgender victims of homicide, 2017: GLAAD on trans murders: ...
wes johnson confirms sheogorath is trans and murders all transphobes local doubt
7 months back
trans rights trans rights trans rights trans rights trans rights tr.
Laverne Cox: Cis Women Talk To Cis Men About Attraction Trans Women. Entertainment News Bytes Network
3 months back
In our continued conversation about how Black cis women can be better for Black trans women, we spoke to actress and activist Laverne Cox about the historical ...
Laverne Cox Calls Out Deadnaming, Misgendering Trans People Wochit Entertainment
1 years back
Laverne Cox tweeted Monday about the negative impact of deadnaming and misgendering trans people. Huffington Post reports the actress wrote, “I have been ...
Laverne Cox Gets Personal Addressing Issue Of Trans People Being Misgendered Wochit Entertainment
1 years back
When a transgender person is identified by the name or gender that they no longer use, it's called “deadnaming,” and according to non-profit news organization ...
Pride in London | Trans-Stupid Rose of Dawn
3 months back
In a special Pride-themed episode of Trans-Stupid, I take a look at the recent Pride in London event and share some of my thoughts on stories surrounding it.
7 years back
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual and Transvestite LGBTT groups staged a Trans Pride Week parade in Istanbul on June 24, 2012. The group marched in ...
Amanda Simpson speaks at Transgender Day of Remembrance MetroWeekly
9 years back
On Thursday, Nov. 18, District and area residents gathered for the Transgender Day of Remembrance at the Metropolitan Community Church of Washington.
The Missing (Missing Person Documentary) | Real Stories Real Stories
1 years back
Every two minutes, someone in Britain disappears. Most are found within 48 hours. But every year, more than 2000 people go missing and do not return.
Stepmom Sentenced to Death For Torturing, Adding Anti-Freeze to Kids' Food Inside Edition
4 years back
An Alabama jury found Heather Leavell-Keaton guilty of the 2010 murder of 3-year-old Chase DeBlase. She also recklessly caused the death of his 4-year-old ...
#ToMakeTheBPFAComeTrue Focus on Transgender People Isis International
5 years back
ToMakeTheBPFAComeTrue - "Focus on producing disaggregated data of women from different sectors, understanding that we have different types or groups of ...
Parents Who Lost Teenage Son To Suicide Accuse School Of Protecting Bullies | Megyn Kelly TODAY TODAY
1 years back
Connor Tronerud died by suicide at age 15 due to bullying. His parents believe that the bullying against him started during his freshman year, when his mother ...
Dr. Phil Questions a Teen Gang Member about His Crimes Dr. Phil
6 years back Buy Life Code: Subscribe to Dr. Phil: LIKE us on Facebook: ...
How One Phone Call Helped Solve A Long-Unsolved Double Murder | Megyn Kelly TODAY TODAY
2 years back
Hope was fading that the brutal murders of 71-year-old Margarita Ruiz and her daughter Hope Wells would ever be solved until a knife was discovered at ...
Lawmakers propose bills banning gay-trans "panic defense" in New Mexico courts KRQE
10 months back
Advocates say it's a courtroom defense rooted in homophobia, that's used to justify crimes against the gay community. Story on ...
San Francisco Transgender March 2016 94110mission
3 years back
San Francisco's Gay Pride weekend 2016 kicked-off with the 13th Annual Trans March on Friday, June 24th. The Trans March is the most radical of the three ...
Meet My Child: Parents of Transgender Kids Speak Out - Trans United Fund Trans United Fund
3 years back
Moms are calling on all who dare to use the transgender community for dishonest and divisive politics: Meet my child. Politicians in 20 states have attempted to ...
2 months back
PINKSIXTY NEWS I FRIDAY 09 AUGUST 2019 Pioneer trans TV star's suspicious death 4 LGBT murders a day in Latin America Trans Visibility March to hit DC ...
Dr. Drew on understanding homosexuality HLN
7 years back
There have been several eye-opening stories in the news recently regarding the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community.In a new report, ...
Kelly And Her Sisters (BAFTA AWARD WINNING DOCUMENTARY) | Real Stories Real Stories
1 years back
Kelly's family lives in a condemned housing estate in South Birmingham. Her family has been surviving off public assistance in the months since her stepfather ...
3 years back
Donald Trump's administration has officially revoked the guidelines implemented by President Obama that protected transgender students' rights to be treated in ...
Philippines: Reactions on transgender's murder, German fiancé's denial of exit What's Up, PH?
5 years back
Video ID: PH20141026_JENNIFER Facebook: Twitter:
Why LGBTQ+ Migrants on 'the Caravan' Face Unique Struggles | NowThis NowThis News
10 months back
Taking the 2500-mile-long journey to the U.S. on foot is especially dangerous for trans women and other LGBTQ+ migrants — but they say it's worth it to escape ...
AI Turkey - What repressive things would you like to see changed? Uluslararası Af Örgütü
8 years back
A Social Justice and Art project of Gabrielle Le Roux in collaboration with Trans Activists in Turkey with the support of Amnesty International Turkey and the ...
Almost One Transgender Person is Killed Everyday -- The Community Speaks Out DHN
5 years back
The U.S. has the third highest murder rate for transgender people in the world -- just three months into the year and we've almost matched last years death toll.
komaeda trans rights clovesoap
4 months back
Laverne Cox says trans folks are "coming out of the shadows" and won't be sent back Democracy Now!
1 weeks back
The Supreme Court is hearing arguments in three cases that will determine whether LGBTQ people are protected under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, ...
Cory Booker Speaks On Black Trans Lives At First Democratic Debate The Root
4 months back
"We do not talk enough about trans Americans—especially African-American trans Americans." Cory Booker acknowledges the murders of black trans ...
Megyn Today Roundtable On ‘Jaws’ Link To Murder-Mystery, New Oscar Category | Megyn Kelly TODAY TODAY
1 years back
Joe Hill, an author and the son of Stephen King, believes it's possible that he identified the woman from the unsolved “Lady of the Dunes” murder while watching ...
Transgender and Christian: Why You're Called To Allyship AustenLionheart
4 years back
Welcome to the who, what, and why of allyship! Did you know that as Christians we're called to give up our social power and open up space for the oppressed?