Installing a quick change coupler on an excavator


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    MARK JAMES  19 hours back

    this is a slow ass way to change a bucket , check out this real quick hitch

    • Dennis The Menance
      Dennis The Menance  4 days back

      WIth all the Logs and Face Cords around yu? Can run a Heater Stove in that Barn of yours?and next yr? Blwon In Foam Insulation, it wood heat up fast and stay cooler in summer

      • thekingtroll2
        thekingtroll2  4 days back

        Another fine video. 3 am in Ohio 42F. I wonder how many people live up there with all that rock have ever drilled about a half a dozen holes in all that rock and then just dynamited it. You would think you'd have enough stone to cover a mile long road.

        • Joshua BARTON
          Joshua BARTON  3 weeks back

          Put a dam woodstove in your garage Andrew!!U have all the wood u need for free to heat the place.

          • Floyd Brownlee
            Floyd Brownlee  3 weeks back

            What's the name of the rock you were hammering on is it slate?

            • Donald Cisney
              Donald Cisney  4 weeks back

              How have the couplers held up so far?

              • Bob Fotoples
                Bob Fotoples  1 months back

                working in the cold takes some grit. I'd be sitting in a nice warm house, or I'd have a heater going!

                • R Smitdog
                  R Smitdog  1 months back

                  Andrew, build some heavy duty angle steel saw horses to get your work up off the cold floor, your body will thank you years from now, trust me I know first hand, Love your vids !!!!!  Smitty

                  • Bobs Youruncle
                    Bobs Youruncle  1 months back

                    Love your dogs

                    • bvcxz gt
                      bvcxz gt  1 months back

                      Is that a regular container, or a high cube that thing fits in. Very nice place to put it.

                      • Charlie Coggins
                        Charlie Coggins  1 months back

                        Andrew, don't you heat in your garage? you look like your freezing your ass off. With all that free wood you have hanging around, you could easily build a great wood stove to keep warm, it would also make a great video.

                        • Andrew Camarata
                          Andrew Camarata   1 months back

                          Maybe, it seems like I would spend too much time dealing with the wood.

                      • George Morin
                        George Morin  1 months back

                        When does he install a motor on that overhead door?

                        • George Morin
                          George Morin  1 months back

                          @Andrew Camarata Yes $1,000 dollars is way too much for two limit switches and a used motor.

                        • Andrew Camarata
                          Andrew Camarata   1 months back

                          I have not done that. They wanted $1000 for a motor when I bought that door.

                      • Stephen Warrick
                        Stephen Warrick  2 months back

                        Am I the only that noticed the fart at 15:51 I'm pretty sure that's what I heard and if it was it happened and they never missed a beat working lol

                        • محمد مهدي
                          محمد مهدي  2 months back

                          قخرن٣اىعثس بمث

                          • Tài Xế Nghiệp Dư
                            Tài Xế Nghiệp Dư  2 months back

                            Nếu ở Việt Nam... Bộ đôi này tốn ko ít tiền

                            • james finnegan
                              james finnegan  2 months back

                              your welding preparation is impeccable

                              • Paul-Erik Narozny
                                Paul-Erik Narozny  2 months back

                                I realy do like the video you make and all the effort you put into them to make them as good as possible at the same time as you are working. One thing i do not like is the constant lack of using hearing protection. I have problem with tinitus due to a lot of loud noice even wearing hearing protection most of the time. I'm afraid that you will have big hearing issue within a few years. Working in the workshop with the angel grinder and the plasma cutter with no hering protection is almost asking for problem later.

                                • Brandon Bogan
                                  Brandon Bogan  2 months back

                                  Idk if it’s just me, but I would have cussed so many times out of all your videos. Things happen and you kinda brush it off and fix it. No telling how many F 💣 I would have dropped. Keep up the good work 👍🏻

                                  • Dimi Domo
                                    Dimi Domo  3 months back

                                    OK, let's get started. OK, let's go do something else. OK, on to the next job. Funnee4sure.

                                    • mech cntr
                                      mech cntr  3 months back

                                      Is Levi a Yellow Labrador and Sadie a Golden Retriever? Beautiful dogs. These are the best videos on Youtube. I cannot say enough about your work ethic and technique, outstanding.

                                      • Larry Fisherman
                                        Larry Fisherman  3 months back

                                        Gotta love the mid video scenes of Levi eating snow lmao 25:30

                                        • joed596
                                          joed596  3 months back

                                          Levi is supervising the job . . . 😉 🐶

                                          • tszymk77
                                            tszymk77  3 months back

                                            Good, white Americans.

                                            • Tom Tremayne
                                              Tom Tremayne  3 months back

                                              One thing I'd love to come Andrew never cusses!!!? Even when he broke the sledge hammer clean off the shaft, he just shows it to the camera, takes a breath & carries on as if nothing happened........I'd be cussing like crazy, calling the thing a 'bitch' & all sorts!!!!

                                              • James Eves
                                                James Eves  3 months back

                                                That new bucket looks bad ass on the shop floor 🤘🏻

                                                • D Grass
                                                  D Grass  3 months back

                                                  Well now, i see you finally ask for a little help..its nice to know how to cut, fab, layout, and do it very well.. Dogs, are a mans best friend,all they want is a pet on the head and something to eat.They will love you for ever..

                                                  • nathaniel Short
                                                    nathaniel Short  3 months back

                                                    Andrew you are just amazing! GREAT JOB every single time! God bless! I wish you be my neighbor

                                                    • Williiam Windsor
                                                      Williiam Windsor  4 months back

                                                      I couldn't do this job without a stoked fire and pot of coffee.

                                                      • Colonial Roofing of North Carolina

                                                        Probably should've hooked it up the tacked it one , made any adjustments and then welded it up but for not having it done in a factory with computer driven robot's to weld it which is howsnits done, not bad

                                                        • M M
                                                          M M  4 months back

                                                          Nice that you had a friend to help out with the conversation. Nothing wrong with being the first when he said your the first to put this system on a yanmar. I'm sure he got some you wanna do what reactions when making contacts to get the right pins and shims. This system is a no brainer since the hammer and bucket need to be able to work together in harmony

                                                          • Jason Adams
                                                            Jason Adams  4 months back

                                                            Looks like you need a longer chisel.seems very short.
                                                            Great video andrew.
                                                            Jason. Boston. Uk.

                                                            • Timothy Schmidt
                                                              Timothy Schmidt  4 months back

                                                              dog at 1:36 !

                                                              • Greg Fisher
                                                                Greg Fisher  4 months back

                                                                Man ,you ain't no heat in there ! I am from the deep south ! we like our heat and mostly our AC !

                                                                • Melicoy
                                                                  Melicoy  4 months back

                                                                  just wanted to say.... WOOOOHOOOOO
                                                                  Thanks for reading.

                                                                  • Richard Laurent
                                                                    Richard Laurent  4 months back

                                                                    Andrew you’re a great fabricator, you have the great gift of eye ball!

                                                                    • Juho Mäki-Petäjä
                                                                      Juho Mäki-Petäjä  4 months back

                                                                      We use hydraulic quick couplers in Europe. It’s very easy to install even to machine without hydraulics for it.

                                                                      • DasShaten
                                                                        DasShaten  4 months back

                                                                        At 23:00 I was expecting the A-Team theme song

                                                                        • Eugene Courtney
                                                                          Eugene Courtney  4 months back

                                                                          What do you do when you buy a Country Line bush hog and you have a John Deere 4044M tractor and the PTO shaft is too long. I know you have to cut the shaft I've had many bush hogs different types and sizes and never had this happen. I watched a video about a farmer that this has happened to but the shaft worked fine for his, but his friend borrowed it and the shaft went threw his tractors gearbox. The shaft was made by Taurus I've called them stayed on the phone for half the day, i took it back to Tractor Supply and swapped it out but the same problem.They said that they had the problem years ago and it was taken care of, bull. I've had many types of tractors and bush hogs, never had this problem. It's difficult to decide how much to cut off and lack the tooling and physical ability anymore.( I really like your YouTube videos. I was a a machinist in my day.)

                                                                          • John Born
                                                                            John Born  4 months back

                                                                            I vote for you to add a better furnace to your building, stay warm my friend

                                                                            • MRrwmac
                                                                              MRrwmac  4 months back

                                                                              Andrew, Excellent retrofit! Big Congratulations!

                                                                              • Winnie Lessin
                                                                                Winnie Lessin  5 months back

                                                                                That powerplasma cutter sure made that a lot easier. I love using my powerplasma cutter.

                                                                                • dudelivestrong
                                                                                  dudelivestrong  5 months back

                                                                                  If it’s that cold in that shop why not get a wood stove?

                                                                                  • 3069mark
                                                                                    3069mark  5 months back

                                                                                    Hey Andrew! Good job there on making that a quick change system. I also want you to know that I have watched a lot of your videos about a lot of different things, and I love them all. But today YT gave me a recommendation to watch a couple other guy's channels, who also do excavating. I could only watch a few minutes of them and then I had to turn them off, as they were boring me to tears. Also they were not half the machine operator that you are. One of them's excavator was bigger than yours, but I bet you could work circles around him with any of your small excavators. I have never seen anyone like you in my life of 61 years. Not only are you a master machine operator, but you can repair anything, and you can build anything, and do it all in the best possible way. You are humble too, and work hard for everything you have. I think very highly of you, Andrew, and always wish the best for you in your life. Take care.

                                                                                    • The human shrug.
                                                                                      The human shrug.  5 months back

                                                                                      Levi is the REAL Star.

                                                                                      • Jeff Sandford
                                                                                        Jeff Sandford  5 months back

                                                                                        So impressed how you just deal with any situation. But man you have so much energy it causes heart populations. Just keep going but suggest you slow down just a tad :-)

                                                                                        • David Null
                                                                                          David Null  6 months back

                                                                                          Andrew, in one of your videos (or the comments) you said something like My drill press runs too fast, Does your drill press have speed changing pulleys at the top under a cover?

                                                                                        • Chandler Milstead
                                                                                          Chandler Milstead  6 months back

                                                                                          Why don't you build you a grading bucket and a shear tooth for it

                                                                                          • Stephen Hodge
                                                                                            Stephen Hodge  6 months back

                                                                                            How well did that patch fit when he gave it a whack with the sledgehammer!!!