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  • The Man 316
    The Man 316  4 months back

    Can he really throw axes or is this just edited cause a couple it’s clear he throws and it sticks

    • Yourlegaladdiction
      Yourlegaladdiction  5 months back

      Ugh should be illegal to be this handsome

      • Shiva S
        Shiva S  5 months back

        What a babe

        • Honokaa65
          Honokaa65  6 months back

          Axe never lies

          • InProgress
            InProgress  6 months back

            What a gorgeous human being!

            • Brianna Gordy
              Brianna Gordy  6 months back

              If I was in my way to the wall? I'd want Jaime as my traveling companion. Just so we could make lots of little Jaime's and repopulate Westeros after the Night King, White Walkers, and the army of the dead fuck shit up. Like have you seen that army of wights? Westeros needs repopulating!

              • Lisa Shapiro
                Lisa Shapiro  6 months back

                Axe's never lies , is that a lie?

                • Tanveer Birmani
                  Tanveer Birmani  6 months back

                  "Be sure to watch final season of GoT"?? Ok

                  • freepeople091
                    freepeople091  6 months back

                    So the opposite is actually what's gonna happen in these scenarios?

                    • freepeople091
                      freepeople091  6 months back

                      Jam baar it's sarcasm that flew over your head

                    • Jam baar
                      Jam baar  6 months back

                      He s throwing an axe at two predictions someone has put on a wall this doesn't prove anything

                    • T K
                      T K  6 months back

                      Maybe, sure

                    • Lisa Shapiro
                      Lisa Shapiro  6 months back


                  • Vicki Cupper
                    Vicki Cupper  6 months back

                    "Did the business" 😂😂😂

                    • Emilia
                      Emilia  6 months back

                      This is pure Gold. 😁

                      • Operatic Rozzar
                        Operatic Rozzar  6 months back

                        Nikolai, Im going to try to get a harirstyle like you

                        • armando carrillo
                          armando carrillo  6 months back

                          SALUDOS CORDIALES DESDE COLOMBIA

                          • Dorian Radu Art
                            Dorian Radu Art  6 months back

                            Jaime should be King! Really rooting for his character. I am a professional portrait painter and the best form of my support is painting, so I painted an oil portrait of him.
                            Watch the process here:

                            • Randomness Of The Scope
                              Randomness Of The Scope  6 months back

                              THE AXE WILL TELL!!

                              • Cristian Scolnic
                                Cristian Scolnic  6 months back

                                Here before 100k

                                • Juan
                                  Juan  6 months back

                                  He has his right hand again!!!

                                  • Sa adi
                                    Sa adi  6 months back

                                    So exciting to the session 8

                                    • Wobbly Greatsword
                                      Wobbly Greatsword  6 months back

                                      The baby will be the prince who was promised.

                                      • JohnHero MX
                                        JohnHero MX  6 months back

                                        Jajajjaa amazing 💪🏻