2019 Duke Freshman Wendell Moore Is Ready To BALL OUT! | #LIFEATCOMPLEX


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  • Jason Lind
    Jason Lind  1 months back

    He got that Kawahi Leonard vibe. Really comes off as him. Such mad respect. So glad he chose Duke, no better choice than Coach K to help develop into the next level.

    • Martin SanMen
      Martin SanMen  1 months back


      • Maddy Muhat
        Maddy Muhat  1 months back

        Oh yeah

        • Gabriel Martinez
          Gabriel Martinez  1 months back


          • Gabriel Martinez
            Gabriel Martinez  1 months back


            • Dilbert Doe Fanboy
              Dilbert Doe Fanboy  1 months back


              • Tony Mui
                Tony Mui  1 months back

                Dilbert Doe Fanboy One of these day I’ll get a 👍🏼👍🏼 from you!

            • Sebastian Trujillo
              Sebastian Trujillo  1 months back

              Grasa 🔥

              • Renne Coleman
                Renne Coleman  1 months back

                Team Tony!

                • Tyquan Williams
                  Tyquan Williams  1 months back

                  Wendell is a fukin killer

                  • Clever Banger
                    Clever Banger  1 months back

                    Y'all left out Nolan Smith

                    • Oscar Ojeda
                      Oscar Ojeda  1 months back

                      Grasa! Vengo del video de berth oh

                      • StevenG122175
                        StevenG122175  1 months back

                        All them Duke players just a bunch of Floppers, Whiners, Stompers and Trippers.

                      • Jonathan Javier
                        Jonathan Javier  1 months back

                        Grasa :3

                        • The pasty Mamba
                          The pasty Mamba  1 months back

                          I’m surprised that Zion got picked sm later

                          • Ben Agyeman
                            Ben Agyeman  1 months back

                            Duke about to win it all this year

                            • Roxy Cotton
                              Roxy Cotton  3 weeks back

                              StevenG122175 same I live in North Carolina been watching every game since JJ reddick/Sheldon Williams days

                            • Camelemos Bleu
                              Camelemos Bleu  1 months back

                              @StevenG122175 well I ain't no bandwagon fan lol I'm just an odd ball, most of my family likes tar heel so I just went with duke and stuck with it. But you can hate on us it's cool most people can't stand when teams are successful I get that, unless it's your team then it's a whole different story.... you a Marquette fan ain't you 😂😂

                            • StevenG122175
                              StevenG122175  1 months back

                              Camelemos Bleu not bandwagon Duke. Same team I followed for over 30 years

                            • Camelemos Bleu
                              Camelemos Bleu  1 months back

                              @StevenG122175 Texas Tech??? Who you like Steven 👀

                            • StevenG122175
                              StevenG122175  1 months back

                              they are the best floppers

                          • asian Boii
                            asian Boii  1 months back


                            • Killua K
                              Killua K  1 months back


                              • Milwaukee Quel
                                Milwaukee Quel  1 months back

                                Duke Next Phenomenon After Zion🏀

                                • Anthony Garcia
                                  Anthony Garcia  1 months back

                                  Keep Up That GRIND!!

                                  • Leonardo Rosales
                                    Leonardo Rosales  1 months back

                                    Let me get some foams

                                    • Ismael Davila
                                      Ismael Davila  1 months back

                                      Lets 1v1 jk I’m trash

                                      • vox llamzon
                                        vox llamzon  1 months back


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                                          Hi bro you will probably not see this but if you do you rock and keep up the good work