What Horror Movie Should Jordan Peele Remake? MOVIE FIGHTS


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  • Screen Junkies
    Screen Junkies   7 months back

    Which classic horror movie would you want Jordan Peele to remake, and why? *Click 'See More' for Round Timestamps*

    06:02 - Which classic horror movie would you want Jordan Peele to remake?
    25:56 - What's the best movie featuring Matthew McConaughey?
    44:20 - Which two robots should have sex in a movie?
    58:59 TIEBREAKER
    01:03:10 SPEED ROUNDS

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    • TajimaMunenori
      TajimaMunenori  6 months back

      On Keye and Peele they did a parody of the Shinning, but only black people had the ability.

    • Breezeme105
      Breezeme105  6 months back

      7:10 yes I agree tales from the hood is my vote!

    • mabusestestament
      mabusestestament  6 months back

      Come now, the obvious answer should be that you don't really need to remake a great horror movie (although Suspiria was great) but a mediocre or bad one so that you can turn it into a great horror movie.

    • American Made
      American Made  7 months back

      'Get Out'. Oh wait, he remade that already. It was 'Us'.

    • CoCo Knut
      CoCo Knut  7 months back

      @freeland256 we dont speak of tales from the hood 2. lol

  • joliecide
    joliecide  3 days back

    Something involving aliens this time?

    • onequartercanadian
      onequartercanadian  3 months back

      Whenever I have a particularly bad day I watch this round specifically just to see Dan's completely defeated and sunken face with the small defeated little, "no."

      • A.D.K
        A.D.K  3 months back

        Sasha is annoying in this episode. Sorry, just my opinion...

        • onequartercanadian
          onequartercanadian  4 months back

          Either tell the fighters limited/no talking over each other (and actually enforce it) or just give Hal a whistle to regain control when everyone starts yelling over each other.

          • carloseskimo
            carloseskimo  4 months back

            Blehh sasha and Julia make this almost unwatchable

            • Jenna Chrol
              Jenna Chrol  5 months back

              I can’t believe no one said Data! He’s trained in the pleasure arts!

              • Darsich
                Darsich  5 months back

                Please dont have Sasha back. She is rude and interrupts everyone. It isnt fair and makes for a terrible screaming match of a show.

                • War Horse
                  War Horse  5 months back

                  John Carpenter’s The Thing

                  • abby ehrenstein
                    abby ehrenstein  5 months back

                    That was amazing

                    • Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg

                      Well, since he refuses to cast white people in lead roles, i think that the list might be limited to japanese JU:ON series.

                      • paul mc
                        paul mc  5 months back

                        Well if you support racism, support peele,,,

                        • paul mc
                          paul mc  5 months back

                          Peele has stated he does not want whites in his movie's major roles.

                      • vshk
                        vshk  6 months back

                        Jordan Peele " Master of Horror " Lmfao.
                        Get Out was a nice B movie. That's it.
                        Twilight Zone 2019 is an insult to the series.
                        Rebooting The Shinning? Shut your mouth, kunt

                        • Kermit The frog
                          Kermit The frog  6 months back

                          greg should've won

                          • Michael Trimble
                            Michael Trimble  6 months back

                            Couldn't finish this episode between Sansha shouting and that robot question.

                            • TajimaMunenori
                              TajimaMunenori  6 months back

                              Shout out to Sasha! Apparently her balls are way to big for the viewers! lolol

                              • TajimaMunenori
                                TajimaMunenori  6 months back

                                It would be nice to see him expand on 2 of his sketches, racist zombies and the overly sexualized vampires.

                                • Chompy Said
                                  Chompy Said  6 months back

                                  None of them. He just race baits.

                                  • Rob M
                                    Rob M  6 months back

                                    The should remake the old school Tales From the Hood!

                                    • Jon Snow
                                      Jon Snow  6 months back

                                      NONE. If he were a a mediocre white comedian instead of a mediocre black comedian laughably overrated things like Get Out would never have even been made

                                      • EnchantedxPassion xo
                                        EnchantedxPassion xo  6 months back

                                        none. hollywood is too lazy and needs new material so make his own. also, he'll erase all the white characters that exist as white people (including white lead roles).

                                        • Hugh Orr
                                          Hugh Orr  6 months back

                                          Jaws, but it's a Sasquatch.

                                          • SouthParkCows88
                                            SouthParkCows88  6 months back


                                            • SS Robs
                                              SS Robs  6 months back

                                              None, please. Horror can't take that hit. It'll just be more of the same.

                                              • Chuck Kaslow
                                                Chuck Kaslow  6 months back

                                                I'm sorry Greg but Mystic River & Million Dollar Baby are NOT as good as Unforgiven. Esp since Eastwood made his career acting in Western "heroes". It had a finality about it. Much like how Grand Torino should've been his last "action hero" movie to be in

                                                • epiccthulu
                                                  epiccthulu  6 months back

                                                  too much interrupting was going on. Makes people heated in a negative way because they feel forced to spew their words out as fast as possible. That ruins the flow.

                                                  • louisanna30
                                                    louisanna30  6 months back

                                                    Bill Burr!!!!

                                                    • louisanna30
                                                      louisanna30  6 months back

                                                      SJ please pay attention! Inform Sasha to have respect for the other competitors. We want to enjoy the show not be put off by it.

                                                      • Raymundo Ortiz
                                                        Raymundo Ortiz  6 months back

                                                        Y’all need to have Sasha calm down a bit more. The yelling and interrupting kills the flow of the show.

                                                        Also Danielle Radford needs to stop saying, “Both arguments were great...” as an opening statement for her judgement. It just seems too forced, don’t be afraid of sayin yeah this argument was bad and this argument was better.

                                                        • ILL Sean
                                                          ILL Sean  6 months back

                                                          You Screen junk employees need to chill on your reboot fetishes.

                                                          • Eldanogrande
                                                            Eldanogrande  6 months back


                                                            Short answer: Jordan Peele shouldn't remake ANY movie. He should keep creating original stories. God, why would any movie enthusiast promote remakes over original movies??

                                                            • FireWithFire
                                                              FireWithFire  6 months back

                                                              Let's seeeeeeeee....how about....NONE. He will rewrite them to have an anti-White spin to them, based on his newest rantings

                                                              • Amar Madhar
                                                                Amar Madhar  6 months back

                                                                Stop with the remaking!

                                                                • Dan Counts
                                                                  Dan Counts  7 months back

                                                                  Not one person on this panel bothered to think about going the Japan route and remaking Audition?

                                                                  • Prince Luci
                                                                    Prince Luci  7 months back

                                                                    Eyes without a face and Dazed And Confused were the best choices.

                                                                    • Xeno Bunny
                                                                      Xeno Bunny  7 months back

                                                                      John Wick needs to team up with Piglet from Whinie the Pooh. "Oh, duh duh duh dear dear dear!"

                                                                      • Rosie Park
                                                                        Rosie Park  7 months back

                                                                        I love Sasha’s argument and it's sad that her being loud has invalidated her points for a lot of people

                                                                        • Paul Mc
                                                                          Paul Mc  7 months back

                                                                          So no comment on his racist remarks, oh, dnc member, nevermind, wink wink nudge nudge, when being pc is superseded by your party.

                                                                          • .Jazz.Unger
                                                                            .Jazz.Unger  7 months back

                                                                            Sasha, the mic is an inch from you not on the other side of the room. Lmao.

                                                                            • Ahmer Siddiqi
                                                                              Ahmer Siddiqi  7 months back

                                                                              Do SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDERVERSE ALREADY!

                                                                              • Nhi Hoang
                                                                                Nhi Hoang  7 months back

                                                                                hahaha julia is so cute bringing up her childhood trauma of divorced parents lol. sasha is annoying. and greg should have won! loved his argument for tales from the hood, id love to see a remake from peele.

                                                                                • Richard Martin
                                                                                  Richard Martin  7 months back

                                                                                  Round 3 -> Skipped, come on guys.

                                                                                  • Greg B
                                                                                    Greg B  7 months back

                                                                                    None, he is a racist.

                                                                                    • Adam Mercer
                                                                                      Adam Mercer  7 months back

                                                                                      I really don’t like Julia and I’m reading the comments that are against Sasha. First question lines up. I am going to watch just because I really enjoy Greg.

                                                                                      • Tarence Thomas
                                                                                        Tarence Thomas  7 months back

                                                                                        Do for season 6 to 9 of The Walking Dead

                                                                                        • s7inG_R
                                                                                          s7inG_R  7 months back

                                                                                          the remake of the Original spanish REC would be terrifying

                                                                                          • Cori Winters
                                                                                            Cori Winters  7 months back

                                                                                            Can we bring back the time stamps for the fight?

                                                                                            • Omar Saldivar
                                                                                              Omar Saldivar  7 months back

                                                                                              Honest trailer: Monkeybone