Is Mitch Marner The Most Overrated Player In The NHL?


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  • Where am I? Shitsfucked

    Did this guy look at one stat and say “see marner is overrated” lmao give your head a shake.

    • Shawn Erickstad
      Shawn Erickstad  2 weeks back

      If Toronto pays Marner over 10 million they will regret it

      • Brandon Young
        Brandon Young  2 weeks back

        If Matthew's played all last year with Tavares and Hyman.... and Marner played with Kappy and johnson. Matthews and Tavares wouldve been 100 points each and Marner wouldve struggled. Let's face it when your on a loaded line you have more opportunities.

        • Shyla Wild
          Shyla Wild  2 weeks back

          Marner has led the Leafs in Scoring the past two seasons, his assist total was 4th highest ever for a Leaf in their history. His 94 points were tied for tenth all time in leafs history and tied Mats Sundin’s best season in a Leafs uniform. John Tavares never scored over 40 in his career and gets almost 50 with Marner on his wing. But according to Leaf fans a 70 point Center who scored 40 goals 3 years ago and is often injuried is worth 11.5 million but the kid that is actually putting up the numbers has to prove himself. Wingers don’t get paid they say....yet Alex Ovechkin has the highest % of a cap hit of any players .... while Patrick Kane and Panarin laugh at that comment.

          The Leafs have 10.767 million to open camp. 7.7 million once both Dermott and Hyman are activated off IR. Once the Season starts teams no longer are allowed to be over the cap. If someone signs Marner to an offer sheet once camp starts, the Leafs will be hard pressed to match as they will be forced to scramble to adjust the roster and clear more cap or risk losing Marner.

          • Gordon Graham
            Gordon Graham  2 weeks back

            @Shyla Wild Matthews is plus 18 in his first 3 seasons, Marner is plus 21...that's a wash. Matthews has 205pts in 212 games, Marner 224 pts in 241 games...17 more pts in 36 more games (to date, Matthews has played with guys who have never scored more than 22 goals...Marner played with guys in JVR and Tavares who had scored more than 30 before playing with him, Tavares 37). Matthews has scored 111 goals in 212 games, Marner 67 goals in 241 games.

          • Shyla Wild
            Shyla Wild  2 weeks back

            Gordon Graham Austin Matthews was a team worst -9. Who cares if you are the 3rd best or even the best in the league in 5 on 5 when you are bleeding goals against? Matthews got 73 pts last season 20 pts on the power play. Meaning he got 53 even strength goals for while being on the ice for 62. Or Matthews averaged .78 team goals per game at even strength vs allowing .91 team goals against per game.

          • Gordon Graham
            Gordon Graham  2 weeks back

            Matthews has scored more goals 5 on 5 than anyone in the NHL in his first 3 seasons, and has done so playing with mediocre wingers and fewer minutes than 30 other centers in the NHL. Tavares never scored 40 before, but he scored only 4 fewer points the year before and 2 fewer points playing with Matt Moulson, now in the AHL. Marner's point total increased by 25 playing with Tavares.

        • Bad at Gaming
          Bad at Gaming  3 weeks back

          Yes, from a die hard Leafs fan. These kids and their agents are crazy, but whats worse is there are plenty of stupid enough GM's to pay them whatever they ask...10, 11, 12 + mil/year just to watch their team be handcuffed financially for a decade for a dime a dozen young star. Never seen soo many young talents coming up through the systems being as good if not better than the current NHL players as is happening right now. Move on and get the next young star, no shortage.

          • Austin Nitsua
            Austin Nitsua  3 weeks back

            I don’t even need to watch the video... But yes

            • Robinson Joe
              Robinson Joe  3 weeks back

              Agreed and I think he's good to a great player and I'm a Leafs fan. Leafs fans and haters alike act like he makes players score by remote from the bench.

          • Kota
            Kota  3 weeks back

            Marner isnt better than Boeser.

            • chainfire
              chainfire  3 weeks back

              Is this the most clickbait headline of all time? Bet you most clicked to write comments>watch the video

              • Robinson Joe
                Robinson Joe  3 weeks back

                no, he may well be the most overrated. Leaf haters constantly post that he's the only good player on the team and inflates everyone's numbers. That's gotta be damn close to the most overrated.

            • Mike Donato
              Mike Donato  3 weeks back

              Matthews and Marner will never win a Stanley Cup.

              • Troy
                Troy  3 weeks back

                They will but you definitely won't.

            • François Payette
              François Payette  3 weeks back

              comparing marner to matthews . marner 2 times leading scorer of is team. 11 on the nhl leading scorer . matthews more goals than marner . marner best leafs playmaker your welcome jt.marner can play pp,pk, 5 on 5 ,3 on 3, with or without the puck, last minute of the game if you are leading or trailing by 1 goal .personnaly i dont trust matthews in those situation and babcock agree with me.matthews is overatted he doesnt desrve to be the second highest paid player in the nhl

              • Terry Nova Scotia
                Terry Nova Scotia  3 weeks back

                I'll start listening to Andrew Berkshire when he manages to get his head out of his ass.

                • Donal Finn
                  Donal Finn  3 weeks back

                  Austin Mathews at #3? Nylander at #22? While a guy with over 60 assists is WAY down the list? People need to understand: THIS LIST HE REFERS TO IS A COMPLETE AND UTTER LIE! It's TOTALLY made up, and used based on the assumption that most people hear "The data says" and don't check beyond that to see if they are being lied to. Rest assured, YOU ARE BEING LIED TO. Austin Mathews #3!!! Mathews couldn't make a play in a bloody pre-school. Nylander was one of the worst players in the league last year, he excelled at NOTHING. This BRAZEN lying to the public by the media is getting out of control.

                  • generalroro21
                    generalroro21  3 weeks back

                    Man alive please find something interesting to talk about. We all know he’s not overrated 94 points cmon

                    • beneteau2100
                      beneteau2100  4 weeks back

                      The reason why Toronto's turning on Marner is that he has become a greedy ingrate. Playing for a city he grew up with guys he wants to play with, for a chance to finally bring the cup back to Toronto after this shite drought. Nope, greed is more important. Cant' live on 10million, needs 11 PER YEAR. Great player, but okay trade him for Patrick Laine then. BYE. Your heads too big for Toronto now, skinny. GO THEN.

                      • Soulemnity Hip Hop
                        Soulemnity Hip Hop  4 weeks back

                        Somebody had to say it, well said!

                        • snarzetax
                          snarzetax  4 weeks back

                          Yes, he is drastically over-rated.
                          Who honestly believes a fourth year player who earns far fewer points than McDavid should be paid more than McDavid?

                          You do? Then you're an idiot. Just like Mitchy and his douche of an agent.

                          • Shawnaldo75
                            Shawnaldo75  4 weeks back

                            As a player, No, he's not overrated at all. He's an elite player.... In terms of the amount of media coverage he gets, YES, Marner is overrated. It's a long off season, yet the media has only been able to think of one guy to talk about. It's getting old. I'm a Leafs fan and I'm sick of it. This crap is why people hate the Leafs. You're acting like Marner is holding out, when it's just a log jam of unsigned RFAs around the league waiting to see what each other get. If SN ever talked about Rantanen, Point, Laine, Tkachuk, etc SN would probably be aware of the situation.

                            • Dario Krsikapa
                              Dario Krsikapa  4 weeks back

                              Marner over rated ? U guys are really starved for content

                              • Ryan 16
                                Ryan 16  4 weeks back

                                Literally no one said he was the best in the nhl but he’s the best on the leafs leaf fans can’t keep turning on their players or else they’ll leave.

                                And did this guy say Mathews is top 3 in the nhl I’m dying 😂😂😂😂. Mathews is paid over 11 mill THATS PART OF YOUR PROBLEM start talking about that

                                • AIDAN HODZIC
                                  AIDAN HODZIC  4 weeks back

                                  hes good but not the most elite

                                  • Will Stuart
                                    Will Stuart  4 weeks back

                                    Omg ...😒🔫
                                    Marner is NOT Matt Moulson.!!! No offense to Matt Moulson but I swear to God .... I'm a Lifelong Leaf fan and I unequivocally HATE listening to Toronto Sports talkshows Carve-up everything and anything related to the Buds.
                                    The Leafs finally have a decent team ....a team DEFINITIVELY worth watching ... But you'd never know it from TO's talkshows.
                                    Are other sports towns like this..??? Or is this just how lucky we are ..?? Lol

                                    • Troy Dodson
                                      Troy Dodson  4 weeks back

                                      No Matthew's is

                                      • Storm Rider
                                        Storm Rider  4 weeks back

                                        This is becoming a joke same agent wanted Johnny Hockey at 9 mill settled for 6

                                        • Storm Rider
                                          Storm Rider  4 weeks back

                                          Yes hate to say it. Love him but he isn’t a 10 million a yr player he’s closer in reality to 7.5 to 8.5

                                          • True TT
                                            True TT  4 weeks back

                                            Sportsnet outdoes itself with this constant stupidity in content, takes and so-called “pundits” LMAO. No, idiots, he isn’t an overrated player- he’s a high end player who is under the microscope because 1) He’s in the midst of a contract spat in which he has acted with extreme immaturity and his camp (father) have been vocal about their overinflated sense of self-worth and 2) The said contract spat is taking place in the biggest hockey fishbowl in the NHL/ world of hockey that is Toronto. Simple as that. Enough with these ludicrous click bait titles you hack, poor excuse for journalists.

                                            • Fash out
                                              Fash out  4 weeks back

                                              Most overrated on TSN

                                              • Richard Pepin
                                                Richard Pepin  4 weeks back

                                                Marner is a very good player! He only became elite with Tavares! He's 9 million tops! So I agree with video

                                                • Alex yu
                                                  Alex yu  4 weeks back

                                                  No that's not true, marber made Tavares better that's what giid players do. You play with good players you make players around you better. You can say that to players crosby plays with. Those players in their wildest dream wouldn't be putting up numbers like that if crosby wasnt there

                                              • Paul Armstrong
                                                Paul Armstrong  4 weeks back

                                                Watching leafs turn gold into lead yet again.

                                                • Nagato Sarutobi
                                                  Nagato Sarutobi  4 weeks back

                                                  Marner is good but he also played along side of JT...

                                                  • Ryan 16
                                                    Ryan 16  4 weeks back

                                                    Nagato Sarutobi The season that just ended marner got got 94 points he got 26 goals and 68 assists the season before that ( without JT ) he got 69 points 22 goals 47 assists. I’m sure with how much better Mathews was this year I’m 100% sure marner would do just as good without JT. If not at most he would have about 8 maybe 10 points less

                                                • Gabriel Vandal
                                                  Gabriel Vandal  4 weeks back

                                                  How the hell is Marner overrated?! He's clearly a sweet hockey player with a great futur. He's behaving like a stupid kid righ now, but that has nothing to do with his talent.

                                                  • Full Dump
                                                    Full Dump  4 weeks back

                                                    EL OH EL

                                                    • Liam Rasmussen
                                                      Liam Rasmussen  4 weeks back

                                                      Today I learned that someone who scored 94 points at 21 years old could be overrated - In fact the most overrated. Thank you sportsnet.

                                                      • RyanTheFireBall
                                                        RyanTheFireBall  4 weeks back

                                                        I don't know about overrated but he is NOT worth 11-12 mil

                                                        • L B
                                                          L B  4 weeks back

                                                          Wow, where did they find this clown anyway? Colorado doesn't have enough money to sign Rantanen? Wow, talk about not knowing what you're talking about!

                                                          • L B
                                                            L B  4 weeks back

                                                            Tavares had by far his best year ever for goal scoring. For that he can thank Marner, nobody else.

                                                            • TheBlackLeafs9
                                                              TheBlackLeafs9  4 weeks back

                                                              94 points at 21 years old , how is this over rated ? you just cant stop talking about him , shitbirds !

                                                              • Liam Rasmussen
                                                                Liam Rasmussen  4 weeks back

                                                                Exactly, and he nearly had 70 points as a 20 year old playing mostly with van riemsdyk and bozak... that’s f’ing incredible lol. I just want him to sign at any number so people will stop talking their nonsense about him.

                                                            • Felliboy
                                                              Felliboy  4 weeks back

                                                              They just compared Marner to Moulson OMG 😂😂

                                                              • Nathan Streilein
                                                                Nathan Streilein  4 weeks back

                                                                Patrick Laine is easily the most overrated.

                                                                • Anthony Colonnelli
                                                                  Anthony Colonnelli  4 weeks back

                                                                  You guys are horrible. Absolutely don't deserve Marner, I hope he goes to a organization and fans that appreciate him.

                                                                  • Three Pyramids
                                                                    Three Pyramids  4 weeks back

                                                                    Toronto should be banned from NHL

                                                                    • Chewie -
                                                                      Chewie -  4 weeks back

                                                                      No. He's not Patrik Laine.

                                                                      • K Gadwa
                                                                        K Gadwa  4 weeks back

                                                                        I’d rather have rantanen and tkachuk over marner.

                                                                        • joebluerice
                                                                          joebluerice  4 weeks back

                                                                          Data. So cancel out points. Where the scoring race winner for data.

                                                                          • joebluerice
                                                                            joebluerice  4 weeks back

                                                                            Imagine taking these guys seriously.

                                                                            • Backy.hut19 YT
                                                                              Backy.hut19 YT  4 weeks back

                                                                              His logic makes no sense lol. If Marner is only good cuz of his teammates then how is Brayden Point not....

                                                                              • Backy.hut19 YT
                                                                                Backy.hut19 YT  4 weeks back

                                                                                Bobby Glenn I wasn’t comparing them in their actual playing. I was comparing them in the fact that they play with other superstar players. Their position has 0 effect on the players that make up the rest of their roster

                                                                              • Backy.hut19 YT
                                                                                Backy.hut19 YT  4 weeks back

                                                                                Liam Rasmussen 100% agreed

                                                                              • Bobby Glenn
                                                                                Bobby Glenn  4 weeks back

                                                                                Backy.hut19 YT Brayden point is a centre not a winger you can’t compare the two

                                                                              • Liam Rasmussen
                                                                                Liam Rasmussen  4 weeks back

                                                                                Now I’m no Andrew Berkshire, but I thought that the entire point of hockey was to play good with your teammates.

                                                                              • Finnerd
                                                                                Finnerd  4 weeks back

                                                                                Or Rantanen..

                                                                            • Dylan McConnell
                                                                              Dylan McConnell  4 weeks back

                                                                              There is no way in hell Marner is worth as much or more than McDavid or Kucherov. The only reason why he thinks that is because he plays in Toronto and they blow everything way out of proportion. I would way rather have Kucherov than Marner any day of the week.

                                                                              • John Alicandri
                                                                                John Alicandri  4 weeks back

                                                                                Leafsnet being idiotic again......

                                                                                • GJ Productions
                                                                                  GJ Productions  4 weeks back

                                                                                  Yes, dylan larkin is a way faster player and puts up more points but you dont hear him overhyped hes underrated

                                                                                  • Sam Keeley
                                                                                    Sam Keeley  4 weeks back

                                                                                    GJ Productions marner had 94 points. larkin had 73