A Day in the Life of a Harvard Student


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  • Sienna Santer
    Sienna Santer   5 months back

    AHHH IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!! thank you all SO so much for being so patient with this video. I'm super proud of it, and I hope it shows you guys a little more about my life and what a typical day here at Harvard looks like! leave comments down below and I'll try to reply to every single one. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH THANK YOU FOR BEING THE BEST SUBSCRIBERS EVER <3
    p.s. spam the comments with purple hearts if you're an Army too!! 💜

    • FRO KO is a retard 12
      FRO KO is a retard 12  31 minutes back

      Sienna Santer Harvard is a good UNI but MIT is superior, I may be a biased higher show-off girl.

    • MasterONT
      MasterONT  1 days back

      ... she said that she would reply... To who?

    • Maddox Lionheart
      Maddox Lionheart  2 days back

      Thank you Sienna from Kosrae Micronesia.

    • Caroline’s Rose
      Caroline’s Rose  2 days back


    • DeusWrath Eternus
      DeusWrath Eternus  3 days back

      you need to do weights, buy a 35 lbs barbel or a dumbbell do like 5 sets of 20 reps and do push ups in between each rep and do a 20 minute run , fits girls are so dreamy, just my 2 cents. plus being strong isnt bad strong girls are great as well, do crossfit

  • sobordinates
    sobordinates  2 hours back

    bruh i always thought you would have to work your butt off to get into one of these universities and THEN study EVEN HARDER to become successful. but you guys are just chilling with TWO classes and drinking starbucks all day.

    AND u have the time to EAT BREAKFAST [at the most BUY]. smh

    • Gamaray91
      Gamaray91  2 hours back

      U forgot the crippling debt :)

      • Emerson Meara
        Emerson Meara  4 hours back

        ik everyone at harvard hates her

        • Hampe EU
          Hampe EU  5 hours back

          BRUH MOMENTO

          • heidi trimm
            heidi trimm  5 hours back

            what was ur gpa

            • Alfred Chuks Gogo
              Alfred Chuks Gogo  6 hours back

              Make more of this videos. Love Harvard

              • Daydreaming Angel
                Daydreaming Angel  7 hours back

                Wow If I get to here kpop songs in a class that would be heaven

                • 최병재
                  최병재  8 hours back

                  우연히 아메리칸 브이로거 검색해서 들어왔는데 한글쓰는거 보고 소름돋았네...

                  • Ghost.Grizzly
                    Ghost.Grizzly  8 hours back

                    This girl is watches KPOP Mvs and songs during Korean class to learn and calls it stressful like bishwa (btw it’s part of the Korean class lol)

                    • savage toast
                      savage toast  9 hours back

                      Some people work, study day and night to go to harvard almost risking their life and you sit here doing what? Drinking ur Starbucks and eating ur "organic vegan food"

                      • Elias M
                        Elias M  9 hours back

                        My community college is more stressful than this

                        • Conatus
                          Conatus  10 hours back

                          If you wash your hair every day, you're wrong.

                          • uju Oseloka
                            uju Oseloka  11 hours back

                            Dear Americans y'all are mean, Jealous and Plain Vile..
                            Daddy's money or not,she is in school & it is her life.
                            Why are y'alls dads broke,in jail,dead or absent?
                            Better still why are y'all not in an Ivy league school & if you're why aren't you focused on your lives?

                            Dear Sienna have an amazing time doing what you want,life is stressful & you don't have to justify it.

                            • Miss Apricot
                              Miss Apricot  12 hours back

                              my hectic day is with assignment, sleep with assingment drink and eat with assingment

                              • Daenerys ma Bij
                                Daenerys ma Bij  12 hours back

                                those 2 subjects could only be d one in her sched that day... yall dont be so---

                                • sentimental eonnie
                                  sentimental eonnie  13 hours back

                                  Harvard student and AN ARMY WOW I STAN

                                  • ScreenFunFacts
                                    ScreenFunFacts  17 hours back

                                    More like a day in the life of a vapid VSCO girl.

                                    • Connor Smith
                                      Connor Smith  18 hours back

                                      This is just 🤢

                                      • arielle wang
                                        arielle wang  18 hours back

                                        Dis video is so satisfying

                                        • khadija sajid
                                          khadija sajid  18 hours back

                                          That's a trust fund kid right there.

                                          • Grace Gonzalez
                                            Grace Gonzalez  19 hours back

                                            when she mentioned bts i clicked out;; peace

                                            • paula hh
                                              paula hh  19 hours back

                                              I tAkE sTreSs PilLs bEcAusE iM a sTuDeNt aNd iM aLwAys StrEsSed

                                              gal went to Harvard so she could properly sing BTS songs

                                              • FunnyGuyFilms
                                                FunnyGuyFilms  20 hours back

                                                “I’m vegan so I can’t take fish oil” lmao dkm

                                                • Tilak Patel
                                                  Tilak Patel  20 hours back

                                                  Literally havent seen one purple heart

                                                  • michael tammaro
                                                    michael tammaro  20 hours back

                                                    She sucksssss

                                                    • Elijah Johnson
                                                      Elijah Johnson  21 hours back

                                                      She gets laid a lot

                                                      • carlitos XD
                                                        carlitos XD  22 hours back

                                                        Les traduzco un día en la vida de una estudiante de harvard

                                                        • Daniil Morillo
                                                          Daniil Morillo  23 hours back

                                                          I have online classes so I don’t have to get up at all

                                                          • Dahye Choi
                                                            Dahye Choi  23 hours back

                                                            She studied hard enough to go to Harvard and she's doing what she wants and advises others with her youtube videos. I'm pretty sure she has more realistic plans for her future than most of you guys. Also, her lifestyle is healthy. She has a bright future.

                                                          • lavender moon magick
                                                            lavender moon magick  23 hours back

                                                            try taking medical courses if you think this is stressful. you wouldn’t last a week

                                                            • Maxemor
                                                              Maxemor  2 hours back

                                                              You are right, if only more people could see this comment

                                                          • apple
                                                            apple  24 hours back

                                                            Faker than my college degree

                                                            • Cancoon
                                                              Cancoon  1 days back

                                                              Iv been sick for about a week, but are my eyes that bad, or is that keyboard 7:35 like red, green, and some of the letters are popping out at me??

                                                              • Eden Vu
                                                                Eden Vu  1 days back

                                                                The way you speak Korean is so cute

                                                                • Eden Vu
                                                                  Eden Vu  1 days back

                                                                  That juice look gufddddddd

                                                                  • Daniel Suárez
                                                                    Daniel Suárez  1 days back

                                                                    This is so fake, just another mean influencer. Go to study law, medicine, engineering or history and you'll know how stressfull is study a degree in college.

                                                                    • Iyana nana
                                                                      Iyana nana  22 hours back

                                                                      im law student in normal college and its so stressful i cant even have time to sleep in exam period shiit getting crazy

                                                                  • I'mA Weeaboo
                                                                    I'mA Weeaboo  1 days back

                                                                    My cousin went to Harvard and told me this is the routine of someone who has never struggled in life like he has
                                                                    (he's a pharmacist now)
                                                                    (dropped out 3 yrs later though because it was too much for him but he graduated from a nice community college!)

                                                                    • watchdealer11
                                                                      watchdealer11  1 days back

                                                                      I went to Stanford for eng, and it was *NOTHING* like this. The courses were so goddamn hard, and the professors were assholes, but the stress shaped me into the person I am today.

                                                                      • watchdealer11
                                                                        watchdealer11  1 days back

                                                                        The OA

                                                                        • S U C C B OI
                                                                          S U C C B OI  1 days back

                                                                          That moment you realize that she has time to do YOGA at HARVAD but you don’t have time to watch a YouTube video in high school

                                                                          • • • 𝒽𝒶𝓇𝓋𝒶𝓇𝒹 • •

                                                                            I want to go to harvard when I grow up I want to study in interior designing and architecture :)

                                                                            • lavender moon magick
                                                                              lavender moon magick  23 hours back

                                                                              pEpPa WhAt ArE yOu DoInG oN mY pRoFiLe PiC hey good luck i hope you go far! you better be a valedictorian with straight A’s and have a lot of money though. Harvard is harrrrddd to get into

                                                                          • Alex Krastev
                                                                            Alex Krastev  1 days back

                                                                            *Goes to Harvard
                                                                            *Does yoga
                                                                            *Checks her laptop
                                                                            Like bruh don’t you go to Harvard and have so much time to do such things?

                                                                            • BluezCinema
                                                                              BluezCinema  1 days back

                                                                              How do you know someone's vegan? Don't worry, they'll remind you ever minute

                                                                              • Unknown ?
                                                                                Unknown ?  1 days back

                                                                                Why does your cafeteria look like Hogwarts

                                                                                • aalyricss
                                                                                  aalyricss  1 days back

                                                                                  this is so fake omg

                                                                                  • Michael Kwan
                                                                                    Michael Kwan  1 days back

                                                                                    WHy the fuck she need vitamins??? Oh wait she's veGaN. Why the fuck this stoopid vsco girl at harvard??? Oh wait she does GeNder StuDies

                                                                                    • Ron Verhaar
                                                                                      Ron Verhaar  1 days back

                                                                                      I sit on my ass all day

                                                                                      • Lazy Sunny
                                                                                        Lazy Sunny  1 days back

                                                                                        This girl is the bigger version of my friends