Simone Biles - Podium Training Uneven Bars - 2019 U.S. Gymnastics Championships

  • Published: 07 August 2019
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Comments • 20

  • love bey
    love bey  1 months back

    She said "don't touch me"..?? If so I agree she's perfect, don't throw her off. Guy.

    • Lauren D
      Lauren D  1 months back

      What? That's her coach and he's spotting her.

  • Chronically Cassidy
    Chronically Cassidy  1 months back

    I wish she connected some releases! Riley has three releases connected. Her form is amazing though.

    • Steve C
      Steve C  1 months back

      Technically, she does connect the piked Tkatchev to the Pak salto...

  • Beatrice D
    Beatrice D  1 months back

    The height on that dismount was literally BREATHTAKING

    • Arianna Binaghi
      Arianna Binaghi  1 months back

      Laurent be like "What am I even doing here?"

      • Gymnastics._. Edits
        Gymnastics._. Edits  1 months back

        She is getting so much more cleaner on bars

        • Isabel Miles
          Isabel Miles  1 months back

          I really want her to get a move named after her on bars too because now she’s throwing the double double of beam, it would just be bars left to have a ‘biles’, maybe a dismount, but I know she’s not training anything and having a biles on each apparatus isn’t necessarily her first priority

          • P. Leduca
            P. Leduca  1 months back

            What that a triple twist there???

          • Donny Williamson
            Donny Williamson  1 months back

            Connecting the Van Leeuwen to the Pak would give a nice boost to the D score for World's. I wonder if she'll ever hit that last handstand before the dismount, though. I mean usually, it's a built in 0.3 deduction. If she could just improve it to a 0.1 deduction, it would be progress. From this angle, it's hard to tell for sure, but it does appear to be a 0.3 sized handstand deduction.

            • Tiff Marghella
              Tiff Marghella  1 months back

              I’ve been thinking this too! I wish she would. Not that she even needs to, but it sure would be a beautiful connection to watch !!

            • 000111
              000111  1 months back

              Ugh you're right

          • Taylor Powers
            Taylor Powers  1 months back

            That height 😍😍

            • BadmingtonSunset
              BadmingtonSunset  1 months back

              No vault

              • JoJo 70
                JoJo 70  1 months back

                What do you mean?

            • Ali Kh
              Ali Kh  1 months back

              I saw her hit 3 clean toe fulls ! Hope she keeps it this clean

              • Susan Di Laudo
                Susan Di Laudo  1 months back

                Ru freaking kidding me?!?!?! Wow wow wow.

                • natasha harris
                  natasha harris  1 months back

                  Nice toe full. She is cleaning up nicely on her nemesis...

                  • Basia Malinka
                    Basia Malinka  1 months back

                    Yaaaas queen