INCREDIBLE Bernie Sanders Video Exposes LIES by Mainstream Media


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  • Sergio Oliva
    Sergio Oliva  19 minutes back

    Crazy Bernie just announced that he will be leaving the 2020 campaign due to his recent Pulmonary Diastolic Arterial Infarction. In his place Crazy Bernie is endorsing a fellow Brooklynite, Jack Jersawitz. Jack "The Attack" will be taking to the campaign trail starting Monday. Jack will be giving up his successful local TV call-in show, Brainstorm. TYT and Chunk Yankoff based their show off of "Big Jack's" success and are very happy to say goodbye to Crazy Bernie and welcome Jack.

    • Levi Must
      Levi Must  55 minutes back

      Thank you Matt Orfalea and TYT for revealing the truth about the corporate "liberal" media. Bernie is a beacon and a treasure.

      • Listomaj
        Listomaj  55 minutes back

        He didn't give Trevor and Anand their full context. That's just as unfair.

        • Slye
          Slye  1 hours back

          You say that Trevor Noah took the clip out of context, but his clip in the video was taken out of context. Look at his take on it.

          • Ja'U Fired MEH
            Ja'U Fired MEH  2 hours back

            I think thenpart with Trevor Noah was actually funny, but any smart person would have followed Trevor's advice to look at the content themselves. He did actually say the content was released hours of footage go check it out.

            • Mike M
              Mike M  2 hours back

              Matt now has more than a MILLION VIEWS!

              • Michelle Bachellet
                Michelle Bachellet  2 hours back

                The problem with Bernie is that still plays by the rules. Trump doesn’t.

                • Michelle Bachellet
                  Michelle Bachellet  2 hours back

                  Is Bernie still in the race?

                  • Chrysty87
                    Chrysty87  2 hours back

                    hell yeah! He'll be kicking ass on Tuesday's debate !

                • Candy Warmuth
                  Candy Warmuth  2 hours back

                  I stopped watching Trevor because of that.

                  • ali j
                    ali j  1 hours back

                    Me, too. I hate that Trevor now solely tows the establishment line.

                  • Harris Thomas
                    Harris Thomas  2 hours back

                    I stopped watching Trevor episode 1.

                • Kennidy Ulin
                  Kennidy Ulin  3 hours back

                  Bernie Sanders is our future president

                  • Mike Austin
                    Mike Austin  3 hours back

                    It's amazing how many more ads there are on progressive media then there are on other outlets. And the worst part is, there's no way most of us are going to buy their crap anyway. Maybe they're just doing it to punish us.

                    • lot a cross
                      lot a cross  3 hours back

                      Makes me so sad that this man will probably never be president.

                      • Christian Kelly
                        Christian Kelly  3 hours back

                        Bernie Sanders is in Full Effect!

                        • Arif Ahmed
                          Arif Ahmed  3 hours back

                          If you watched the Trevor Noah episode, he actually does show the whole clip. It was just a funny joke, if you watch all the other clips Trevor Noah has on Bernie, he definitely endorses Bernie and show the kind human being Bernie is.

                          • Nuptup
                            Nuptup  4 hours back

                            why do you keep repeating "even if you don't vote for him"

                            • Sugar Skulls
                              Sugar Skulls  4 hours back

                              That really tugged my heart strings. Bernie is an angel. I really hope he wins.

                              • Jorge Fontan
                                Jorge Fontan  5 hours back

                                Network News hates Bernie for 1 reason and 1 reason only. Bernie wants to stop billionaires and corporations from giving multi million dollar donations to candidates and super pacs. That money then goes to buying ads on MSNBC, CNN, CBS, Fox etc. If we take big money out of politics the networks will lose money. This is why they trash Bernie.
                                Support small media.

                                • John Tao
                                  John Tao  5 hours back

                                  TYT for Bernie this time? TYT were PART OF THE MEDIA BIAS against him. I left after you said that. Didn't. Make it to 30 sec. Too little too late, hypocrites.

                                  • ali j
                                    ali j  1 hours back

                                    Biased against Bernie? Hardly.

                                  • Pizza Pie
                                    Pizza Pie  4 hours back


                                • Rafael Fernandes
                                  Rafael Fernandes  5 hours back

                                  ❤️ ❤️

                                  • Laurens Dehaan
                                    Laurens Dehaan  5 hours back

                                    Very, VERY disappointed in Trevor Noah in this instance. He usually does quite thoughtful and inquiring work, so this jarring exception is quite remarkable. Without a doubt, Bernie's the man, and it says a LOT about America that he's STILL a senator rather than a term-limited president. C'mon, America. at least TRY to walk the talk.

                                    • Michael Lamp
                                      Michael Lamp  5 hours back

                                      Like Fox news, mainstream media found out they have the power to influence American voters, and are pushing for the candidate of they’re choice. Andrew Yang is another example of the media ignoring another popular candidate that has ideas...

                                      • homous globus
                                        homous globus  7 hours back

                                        After growing up in the Soviet Union, I have come to realize that Americans, both on the right and the fake left, have regressive capitalist, ethnic and religious attitudes so deeply internalized that you are not capable of being true leftists. Everything you do is underpinned by toxic Americanness. "Toxic Americanness" is a disease of the mind that, owing to excessive prosperity, allows you to focus on trivial garbage instead of remembering what is important.

                                        • homous globus
                                          homous globus  4 hours back

                                          @Sugar Skulls "True Americans"? Are you being racist with that phrase? What is that? Are you practicing american imperialism, again, without even realizing it?

                                        • homous globus
                                          homous globus  4 hours back

                                          @Sugar Skulls You mean its full of capitalist corruption, decadence, tribalism, religious regressives and people who are living toxic americanness on land stolen from Native Americans. Have you personally taken the time to apologize to Native Americans for living on their land, invader? Sorry, your country is foundationally illegimate.

                                        • Sugar Skulls
                                          Sugar Skulls  4 hours back

                                          True Americans embrace diversity and differences, because that is what has helped us grow together. My community is full of incredible people and I appreciate their uniqueness. My America is full of beautiful languages and cultures. I hope you get to see it one day.

                                        • John Hirtle
                                          John Hirtle  4 hours back

                                          Sad, but true. Good observation, Comrade 😉

                                        • Chester Zefini
                                          Chester Zefini  6 hours back

                                          Keen observation, Dimitri

                                      • Carol McKee
                                        Carol McKee  7 hours back

                                        If you love Bernie, but you think you should vote for Liz Warren (or anyone else) in the primary because you think everyone else likes her better (look at the polls!) are being guided by MSM establishment to ONCE AGAIN, vote against your own interests.

                                        • Carol McKee
                                          Carol McKee  2 hours back

                                          @Candy Warmuth
                                          People who don't follow politics will certainly have gotten the impression that she is progressive enough but not TOO progressive, and definitely not an 'evil socialist'. Some will choose her bc she's a she. He energy & enthusiasm are impressive, too.
                                          She'll choose a poll-tested VP who 'appeals' to whatever constituency wherein she herself is weak.
                                          I don't think she would lose to Trump, either. (neither would a warthog with a limp).
                                          She would just be another Obama-sized disappointment.
                                          Much as it would pain me, I WILL vote Warren if she is the nominee.

                                        • Candy Warmuth
                                          Candy Warmuth  2 hours back

                                          Choosing Warren is repeating 2016. Insane

                                      • Chester Zefini
                                        Chester Zefini  7 hours back

                                        Cenk saying "the rest of us average folk!"
                                        Like he doesn't make an above-average salary

                                        • Pizza Pie
                                          Pizza Pie  4 hours back

                                          He actually works his ass off for that money

                                        • carelessmorning
                                          carelessmorning  6 hours back

                                          In the big picture, he does make about the same as us when compared to the actual rich. And even if he does make a little more money, he's willing to get more taxes for you. So what's the problem?

                                      • Mike
                                        Mike  7 hours back

                                        Bern is sponge, not a rock

                                        • Mike
                                          Mike  7 hours back

                                          Is Burn on life support?

                                          • Caloy's Comics
                                            Caloy's Comics  8 hours back

                                            Bernie Sanders 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

                                            • hangukhiphop
                                              hangukhiphop  10 hours back

                                              I feel like Anand didn't belong in that at all. He seems like someone who'd be a die-hard Bernie supporter!

                                              • sahra potel
                                                sahra potel  10 hours back

                                                Notice cenk getting slightly emotional talking about Bernie . These type of reactions are just standard for him . Bernie needs to be president

                                                • Nathan Pennington
                                                  Nathan Pennington  10 hours back

                                                  There are many things that I don't agree with Bernie on. I can't say for sure that I'd vote for him. However, I do not question his sincerity. He has spent his entire life fighting for the downtrodden. For that he has my respect.

                                                  • Carol McKee
                                                    Carol McKee  2 minutes back

                                                    I have the same issue with Yang. Although he has a generally 'progressive' view on FP, it seems canned and is rather skeletal, IMO.

                                                  • Carol McKee
                                                    Carol McKee  5 minutes back

                                                    @Nathan Pennington
                                                    I would love to see Yang involved in the next administration as a tech adviser- just not the top guy.
                                                    I was initially against Yang with EW as my second choice. Learning more about him has allowed me to make a more informed evaluation (as did learning more about her).
                                                    Thanks for a pleasant conversation- we learn from each other.

                                                  • Nathan Pennington
                                                    Nathan Pennington  31 minutes back

                                                    thepants1450 Im quite happy with his foreign policy.

                                                  • thepants1450
                                                    thepants1450  54 minutes back

                                                    @Nathan Pennington sincere question, how do you feel about Yang's foreign policy? From his own statements and platforms he does not inspire any confidence in me on a global level; in fact it's deeply concerning. He has very little to say when it comes to Israel and Palestine.

                                                  • Nathan Pennington
                                                    Nathan Pennington  1 hours back

                                                    That is in fact the case. My entire career relies on data analysis. Not how I feel. I don’t have the luxury of being non rational. I would be out of work if I lost that.
                                                    I think Yang would be great for the country. He knows where the world is headed. I see him speaking about innovations that the others have never even mentioned. I think its simply their age. I like Bernie remember. Just not his government jobs proposal or free university.

                                                • polara01
                                                  polara01  10 hours back

                                                  Cenk & Ana, you guys just redeem yourself in the true Progressive communities eyes... Now don't wake up tomorrow morning and start kissing Elizabeth Warren's ass because she is just Hillary 2.0 in disguise but I digress I'm going to hold my breath and Hope that the next time I hear both of you you're still talking about that same guy that has been doing things for us for 40 years before we even realized we needed it... And yes Tulsi needs to be his vice president because with her foreign policy and experience she will be able to stop the wars that will put the trillions in our pockets to pay for everything we need, come on guys this really is a no-brainer!

                                                  • Ms Cloudherder
                                                    Ms Cloudherder  8 hours back

                                                    polara01 .... you don’t have to knock Elizabeth Warren saying she is Hillary Clinton in disguise, just to praise Bernie. You are doing to her what others do to Bernie, Elizabeth Warren has very little in common with Hillary Clinton. Are you confused because they are both blonde older women? Jeez. Hillary Clinton is a pro-corporate moderate Democrat, Elizabeth Warren is a pro middle class, anti corruption and anti exploitation by corporations and the lending industry progressive. She has written 6 books and was a professor at Harvard teaching bankruptcy law. She created the Consumer Protection Agency for Obama’s Administration.
                                                    How is she like Hillary?? You know why people don’t like Bernie, it isn’t Bernie ... it is Bernie’s supporters who are just as name calling and negative as Trump.

                                                • Giaccommander
                                                  Giaccommander  10 hours back

                                                  if you ever wonder where the fight between dark and light is, which we used to watch in film-fiction ... it is everywhere.
                                                  There is a reason why god had to sent his son to show the dark side of humanity.
                                                  And even god was set back to watch his son die...
                                                  I am not religous but I can see why the story was writen that way. Do you?
                                                  On every spark of good there is a ocean of darkness floating towards it... if WE do not protect it with all our bodies it will vanish withou a trace
                                                  Pls do not give up...

                                                  • Ms Cloudherder
                                                    Ms Cloudherder  8 hours back

                                                    There are so many stories regarding the battle between dark and light, good and bad to draw on. I do agree with you that we must fight those that spew negativity and lies, and those that are so eager to embrace it. I can’t believe the vile things that Trump says about Democrats and anyone else that drifts in front of his awareness no matter how trivial, I honestly have never seen something so wrong in my life.and, let’s face it, he is losing his sanity. I have never seen a president be as absolutely horrible in his morals, his lack of kindness and empathy, his total involvement with himself, and his corruption. It is depressing. Democrats generally don’t like dealing with fighting against stuff until it gets ridiculous.
                                                    Sometimes I wonder if this country will ever get over the giant wound Trump has inflicted on our country or if we will ever get it back from the foothills of Fascism and the crudest Troll asshole to ever find himself in the Oval Office. I would rather have that Pense as President than Trump .... and I think Pense uses The Handmaid’s Tale as a how-to book for government.

                                                  • polara01
                                                    polara01  10 hours back

                                                    Giacommander, that was a very deep and thoughtful point and you are right in so many ways I just made a comment not even a minute after you end I think we need to keep our spiritual Foundation close to our hearts well we fight this battle between good and evil and people do not realize that this is a battle for the soul of our country and the world check out what I had to say I hope you feel similarly. Peace, Bob M.

                                                • KidVictorReacts
                                                  KidVictorReacts  12 hours back

                                                  beautiful ad

                                                  • Alexander Hartray
                                                    Alexander Hartray  13 hours back

                                                    Shame on Trevor !!! Not your best moment.

                                                    • kecward78
                                                      kecward78  6 hours back

                                                      @Ms Cloudherder That's the problem... It was INTENTIONALLY taken out of context. The question is if Trevor knew his writers/editors/producers did it or not.

                                                    • Ms Cloudherder
                                                      Ms Cloudherder  8 hours back

                                                      Alexander Hartray ... it was taken out of context.

                                                  • arshad M
                                                    arshad M  16 hours back

                                                    I really hope this time people will vote for him for their own Good.

                                                    • Robert Brent jr
                                                      Robert Brent jr  16 hours back

                                                      Its the Jesus story all over

                                                    • dobsonimages
                                                      dobsonimages  16 hours back

                                                      How about your media bias on Tulsi Gabbard

                                                      • Fara J
                                                        Fara J  17 hours back

                                                        I'm really hoping I get my US green card in time to vote. Bernie 2020 ❤️

                                                        For all you Americans... I'm Canadian. My fiance is American. Chill.

                                                        • Ms Cloudherder
                                                          Ms Cloudherder  8 hours back

                                                          manmachine30 ... yep. Have to take the oath and everything. Should take about 2 years, unless Trump succeeds in changing it ... so far he has been blocked by the courts for almost every harebrained idea he has had. El Paso blocked Trump building a wall at the border, and it will go town by town with courts blocking it, because it violates so many statutes it’s crazy. The courts blocked those make it harder to get abortion laws, because THEY ARE UNCONSTITUTIONAL. The courts blocked that legal immigrants need an approved Health insurance before they will give you a green card. More attempted violations of our laws. There is more but .... YAWN....... M🍑Trump

                                                        • manmachine30
                                                          manmachine30  9 hours back

                                                          No honey !!!! Green card won't allow you to vote. You'll need to be a citizen!!!!!!

                                                        • Raeleigh
                                                          Raeleigh  15 hours back

                                                          @Fara J You are a real American, and I am proud to have you with us ✊✊💖

                                                        • Quelogue1
                                                          Quelogue1  15 hours back

                                                          @Fara J Well the current healthcare system is pretty horrifying, but we are hoping like crazy that things will change soon.

                                                        • Fara J
                                                          Fara J  16 hours back

                                                          @Quelogue1 haha thank you! Honestly I'm a little terrified since co-pays were just explained to me. It's such a strange concept... I'm really hoping that my new home will be revolutionized by real Americans like yourself! ☺️

                                                      • My Opinion
                                                        My Opinion  17 hours back

                                                        He younger than those Popes whose mummified hands you people kiss.

                                                        • Njörun Ránsdóttir
                                                          Njörun Ránsdóttir  18 hours back

                                                          If I remember correctly, either in the same episode or a later episode, Trevor Noah did show the rest of the clip of Bernie being very encouraging towards kids. Am I remembering that incorrectly? Does anybody happen to have the source for this? I don’t remember what episode it was...

                                                          • thepants1450
                                                            thepants1450  4 hours back

                                                            I remember the clip, he didn't.

                                                          • Ms Cloudherder
                                                            Ms Cloudherder  8 hours back

                                                            Njörun Ránsdóttir ... yes, it was in the same show. He was just making a silly joke.

                                                          • Tatenda Kokerai
                                                            Tatenda Kokerai  10 hours back

                                                            Okay, good if Trevor did that, but the overall message here is about Bernie, lets not redirect

                                                          • Raeleigh
                                                            Raeleigh  14 hours back

                                                            I do remember that happening, also. I gotta go check it out, though.

                                                          • Wilusa
                                                            Wilusa  18 hours back

                                                            well you can watch the whole thing from his channell...

                                                        • A. Mairs
                                                          A. Mairs  18 hours back

                                                          Are you finished shilling for WARren now??? It’s completely outrageous that you prop up the corporate poser when the OG is running 🤬 BTW claiming any ioda of credit for having a clip in this video is a shamless attempt to try to stay relevant when you’ve gone full on neolib! Those clips are ancient in the YT world and just expose how far off the progressive reservation you’ve wandered. Your commentary provided zero value, next time pay Matt for his work, cue up the video & & praise him for his amazing work.

                                                          • Ms Cloudherder
                                                            Ms Cloudherder  7 hours back

                                                            A. Mairs ... Wow, are you just hugely uneducated or an actual paid troll bad mouthing Elizabeth Warren with something that is the opposite of what she is. Lol, a corporate poser!! 😂 😂. That is why she created the Consumer Protection Agency, huh? That is why she is proposing to break up mega corporation Amazon because it is becoming too big.... Because she is a corporate poser? You are an idiot.

                                                          • Cheryl Becker
                                                            Cheryl Becker  18 hours back

                                                            Are you a complete Moron? Give it up Troll! We Need Bernie!

                                                        • homous globus
                                                          homous globus  19 hours back

                                                          This hasn't exposed anything. It's all made up, like everything everybody has ever said. Your opinions are no more important than the opinions of anybody else. It's all just made up whateverism. Bernie makes stuff up and tells it to people who already believe the same things, and il Trumpino makes stuff up and tells it to people who are already willing to believe it. It's called preaching to the choir and existing in an echo chamber. There is no fixed point of reference for anything. It's all relative to your own primal fears, biases, and paranaoi and the belief, owing to your "toxic Americanness", that the world should be according to your will rather than some other person's will.

                                                          • homous globus
                                                            homous globus  5 hours back

                                                            @Michael Lamp Now we see you're not real leftists but scam artists who just want to talk empty garbage while living high on your capitalist crack called the "american dollar". Are you afraid somebody will take your freedom to eat 20 cheeseburgers per day away, so you can get sick and then force other people to pay for your capitalist decadence and corruption?

                                                          • Michael Lamp
                                                            Michael Lamp  5 hours back

                                                            homous globus you are a corrupt communist bastard so stay to your own countries politics

                                                          • homous globus
                                                            homous globus  7 hours back

                                                            @Ö _ Ö Often, AMericans are corrupt capitalist pigs who engage in excessive consumption, leading to obesity, which then kills them. This is not true in every case, but it is true in millions of cases these days. It's a by product of the fact you're corrupt, decadent capitalist pigs. The price you pay for being spoiled can be very high. It's nature.

                                                          • homous globus
                                                            homous globus  7 hours back

                                                            @Ms Cloudherder Again, everything you're saying is driven by your own primal fears, paranoai, biases and the disease of "toxic Americanness", which has lead you to believe your opinion is inherently right, when in fact you're a corrupt capitalist pig and your capitalist beliefs are so deeply internalized you don't even realize you're a capitalist pig.

                                                          • Ms Cloudherder
                                                            Ms Cloudherder  7 hours back

                                                            Homous globus- ( my iPad autocorrect does not like your user name.. it keeps trying to spell it “Homosexual Globes”.)
                                                            Everything is made up if you want to get metaphysical about it. Maybe we should all get naked, run into the mountains and grunt to each other from now on..... Are you unaware that everyone KNOWS what preaching to the choir means? You say “your opinions are no more important than the opinions of anyone else”. Not true. I’ll tell you where you went wrong. One person reads and watches videos from many different sources and viewpoints and discusses it with others, then forms an opinion. The other person watches a video or TV of one particular viewpoint, and listens to a speech confirming the already held opinion. Confirmation bias. Whose opinion is more important? Who is more likely to come up with a new opinion?

                                                        • R B
                                                          R B  20 hours back

                                                          Thanks for giving Bernie props. Anyone who has been in need and entangled in the medical system knows it is terrible. I don't understand why people think only 'some people' are entitled to healthcare, and/or why people don't consider how things would change with government health care. I have great insurance, but my employer pays out the ass for it, and basically I get paid less because of it. I don't trust companies trying to profit off my health. If my employer didn't have to cover health insurance, my wage would go up. And I would be able to, and rather pay more taxes, so my health care wouldn't be contingent on a profit making contract. Car insurance would be cheaper too if they wouldn't have to offer medical coverage. All businesses would be able to hire more and pay more. If more people can get the coverage they need there will be more people functioning at a greater capacity which is better for the economy.

                                                          • william rodgers
                                                            william rodgers  20 hours back

                                                            Its not that you dont deserve healthcare, its that its you dont get to force others to pay for it. Whos twisting the truth here? I already pay out my ass and im struggling to save money and fulfill my dreams. Because i have been smart and waited to have kids, and have always had a job and worked hard to move up, you take money from me to give to those who dont make those sacrifices. Its rediculous. I have a guy who works under me, he makes alot less because he has no experience and isnt that fast, but because he has so many kids he brings home almost as much as i do. Brings home more if you account for the state assistance he gets. We should be encouraging positive behaviors but instead we penalize it.

                                                            • Carol McKee
                                                              Carol McKee  7 hours back

                                                              william rodgers
                                                              What JohnnyT said....and may I add-
                                                              It's sad that people have to choose between having a family which adds joy to one's life, and making enough money to feel secure. A fulsome life doesn't boil down to one's bank account.
                                                              So many young people are 'waiting' to start a family, buy their own house, etc while they work work work to pay off student loans with no end in sight. Is that a life?

                                                            • polara01
                                                              polara01  10 hours back

                                                              William, well... using your line of thinking that we should eliminate everything that we pay taxes for and basically just hire your own fire department when your house is burning down eliminate Social Security just in case you lose her job through no fault of your own when you are older and can't work any longer we'll see how your hard work helps you when you're on the street with nobody to help you going hungry and God forbid you lose your job and you get cancer because of the poisonous food we are forced to eat or the smog we are breathing but I guess you can just continue to work hard and maybe because you're such a smart dude maybe you will find a way to survive in fact why don't we just go back to living in the jungle and see who can make enough weapons to fight off lions and tigers from eating us or your children why have any government at all? Let's just have a society where it's every man and woman for themself and whatever you can get however you can get it the ends will justify the means...

                                                            • JohnnyT
                                                              JohnnyT  17 hours back

                                                              william rodgers No one who knows anything thinks these things are free, no matter how many times you and other ill informed “political commentators” repeat it. Anyone with half a clue gets that the services aren’t free, but something as important as healthcare shouldn’t have to be paid for by individuals at the time of need, just like public schooling, the fire service, the police, the military, etc... So instead, these essential services are paid for by everyone from a pool that we all contribute to in the form of taxes (well, billionaires and Corporations don’t really pay as much of their income/net worth as low and middle income households do, but that’s another discussion). It’s called society and it doesn’t really work if Mr X doesn’t want to contribute to the military because he’s against all forms of violence, you don’t want to contribute to the healthcare costs for my Mum (before or after we run out of funds despite working hard our entire lives and have sold everything we own?) who needs cancer treatment and I don’t want to contribute to public schools (for your kids) since I don’t have my own. None of us contribute to roads because we don’t have cars which leaves Walmart, Amazon and Apple in a position where they need to build roads from ports to their warehouses, retail outlets and our individual houses so they can deliver their goods. Hmmm, yeah that’ll totally work 🙄

                                                          • Kevin Jones
                                                            Kevin Jones  20 hours back

                                                            DCC ramping up at the heart of the issue is big money..

                                                            • KinshipofChrist
                                                              KinshipofChrist  21 hours back

                                                              Socialism is great, I can finally quit working! And still get free stuff! Bernie 2020!

                                                              • homous globus
                                                                homous globus  18 hours back

                                                                Nice sarcasm from you, but others actually believe it. They believe things will just appear, and nobody will ever have to expend any energy to make them appear.

                                                              • KinshipofChrist
                                                                KinshipofChrist  20 hours back

                                                                GPTDavid im being sarcastic, I just don’t like socialism or the mainstream media.. that’s why I left Sweden.

                                                              • Kevin Jones
                                                                Kevin Jones  20 hours back

                                                                @GPTDavid Irony of his name that you replied too and your invocation of god to search for education ? Please say this is satirical.

                                                            • marie bonner
                                                              marie bonner  21 hours back

                                                              Me I have 3 horses in this race Bernie sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Andrew yang and all 3 of them are treated like garbage by the mainstream media as for me I'm tired of being told what to think by the mainstream media and people who don't know what suffering is and keep saying everything in America is well it's not great for people like me and I'm for someone who can make America work for us.

                                                              • Njörun Ránsdóttir
                                                                Njörun Ránsdóttir  18 hours back

                                                                marie bonner Same horses as me, plus Marianne Williamson and Tulsi Gabbard. All great people. Tulsi and Marianne both endorsed Bernie in 2016. I’d be proud for any 5 of the candidates just mentioned to be President, but man do I love Bernie a lot.

                                                            • Daniel Pierce
                                                              Daniel Pierce  22 hours back

                                                              Trevor Noah is a Bernie bro/supporter, the entire clip was making a joke, everything else was ridiculous for sure, but not that one if you ask me...

                                                              • thepants1450
                                                                thepants1450  4 hours back

                                                                He's def not a supporter. He keeps it light, but still paints Bernie as ridiculous.

                                                              • Evo
                                                                Evo  19 hours back

                                                                I don't get that from him at all.