Anthony Joshua Explains His Approach to Fighting | Top 5 Moves | Men's Health


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  • P C
    P C  3 months back

    You Got Knocked The Fuck Out!!!!!

    • P C
      P C  3 months back

  • armando carrillo
    armando carrillo  3 months back


    • Exaltedone
      Exaltedone  3 months back

      All that hard work and grafting in the gym was just a waste of time,tbh I cant even take what you are saying seriously because what ever you said here did absolutely nothing for u in that fight,u let a lard ass like Ruiz demolish u like that, its in ur best interest to come clean and say what went wrong otherwise people just think u are a paper champ with no chin or heart

      • Nabeel Fareed Moosa
        Nabeel Fareed Moosa  3 months back

        strong core

        • G Davis
          G Davis  3 months back

          His new approach to fighting? Don’t fight Andy Ruiz Jr.

          • Billie jean
            Billie jean  3 months back

            Now he's eating 30 times at day. Burgers, donuts and soda are important part of his diet.

            • black god
              black god  3 months back

              He had a concussion 8 days before the Luiz fight and a panic attack minutes before the fight. He should've never fought in that condition. Credit to him for being a warrior. Still the best.

              • Jacob Sykes
                Jacob Sykes  3 months back

                black god and he said on a video on his YouTube channel in response to the loss that he didn’t have a panic attack

              • black god
                black god  3 months back

                @Alex B His entourage confirmed it. Google it.

              • Alex B
                Alex B  3 months back

                black god there is absolutely zero evidence for any of that you’ve just said. He fought and he got beat end of story he chose to step in the ring even if he was concussed so he has to take the consequences

            • aheslam93
              aheslam93  3 months back

              Great timing guys 😂😂 unlucky this interview was done probably a few weeks ago and were planning to put it out after his last win.. oh wait 😂

              • gyandeep sarma
                gyandeep sarma  3 months back

                I want be like aj

                N I will oneday

                • Elyssa Aquino
                  Elyssa Aquino  3 months back

                  Now that's some good editing :)

                  • Fashow People United
                    Fashow People United  3 months back

                    Isn't this the same guy who got beat up by an obese boxer!!?? 😂😂😂😂😂

                    • Cac12
                      Cac12  3 months back

                      An obese boxer with a lion heart who started boxing and working hard since he was six dumbass

                    • M C
                      M C  3 months back

                      Nice troll emojis.

                  • HandsomeSexGod
                    HandsomeSexGod  3 months back