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  • Speak For Yourself
    Speak For Yourself   5 months back

    Who has been more impressive during the Western Conference Finals: Draymond Green or Stephen Curry?

    • N S
      N S  5 months back

      Y'all silly as all get out... how come I can see the same Perkins on different shows with the same outfit (so you know it's the same day) and here SO MANY DIFFERENT views of the game depending on who is interviewing him? Also, PLEASE keep Cutino off the screen...he thinks he's the end all be all when he speaks and like no one else's points are valid and he's so aggressive. I mean the whole lot just getting paid to do what I (a woman) can do better!

    • Kym Harley
      Kym Harley  5 months back

      wtf is mobley wearing?

    • Luckytron asmr LuckyFri
      Luckytron asmr LuckyFri  5 months back


    • Chris
      Chris  5 months back

      Stay hating on Steph all day everyday.

    • Yann Gaudreault
      Yann Gaudreault  5 months back

      I think green is the one that fades out the most when KD is in the line-up. Wich is why is performance is more impressive in those finals. Since KD is there seems like we forgot how good Green was.

  • Basketball Historian
    Basketball Historian  3 months back

    Curry is the only player in NBA History when he dominates a series in the Playoffs like in 2015 Finals or 2019 WCF it's always somebody else that for some kind of reasons allegedly has played better than him. In the 2015 Finals he averaged 26, 6 and 6 but Igoudala averaging 16ppg for some kind of reason he impacted the Warriors better although without Curry's offensive output there won't be no title. In the 2019 WCF the man averaged 36.5, 8 and 7 on 48/43/93 shooting splits but allegedly Draymond performed better. Steph is so disrespected man it's insane

    • Zach Savini
      Zach Savini  5 months back

      Kendrick perkins will shoot u in the knee cap

      • AreLL Lio
        AreLL Lio  5 months back

        love this show. no females interrupting

        • DwaNeStaR NL
          DwaNeStaR NL  5 months back

          Marcellus Wiley: "so yall on my island now?

          Kendrick Perkins "nah nah nah i am still on my island
          KP a savage 😂

          • thepromised1
            thepromised1  5 months back

            all these washed cats hate Curry and find ways to down play his greatness. Put Curry on ANY team and they'll win. Put Draymond on another team and they won't even make the playoffs. Remember this.... Stef put Davidson on his back as an under sized kid. Please, that offense revolves around Stef and the threat of Stef.

            • DMN DMN
              DMN DMN  5 months back

              Lot of disagreeing on this set.

              • josh hann gwapitos
                josh hann gwapitos  5 months back

                You all witness how the warriors played when Curry is injured especially this season, and its a mess. 5-7 this season without curry even though KD putting up some big numbers at that time. And now they are 6-0 without KD and its the playoffs. Despite Draymonds superb performance this WCF. Can anyone tell me whos the most important player for the warriors?

                • T
                  T  5 months back

                  Steph is on the mount Rushmore of NBA players already. Him and Klay have changed the playing style of the entire NBA! Bruh its shoot 3 or don't even compete. Steph is a better ray Allen. Runs around picks and can catch and shoot. Handles and a midrange shot. Have they played 2k lately this man steph is dangerous all over the court.

                  • T
                    T  5 months back

                    Mobley is that dude that's eat his girl out after he finishes in her. Different type of fella. He sharp though. Not sure about the red nails but that's his flow

                    • Mano Raj
                      Mano Raj  5 months back

                      If draymond and klay gets injured, they're gonna hype looney up and downplay steph.

                      • Andreas Ryge
                        Andreas Ryge  5 months back

                        Its Steph and its not close

                        • Alonzo Miles
                          Alonzo Miles  5 months back

                          The steph curry hate is legendary

                          • Chris Curry
                            Chris Curry  5 months back

                            We can thank Draymond’s son for his turnaround. Draymond saw his son flopping and being overly emotional and he woke up! If you want to see yourself, look at your children. 💯

                            • Scott Keyy
                              Scott Keyy  5 months back

                              Steph Curry avg. 36/8/7 on 47% shooting.... he scored the MOST points in a sweep of ALL TIME. Did all of that while being the #1 option and continuously double teamed. Drey played GREAT though I must say, being the ultimate glue giving whatever his team needs and hes playing at a HOF level tbh, but this isnt close!! Steph just had literally one of the best conference final stat lines weve EVER seen and yet if there was a Conf Finals MVP he wouldnt get it.... Steph could avg 35/7/7 on 46% shooting in the finals and win and he STILL might not get the finals mvp. Steph is one of the most underrated stars for a winning team weve ever seen. For example 2016 Kyrie played ALL time great and hit the shot of shots to beat the warriors, yet theres ZERO question Lebron was the star on that team.

                              • Elliott Rolle
                                Elliott Rolle  5 months back

                                Steph all the way

                                • Damon Brown
                                  Damon Brown  5 months back

                                  Wiley don't know ball if he think they can win without Draymond

                                  • bolouniverse
                                    bolouniverse  5 months back

                                    So let's just take Steph off the team and see where they end up. How is this even a question or Steph's greatness ever doubted

                                    • WildSandwich
                                      WildSandwich  5 months back

                                      I was going to suggest cuttino mobley use just for men but after seeing his nails I realized it don't apply...

                                      • Michael Smith
                                        Michael Smith  5 months back

                                        I peepd game. Check me out, full panel of black men, so the media used this situation to allow a grown man wearing nail polish. Omg the issue is about him being a strong black man, wearing something that negates his masculinity. This is why most of my brother's, and me, ant feeling this. Plz stop forcing us to conform to the LGBTQ COMMUNITY PLZ.

                                        • Rector Dee
                                          Rector Dee  5 months back

                                          The question is who would you let go from the Warriors Curry or Green I think people will say Green.

                                          • Matthew Awill
                                            Matthew Awill  5 months back

                                            Are cutino mobleys fingernails the most impressive?

                                            • Chris Dodges
                                              Chris Dodges  5 months back

                                              Does this black man have his nails painted?

                                              Mobley, GTFOH!!!!!!

                                              • Chris Dodges
                                                Chris Dodges  5 months back

                                                Draymond is more impressive, but not playing *better* than Curry.

                                                • Armed 3 Dangerous
                                                  Armed 3 Dangerous  5 months back

                                                  Take steph away from the warriors and the warriors would have 0 rings even if they still got kd when they did, take away draymond and they still are favored to win as much as they have won right now

                                                  • BigMac N Cheez
                                                    BigMac N Cheez  5 months back

                                                    Did curry not average 36.5ppg , 7apg, and 8rpg that series? Let lebron or any other superstar average those numbers in the fashion he did and the media is nut hugging them for a month

                                                    • ramjamram
                                                      ramjamram  5 months back

                                                      It’s amazing how pundits try to find ways to diminish the greatness of Steph. First it’s the Rockets not playing well defensively, then it was KD and now it’s DG. What’s up with the witch hunt with Steph Curry????

                                                      • Chancyvisuals
                                                        Chancyvisuals  5 months back

                                                        I see why Steph doesn’t have a finals MVP now. No matter what he does, they diminish it and look to give the credit to someone else on the team. I’m not sure why what the media has against Steph.

                                                        • Dwight Jarrett
                                                          Dwight Jarrett  5 months back

                                                          Nailed it with three comment about Dame having his best game

                                                          • Tim Dupes
                                                            Tim Dupes  5 months back

                                                            Bro why Cuttino nails painted red? 😂

                                                            • MysticMech
                                                              MysticMech  5 months back

                                                              Um... is C.M rocking painted finger nails?

                                                              • Willnard Anderson
                                                                Willnard Anderson  5 months back

                                                                First, you wear hats on live TV and now you paint your nails? BOTH creepy and unprofessional.

                                                                • auot ukun
                                                                  auot ukun  5 months back

                                                                  Steph Curry make bball boring, it's like getting 35 plus points in a row is so boring now :) Steph made the three point shot a thing and now he keeps shooting threes 5 plus almost every game and it looks boring that is the definition of GREAT/IMPRESSIVE.

                                                                  • Jay Bird
                                                                    Jay Bird  5 months back

                                                                    WTF Cuttino, Manicures, painted nails? What's next.....Lipstick?

                                                                    • Kenneth Iho
                                                                      Kenneth Iho  5 months back

                                                                      Hehehe. Guys pls stop talking this topics u cannot actually get a conclusion on. How on Earth can you really highlight who was more impressive cuz these guys are a team and they play like a team and are able to replace almost anybody's effort. For me though steve Kerr has been the most impressive. I mean for a team to be this consistent and adaptive?. Puff. That most be some coaching

                                                                      • Titus Lennon
                                                                        Titus Lennon  5 months back

                                                                        Steph has CLEARLY been more impressive. Just because ppl are "surprised" by Green doesn't some how make what he's doing more impressive. The defensive is NOT geared toward stopping Steph. They want to stop Steph and he's still averaging 36ppg.

                                                                        • Kenneth Iho
                                                                          Kenneth Iho  5 months back

                                                                          Listen guys. Steph has 4 amazing games in the series. Draymond had two amazing games. 3 and 4.

                                                                          • DJOE.E
                                                                            DJOE.E  5 months back

                                                                            Dray is to be praised cuz the Splash brothas rely on him and he delivers
                                                                            Dray knows the capability of his team mates, so enables them to catch fire ...s/o Izzo

                                                                            • wizzdom100
                                                                              wizzdom100  5 months back

                                                                              8:20 Shaq barbecuing more that just chicken.

                                                                              • Petie Ball forever
                                                                                Petie Ball forever  5 months back

                                                                                This man nails is red🤦🏾‍♂️

                                                                                • Lemon Ice
                                                                                  Lemon Ice  5 months back

                                                                                  I think natural satin is more impressive than candy apple red nail polish.

                                                                                  • justin baker
                                                                                    justin baker  5 months back

                                                                                    Man, Jerry west assembled this team....

                                                                                    • CL Supreme
                                                                                      CL Supreme  5 months back

                                                                                      Y’all just gonna sit here and act like Cuttino don’t got his fingernails painted??? WTF!? 😟

                                                                                      • william alderman
                                                                                        william alderman  5 months back

                                                                                        AAAAAAH! NOW WAY! If DRAYMOND disappears! The Warriors have NO chance!

                                                                                        • Eric W
                                                                                          Eric W  5 months back

                                                                                          The Portland series makes me have more respect for Houston's performance and the Clipper's performance. For them to win two games in their respective series with KD healthy is saying something. That might be the most that any team in the playoffs would get against the Warriors with or without Durant.

                                                                                          • Eric W
                                                                                            Eric W  5 months back

                                                                                            It seems like there is no room anymore for two things to be equally true. Could it not simply be said that both have played phenomenal ball? Apparently (and sadly), everything has to be framed so as to create an argument.

                                                                                            • Sean Williams
                                                                                              Sean Williams  5 months back

                                                                                              Wait!! He's the NBA playoff leader in ASSISTS and BLOCKS?!?! Has that ever been done before?

                                                                                              I can only think of a couple players in history that are capable of that. Maybe Shaq and Dwight...who else tho?

                                                                                              • william blake
                                                                                                william blake  5 months back

                                                                                                ofc dray been more impressive. different ceiling-different standards.
                                                                                                historically, only curry is responsible for mistakes and weaknesses.
                                                                                                have you ever heard criticism of klay thompson? i only heard how good is he. meanwhile negative on-off, mediocre shooting every second game. for the whole career.
                                                                                                dray is 21% from 3 this playoff. heard of that? no. he is impressiive.
                                                                                                no igoudala-does something changed? no. but im sure next game we will see how media loves him because he is insane defender and the most valuable.