Drake Bell Tries Crickets For The First Time | Disgustingly Healthy | Men's Health


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  • RK 9
    RK 9  2 months back

    I would have knocked back the whole jar of Kimchi

    • Katy Baric
      Katy Baric  2 months back

      did...did he just put selena as a better singer than miley cyrus??? does this boi have ears?????

      • Esther Yoo
        Esther Yoo  3 months back

        my boi would NOT do well in asia

        • raven claw
          raven claw  5 months back

          I LOVE 95% DARK CHOCOLATE! I live off that stuff!

          • Ic Nuzil
            Ic Nuzil  5 months back

            He's cute

            • armando carrillo
              armando carrillo  5 months back


              • рая
                рая  5 months back

                daamn give me some food I want to eat