Ghost Recon: Breakpoint - Before You Buy


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  • gameranx
    gameranx   2 weeks back

    Not very happy with it.
    What's your favorite Ghost Recon game? We should do a video on the whole series 🤔🤔

    • NerNer’s World
      NerNer’s World  4 days back

      Ghost recon future soldier

    • heeey eeey
      heeey eeey  6 days back

      LoL angry joe gave game 3 / 10. What a shitty trash game. Why do we put up with "timesavers" why ?

    • Char Aznable
      Char Aznable  1 weeks back

      GRAW 2 was the goat.

    • John Doe
      John Doe  1 weeks back

      sw3d3r Every Far Cry game comes with one of the best map editors Ive seen in a game. Now of they would just make a game that is a map editor that would be awesome. Want a battle royal map? Make one. Small tdm map? Make one. Etc etc. Just give me terrain tools, houses, mansions, cars, horses, planes/helicopters, hundreds of objects, weapons and anything else you need.

    • Luan Ajvazi
      Luan Ajvazi  1 weeks back

      Future solider for me

  • Captain Kenway15
    Captain Kenway15  7 hours back

    This game is lame... watching the trailer was cringy and this game feels like an old game, Im gonna have to skip this!

    • Cellox36
      Cellox36  22 hours back

      Is it really THAT Bad?!?! Because im thinking about getting it when it's discounted. I think Wildlands was awesome but got boring after a few months. Your honest opinions please

      • Pullupwitahstickk
        Pullupwitahstickk  1 days back

        People are weird, it’s not even a bad game, i have so much fun playing it, and we’ll it’s even better with friends.

        • Dylan Hawken
          Dylan Hawken  2 days back

          I bought it and didn't realize it was a always online game. Thought the game would be like wildlands. Pretty disappointed Ubisoft

          • Cesar Hernandez
            Cesar Hernandez  2 days back

            They really took out the A.I teammates woww that was the best part

            • Tyler Culbertson
              Tyler Culbertson  2 days back

              To this day still getting whalers00301. When my roommate would get on the play it would always kick the second person that got on. I tried re-downloading it multiple times now it just kicks me every 5 minutes. Trash severs!

              • edgar garcia
                edgar garcia  2 days back

                Reminds me of splinter cell and metal gear

                • Phaire Couchpotato
                  Phaire Couchpotato  3 days back

                  Step 1: Buy Ghost recon Breakpoint
                  Step 2: Buy Time Savers
                  Step 3: Buy Time Savers
                  Step 4: Buy Time Savers
                  Step 5: Buy Time Savers
                  Step 6: Buy Time Savers
                  Step 7: Buy Time Savers
                  Step 8: Buy Time Savers
                  Step 9: Buy Time Savers
                  Step 10: Buy Time Savers

                  • Nathan H
                    Nathan H  3 days back

                    Wow no AI teammates what are they thinking no one wants to play this game online

                    • ANSNify
                      ANSNify  3 days back

                      Another huge disappointment after FO76.

                      • Hugo Petch
                        Hugo Petch  3 days back

                        Do what I did, by Wildlands instead

                        • BigWiteOne BigWite
                          BigWiteOne BigWite  3 days back

                          To be honest I miss listening to drug cartel music

                          • Zoli P.
                            Zoli P.  3 days back

                            From my view its a worse metal gear solid the phantom pain

                            • AdjacentEarth
                              AdjacentEarth  3 days back

                              I preordered this cause I was so hype after grinding wildlands cause I loved that game. After playing the alpha and hearing more about the shove of mtx and rpg mechanics, big no no imo. Canceled that pre order ASAP rocky style

                              • Steven Tannock
                                Steven Tannock  4 days back

                                I think I'll look elsewhere for a before you buy....
                                The second you showed bias against the series as a whole, you walked in with negative connotations. Not honest fresh slate for me.

                                • John Kon
                                  John Kon  4 days back

                                  Ubisoft C.E.O: are u finished yet with our next game?
                                  Developer: we need more time or it will be boring and repetitive!
                                  Ubisoft C.E.O: can u put in lootboxes by tomorrow?
                                  Developer: yes...
                                  Ubisoft C.E.O: ok we ship it at the end of the week!

                                  • nikolai bahtin
                                    nikolai bahtin  4 days back

                                    Ghost Recon assassin's creed microtransactions 2019 aka ubisoft's anthem

                                  • Anthony Sayegh
                                    Anthony Sayegh  4 days back

                                    Dont but this/10

                                    I’m sorry but I copied from someone else I just had to say it again because it was really funny

                                    • F O O D S T A M P S
                                      F O O D S T A M P S  4 days back

                                      Before you buy, Don’t buy!

                                      • August Knows
                                        August Knows  4 days back

                                        Ima wait till this becomes free to play or 75% off not paying more than 15 dollars for this shit

                                        • tyler knowlin
                                          tyler knowlin  4 days back

                                          Tell me why I can’t do the most BASIC of video game things? Like wear my hat and other accessories in the cinematic parts of the game? All the stuff I unlock and pay for. Lazy ass game and not happy. Why can’t I holster my weapon? So lame

                                          • Michael Stelljes
                                            Michael Stelljes  4 days back

                                            Wildlands is better in almost every single aspect compared to Breakpoint. After finally giving up on BP, I loaded into WL and it was like a sigh of relief.

                                            • FuranDuron
                                              FuranDuron  4 days back

                                              More like never buy

                                              • Rich Callahan
                                                Rich Callahan  4 days back

                                                Don’t buy, pvp kicks you
                                                Out 5/10 times. Have to reload 3 times to
                                                Get back in. UBI is trash.

                                                • ruben hargis
                                                  ruben hargis  5 days back

                                                  Game Companies are rushing games now because there making more money then ever, its not even about making quality games anymore they know will buy it anyways and give some booty excuses of why this and that is not,( what ever) but over all this game has potential while they sit back in their offices throwing money in thee air and laughing at us of how stupidly addicted we have become to this industry 😆

                                                  • Steve Sin
                                                    Steve Sin  5 days back

                                                    Always online, yeah ill pass. A game shouldnt boot you out if its in singleplayer mode and you lose connection.

                                                    • milehighkid85
                                                      milehighkid85  5 days back

                                                      Have over 70 hours in NOT A DIME SPENT. Zero crashes. Small bugs like every other title. Your review is shit pal. How old are you YouTube content creators anyhow? Game is GREAT.

                                                      • Jared S.
                                                        Jared S.  5 days back

                                                        Before You Buy: Remember that Ubisoft made it.

                                                        • anthony virga
                                                          anthony virga  5 days back

                                                          I am enjoying the missions clearing out the bad guys finding loot having to sneak around the missions fun stuff the cut scenes are a bit corny but what the hell im not paying any more then the initial payment to play this game and it looks like this game will be enjoyable for quite some time I’m quite satisfied with it add ons later only a bonus

                                                          • BenPotter
                                                            BenPotter  5 days back

                                                            I am thinking of buying this game. Looking to play it for a medium to high amount of time. I like the look of the stealth and army gameplay. I enjoy the division 2. Anyone got opinions?

                                                            • A1since Day1
                                                              A1since Day1  5 days back

                                                              Okay not to be biased and not to say anything against anybody that ever has played Tom Clancy's "anything" be it ghost recon or splinter cell( amazing series btw ). I love gameranx as a YouTube channel. But sometimes I think that they don't play the games on the hardest difficulty. If you take a look at the minimap you can clearly see that he's playing either on normal easy or advanced mode. On extreme mode the game becomes stupid hard and nerve wracking. I love the guys at gameranx almost always take there opinion to heart or with a grain of salt when it's a game that I like that they might be covering or talking about.. Doesn't matter. I know it's his opinion. But Jake my man. Try the game out on the hardest setting. It's fun my guy. When on extreme the enemies the world the situations, etc.. feel freaking sweet.........

                                                              I guarantee all the fan boys of the channel will just agree with the video in the comments. And I haven't even looked down there yet. The game is fun. Its buggy? Yes. But most of y'all are spoiled little ******* that forgot that we used to play Sega, Nintendo, Atari,Saturn, some other nonsense. Anywhoooooo. It's a fun game.

                                                              • Maximillain Thermidor
                                                                Maximillain Thermidor  5 days back

                                                                Meh, for me the series has died after Future Soldier.

                                                              • goldenducky12
                                                                goldenducky12  5 days back

                                                                After the beta I knew 100% I wasn't gonna buy it. Game play just doesn't represent the trailer and supposed survival elements and being hunted and alone. Also rpg lite mechanics had me say imma head out.

                                                                • Ultra Graal
                                                                  Ultra Graal  5 days back

                                                                  This guy is an idiot micro transactions don't do anything for pvp in this game it only benefits pve which I see fine because who is gonna be in your pve world saying OMG ur so op STFU never listen to videos like this

                                                                  • RamboNoBlood
                                                                    RamboNoBlood  5 days back


                                                                    • Mr. Morris
                                                                      Mr. Morris  5 days back

                                                                      Wildlands is better.

                                                                      • cody Matthews
                                                                        cody Matthews  5 days back

                                                                        Thnx Jake. I wasnt sold on it (not did I have the money at launch), but I plan to get it today.

                                                                        • tha real monkey
                                                                          tha real monkey  5 days back

                                                                          as a fellow creator i was wondering how you make that before you buy thumbnail. I have been wanting to use it for a video.

                                                                          • Uncle Green
                                                                            Uncle Green  5 days back


                                                                            • Jon Reeves
                                                                              Jon Reeves  5 days back

                                                                              Okay I stopped at about 5 minutes and 28 seconds what he's saying makes sense but not at all because if you put it on a higher difficulty it makes everything better

                                                                              • Midnight
                                                                                Midnight  6 days back

                                                                                bases to take over, tag enemies, snipe tagged enemies its ANOTHER reskinned Far Cry game. Ill pass Ubisoft

                                                                                • Uncle Green
                                                                                  Uncle Green  5 days back

                                                                                  It´s fun as hell... Ivé played non stop since realese and I often dont do that, last game was like odyssey!

                                                                              • Anthony Woods
                                                                                Anthony Woods  6 days back

                                                                                the games Great tbh, people are too critical, if you like openworld shooters.. this is for you, its your typical ubi openworld game
                                                                                btw this is just wildlands with EXTRA SH*T
                                                                                my only issue is the ONLINE ONLY

                                                                                • Yar D Blah
                                                                                  Yar D Blah  6 days back

                                                                                  How can games like SOCOM on ps2 which came with a headset where you could give your AI buddies ORDERS to breach, wait, more technically advanced than a 2019 game???

                                                                                  • holdmebackbrah
                                                                                    holdmebackbrah  6 days back

                                                                                    Tom Clancy are trash games now. They saved R6 but these other ones like the division wildlands and breakpoint are terrible for modern games. Terrible AI, glitchy movement, and personally... the gun battles blow. I'll pass on this

                                                                                    • TopdeckLethal
                                                                                      TopdeckLethal  6 days back

                                                                                      Breakpoint before you buy: Don't Buy it.

                                                                                      • TGAPro MKM
                                                                                        TGAPro MKM  6 days back

                                                                                        what do you except from buggysoft game again

                                                                                        • iulix max
                                                                                          iulix max  6 days back

                                                                                          This game is single player game with no offline mod fukee this shitt !!!!