4/30/19: Alonso walks it off with sac fly in the 10th

  • Published: 01 May 2019
  • Daily Recap: After blowing a 2-run 9th-inning lead, the Mets walk it off in the 10th with Pete Alonso's sac fly

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Comments • 33

  • LoSoNBanks22
    LoSoNBanks22  5 months back

    Why didn’t diaz close? I haven’t watched the last few games but familia is ass in my mind

    • Vincent Cuttolo
      Vincent Cuttolo  4 months back

      He was ruled out before the game, having pitched the previous three in a row.

  • Paul Kane
    Paul Kane  5 months back

    Get rid of Familia. He has ONE PITCH - a meatball.

    • rick mann
      rick mann  5 months back

      Looks like only a couple hundred people showed up for this one

      • Vincent Cuttolo
        Vincent Cuttolo  4 months back

        @rick mann
        You should have told me upfront that you're a retarded loser, I wouldn't have wasted my time with you.

      • rick mann
        rick mann  4 months back

        Just do as eye say and no one gets hurt around here, got it junior, good

      • Vincent Cuttolo
        Vincent Cuttolo  4 months back

        @rick mann
        I have no idea what that is supposed to mean. There is no requirement for fans anywhere to spend their time and money going to games that do not attract their interest, or is played under either adverse weather conditions or at inconvenient times.

      • rick mann
        rick mann  4 months back

        I thought New Yorkers were the best & toughest fans out there, doesn't look like it to me!

      • Vincent Cuttolo
        Vincent Cuttolo  4 months back

        Been raining in NY all week

    • Michael Reed
      Michael Reed  5 months back

      Two teams playing lousy baseball,any Mash repeats on,lol.

      • Jair Brooks-Davis
        Jair Brooks-Davis  5 months back

        I’ll take the win, but jeez. Familia is awful

        • Emmanuel Alejandro
          Emmanuel Alejandro  5 months back

          Familia blew another save opportunity. But a win is a win any way you take it.

          • Jimmy Bonez
            Jimmy Bonez  5 months back

            This GODDAMN PITCHING better get its ACT TOGETHER by seasons end!!!!!!!!!!!

            • scott d
              scott d  5 months back

              This Familia blows 😷

              • Michael DePinto
                Michael DePinto  5 months back

                these Games are Pure Torcher! Lol 😲 at least we have the REAL DEAL Jeff McNeil 👏👏👏 #LGM

                • 144Donn
                  144Donn  5 months back

                  Not a pretty win at all!

                  • The REAL mike thegamerguy24
                    The REAL mike thegamerguy24  5 months back

                    the game wouldnt have gone into extra innings if the mets got that *one* last strike after the two outs

                • Kings Gaming
                  Kings Gaming  5 months back

                  I don’t care if we won famila is unbelievabley bad

                  • The REAL mike thegamerguy24
                    The REAL mike thegamerguy24  5 months back

                    i wished the pitching change took place once the 2nd run for the reds was scored

                  • Michael DePinto
                    Michael DePinto  5 months back

                    it's so hard to watch him I mean he needed one more out and absolutely Imploded can never let your guard down or ever feel like a win is Coming as a Mets smh the Curse!

                • TommyProductionz
                  TommyProductionz  5 months back

                  Good win, but for gosh sake please don’t put Familia as a closer unless we’re up by like 7 runs, he’s a worse pitcher than Vargas he’s that bad

                  • NYG Forever
                    NYG Forever  5 months back

                    Leahcim Olrac
                    He took a “hometown discount” LOL

                  • Leahcim Olrac
                    Leahcim Olrac  5 months back

                    At least he's not grossly overpaid like every other closer they've ever had (read for sarcasm)

                  • Michael DePinto
                    Michael DePinto  5 months back

                    he's tough to watch 🤢

                • Nicholas Memehead
                  Nicholas Memehead  5 months back

                  2:24 how good is he? Frazier hits a Bomb off of him the next play

                • David Montes
                  David Montes  5 months back

                  Much needed win...LET'S GO METS!

                  • Shayne Kyler
                    Shayne Kyler  5 months back

                    Lets go mets

                  • Matthew Bomeisl
                    Matthew Bomeisl  5 months back

                    TheBatugan77 what’s the reds record I’ll wait

                  • TheBatugan77
                    TheBatugan77  5 months back

                    They're still priddy shiddy.

                • D u s t i e
                  D u s t i e  5 months back

                  Oh I hate the Mets there ugly.😒 I just wanna puke🤮 don’t give me hate