College Kids React To Try Not To Get Mad Challenge


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  • FBE
    FBE   7 months back

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    • Tucker Mittelstadt
      Tucker Mittelstadt  7 months back

      FBE kostas looks like JFK

    • Unknown smoke
      Unknown smoke  7 months back

      gee thanks t. G g. Have hm veg q gttvct

      TIWAGOS X  7 months back

      Y’all really be tryna find the weirdest people

    • Travis Kudluk
      Travis Kudluk  7 months back

      well he is welcome to my world now i flip the table and kick the chair he is welcome to my world now.

    • Roman Reigns
      Roman Reigns  7 months back

      don't want you all to get mad but the big dawg is back...this is my yard now

  • dan_dapotato
    dan_dapotato  7 months back

    Lol they used a video from Talking Nonsense

    • Jimmy_Does_Stuff
      Jimmy_Does_Stuff  7 months back

      Almost threw my phone for the rollie one😂😂😂

      • Master of Casets
        Master of Casets  7 months back

        Someone please make a remix of the guy with boston tom shirt when he said "oh my god"

        • cooldude Ross
          cooldude Ross  7 months back

          On me the Rolex one lit like if u agree

          • Zurym
            Zurym  7 months back

            3:48 over reaction much

            • mindy
              mindy  7 months back

              poor dionte 😂

              • Diego Villarroel
                Diego Villarroel  7 months back

                They should try this challenge with Dellor

                • s2kblud
                  s2kblud  7 months back

                  It’s 2019 so they had to have that sus dude xD

                  • Victoria Wolf
                    Victoria Wolf  7 months back

                    Bruh. I used to go to a school where kids yelling at the teachers was the norm. I was the only good kid. I never yelled I just sat there and did my work.

                    • nugget _ joey3249
                      nugget _ joey3249  7 months back

                      I know that kid turns out i beat the crap out of him for that becuz thats the nicest teacher in my school

                    • AAXD CRAZE
                      AAXD CRAZE  7 months back

                      I met ayo and teo

                      • Lena Nguyen
                        Lena Nguyen  7 months back

                        Like, for real or are you just joking?

                    • YAMZA 8
                      YAMZA 8  7 months back

                      tom is just a regular bloke.

                      • sleepyhoody
                        sleepyhoody  7 months back

                        *my reaction watching this episode*

                        • SeaBass
                          SeaBass  7 months back

                          0:27 wtf is that thing

                        • alondra gonzalez
                          alondra gonzalez  7 months back

                          The music Grinch 1:29

                          • Ryan Smit
                            Ryan Smit  7 months back

                            0:24 ha ha he looks like a girl

                            • Ava Sams
                              Ava Sams  7 months back

                              2:12 sis, its 2019 like.. c'mon now.. xD

                              • m a d i s s o n
                                m a d i s s o n  7 months back

                                5:35 highkey not mad at that kid bc idk what the situation was. Teacher could've been disrespectful and they just didn't show it..etc.

                                • IllusionLPS
                                  IllusionLPS  7 months back

                                  the full story is that the teacher didn't round his grade from a 43 to a 70 the teacher wasn't disrespectful

                              • Cristian Chavez
                                Cristian Chavez  7 months back

                                Isnt lene zyan sister

                                • Varil Lara
                                  Varil Lara  7 months back

                                  I can't be mad as long as Brandon is in the video

                                  • Tanishq Mathur
                                    Tanishq Mathur  7 months back

                                    IQ GODS: holy sh-
                                    zuckerburg iq god: calculating; iq level 201
                                    iq gods: hes over iq
                                    FBE: O F--- YOU

                                    • ghyslain baribeau
                                      ghyslain baribeau  7 months back

                                      how brandon do not get mad at those he is literally mad all the time?!

                                      • Fahad the Random Guy
                                        Fahad the Random Guy  7 months back

                                        I’m stoneface

                                        • Reagan Pingel
                                          Reagan Pingel  7 months back

                                          Thank god I don't drink soda. So that won't get me mad.

                                          • Héctor Alejandro Serrano Ortiz

                                            3:48 OH, THIS IS ME AF!

                                          • Lucas Buschor
                                            Lucas Buschor  7 months back

                                            My dream is to be on FBE and win every challange

                                          • Megan Johnson
                                            Megan Johnson  7 months back

                                            3:48 me on Monday getting a question wrong in math class

                                            • Domce Playss
                                              Domce Playss  7 months back

                                              You can donate me throw here :) (Parama kanalui )

                                              • UltimateFireWolf09
                                                UltimateFireWolf09  7 months back


                                              • T Faz
                                                T Faz  7 months back

                                                Brandon is the best reactor 👏

                                                • Itachi
                                                  Itachi  7 months back

                                                  Dionte,we Gucci fam✊🤝

                                                  • Joel Benitez
                                                    Joel Benitez  7 months back

                                                    Try not to get turned on challeng....... 🍑🍆🍒

                                                    • Skinny Legend
                                                      Skinny Legend  7 months back

                                                      Damn kostas..... damn that boy is pretty

                                                      • Jaythegamer00
                                                        Jaythegamer00  7 months back

                                                        11:01 :OOOOOO

                                                        • Kaworu Nagisa
                                                          Kaworu Nagisa  7 months back

                                                          I love and appreciate how many are Dr Pepper fans

                                                          • Kaworu Nagisa
                                                            Kaworu Nagisa  7 months back

                                                            I'll slam the can on the table edge and look them in the eye.

                                                            • Halby G
                                                              Halby G  7 months back

                                                              3:06 my gf in bed.

                                                              • Jonathan Peloso
                                                                Jonathan Peloso  7 months back

                                                                I woulda took that trumpet and played it loud asf in his face 😂😂😂

                                                                • Cecy dolan
                                                                  Cecy dolan  7 months back

                                                                  React to the jonas brothers reunion

                                                                  • Nikita Ryahkuvskiy
                                                                    Nikita Ryahkuvskiy  7 months back

                                                                    I am drinking a Pepsi and watching this ahhh this makes me mad

                                                                    • LadyVenom Way
                                                                      LadyVenom Way  7 months back

                                                                      "I wont stand for it, that's why I'm sitting" LMAO I LOVE TOM!

                                                                      • Ethan Alvarez
                                                                        Ethan Alvarez  7 months back

                                                                        11:01 breaking the system

                                                                      • internetguy
                                                                        internetguy  7 months back

                                                                        this was more a try not to laugh challenge for me xD

                                                                        • barbiegirl
                                                                          barbiegirl  7 months back

                                                                          Why ist kostas so hot 😍

                                                                          • Jacob Schueler
                                                                            Jacob Schueler  7 months back


                                                                            • Sadboi Plague
                                                                              Sadboi Plague  7 months back

                                                                              Rolli Rollie roli roli ROLLIE

                                                                              • Damien Gamezz
                                                                                Damien Gamezz  7 months back

                                                                                4:46 that clip...that’s looks like a science classroom at my school 😂 like exactly like it