Best Restaurants in Los Angeles - BIG KABOB PLATTER + Must-Eat Food Tour in LA!

  • Published: 16 September 2018
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    When Chef Liz and Will invited me to hang out with them and go to some of their favorite restaurants in LA, I was very excited. We set off to eat some amazing food in LA area including tacos, Armenian kabobs and Chinese savory pies.

    Featured in this video, and huge thanks to:

    Liz Johnson:
    Will Aghajanian:

    Teddy’s Red Tacos:
    Armin from Mini Kabob:


    Teddy’s Red Tacos - The first place we ate on this best of Los Angeles food tour is Teddy’s Red Tacos. First of all, Teddy is such a friendly down to earth guy who is passionate about birria, one of my favorite Mexican foods. Serving out of a food truck, we ordered the mixed plate of birria tacos, his made with beef. It was extraordinary, and great to hang out and meet Teddy as well.
    Mixed plate - $10

    Beijing Pie House - Next we drove East to the Beijing Pie House, another one of Liz’s best favorite restaurants in LA. We ordered a mix of dishes including a variety of dumplings and the highlight was their tripe salad laced in Sichuan pepper oil. If you’re looking for some Northern Chinese dishes, Beijing Pie House is well worth the drive from Central LA.
    Total price - $55.70

    Mini Kabob - There was one more huge meal we had to eat on this best restaurants in LA food tour. We drove to Glendale where there’s a large population of Armenians, and we met up with Armin, son of the owner of Mini Kabob. Immediately I loved the place, family run, just a small little shop with a few tables, and an ultimately friendly place. They welcomed us in and Armin took care of us from the start, fixing us a mixed meat platter with a little bit of everything. The Armenian kabobs were spectacular, as were all the different salads.
    Huge platter - thanks Armin!

    Heroic Deli - Finally, to end this restaurants tour of LA, we drove over to meet my friend Jeffrey who is starting a deli in LA called Heroic Deli ( Barbara prepared us their signature OMG classic Italian sub, which was unbelievably good and well balanced. When they open in Santa Monica, be sure to stop by for a fantastic sandwich.

    Thank you to Liz and Will for taking me around to some of their favorite restaurants in LA, I had an amazing time!


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  • Rubab t
    Rubab t  11 hours back

    Nice one.

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      유현준  1 days back

      CJ !

      • Sinu Panicker
        Sinu Panicker  4 days back

        Great really good

        • April Morris
          April Morris  1 weeks back

          Taco Truck for the win.

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            PlaytimeWithMia  1 weeks back

            No le arde el culo con tanto chile

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              In-N-Out  1 weeks back

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              • alex gates
                alex gates  1 weeks back

                how can you eat so much in a day lol :-D

                • Rosa Sanwald
                  Rosa Sanwald  2 weeks back

                  Great food!!!

                  • Gilbert Gomez
                    Gilbert Gomez  2 weeks back

                    Hey Mark, how do you keep yourself so skinny when you eat so much?

                    • Elnaz Kalkhoran
                      Elnaz Kalkhoran  2 weeks back

                      I am from Persian. The please u go for khabab. Is best place u shod. Try ghorma sabze best food. Is healthy and delicious u are going to love it

                      • Satish
                        Satish  2 weeks back

                        @ 11:41 This is our garlic sauce and no starch and completely Vegan, as if some one is really looking for a Vegan garlic sauce in a Kabob restaurant.

                        • Emran Hossain
                          Emran Hossain  2 weeks back

                          How is this guy still so skinny. I would have end up eating a lot and become "extra healthy".

                          • Jay_87 Flores
                            Jay_87 Flores  2 weeks back

                            My dads house is down the street from your first stop on slouson . 😀

                            • Piano Tutoriales
                              Piano Tutoriales  2 weeks back

                              Hey Mark. Love, love food and love your channel. When will you be traveling to Nicaragua? I'd live to see you there. 😀😉

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                                shani bhatti  2 weeks back

                                How do you eat with sticks ?

                                • Hina Anjum Butt
                                  Hina Anjum Butt  3 weeks back

                                  I have 1 question how can u stay slim after eating so much ?? Im amazed

                                  • Kibido
                                    Kibido  2 weeks back

                                    he doesn't eat like this every day of his life, simple

                                • Elizabeth Alphonse
                                  Elizabeth Alphonse  3 weeks back

                                  I'm too poor to travel so i live vicariously through this guy and try to get new recipe ideas!

                                  • ChevyHeavy11
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                                    I like how Mark keeps his girl on a short leash.. his pimp hand is strong! right on Bud!!!

                                    • STAR A.K.A TROY TORRAIN

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                                        I enjoyed watching your vlogg.. I feel hungry .. Lol

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                                            Well, this red sauce is actually so hot that I was in pain just from looking how you got a piece of lamb pie and a teaspoon of that diabolic thing over it

                                            • Chante Henry
                                              Chante Henry  4 weeks back

                                              The way he enjoys his chilli is amazing

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                                                • Aria Mcgramary
                                                  Aria Mcgramary  4 weeks back

                                                  Food videos always makes me have thai food cravings, i think i'll order again from Thanks for great food content tho!

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                                                  Saad Saleem  1 months back

                                                  Mark really living his life man

                                                  • VaRee' Batyah
                                                    VaRee' Batyah  1 months back

                                                    he called it a birria burger lol. i love him. i always wanted to try teddy's reds. and i got happy to see geofrey again, wish it was more. another great one.

                                                    • Bob
                                                      Bob  1 months back

                                                      13:13 Fake ! Is Persian food not Armenian !!! and you can try it in a decent persian restaurant. cheating ...

                                                      • Arnoldo Kleidermachers
                                                        Arnoldo Kleidermachers  1 months back

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                                                        • Selahattin Adiguzel
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                                                          hello dear mark my wife and i as a fan, i would appreciate it if you send your travel for food t-shirt and autographed.
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                                                                        Annmarie Richard  1 months back

                                                                        Every time mark likes something his eye goes lazy on him lmao I always look for his eye to do that when he really enjoys something lol #love from boston

                                                                        • gramerpolise
                                                                          gramerpolise  1 months back

                                                                          taco truck owner seemed like such a good dude. Polite, genuinely seems like he does this job because he loves what he does and making people happy

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                                                                                  • Mean Doesn't mean 'Mean'
                                                                                    Mean Doesn't mean 'Mean'  2 months back

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