How Long Will It Take Raiders To Turn On Antonio Brown?


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  • ProcJar24
    ProcJar24  1 months back

    Honestly their probably already sick of him and his crying when he doesn't get what he wants.

    • Ezz Raiderz
      Ezz Raiderz  1 months back

      Only Steeler fans will turn on him and people that hate the Raiders which is almost most people

      • Rick Robitaille
        Rick Robitaille  1 months back

        I think Antonio will light it up this year,certainly understand his issues with helmets, he catches balls with his eyes first,if coach Gruden is fair,off to a great start, mr.brown Will have A GREAT SEASON,BEST RECEIVER IN THE GAME!

        • rzarectot7
          rzarectot7  1 months back

          What person w a brain would sign a guy like this hes totally of his rocker

          • Shrek
            Shrek  1 months back

            This week, on days of our raiders

            • edalder2000
              edalder2000  1 months back

              As a lifelong Steelers fan, so glad Brown is elsewhere. "Not my circus, not my monkeys."

              • Matt Hocken
                Matt Hocken  1 months back

                They wont. Videos and posts like this will make people think they will though. Leave AB alone

                • Milk
                  Milk  1 months back

                  I’m early hello everyone