Danilo Gallinari and Buddy Hield Had Nearly Identical Seasons | Who Could Breakout Big In 2019-20?


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  • Andy Miro
    Andy Miro  2 weeks back

    They are what they are... they're non all-star 20 ppg starters. Why does this video exist?

    • YRN Ace
      YRN Ace  2 weeks back

      Well Buddy will obviously get better and Danilo is what he is

  • Wilson Pham
    Wilson Pham  2 weeks back

    Gallo is injury prone

    • Dominic Nukho
      Dominic Nukho  2 weeks back

      Isnt Gallo 31? Idk if hes breaking out

      • Carter C
        Carter C  2 weeks back

        Dominic Nukho try korver, christie, maybe Redick, or even detlef. People known for shooting can break out any year.

      • That_Canuck_God
        That_Canuck_God  2 weeks back

        Dominic Nukho He can shoot, shooters can breakout at any age.

    • Loro sono umano
      Loro sono umano  2 weeks back

      Buddy is more valuable but Dani will probably average pretty good numbers considering Okc is a naked team now

      • Clipper fan
        Clipper fan  2 weeks back

        Gallo had his best career year I don’t see him improving drastically at this point which isn’t a knock on him because he’s already amazing

        • axel rod
          axel rod  2 weeks back

          It's Fox not Buddy. Gallo will be traded.

        • TheCoolComplexity
          TheCoolComplexity  2 weeks back

          *Sloooooooow news day.*

          • Yoyoman Noodlehead
            Yoyoman Noodlehead  2 weeks back

            Expect gallinari is 6’10

            • that baller kobe
              that baller kobe  2 weeks back

              No one would ever compare these players

              • Cool Kid
                Cool Kid  2 weeks back