Witchy Time #10: Holy Roller Extreme


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  • Heather Morehouse
    Heather Morehouse  3 weeks back

    I can relate! Went to a supposed girls get together at my sisters, it ended up being a Bible study group. My sister thought I needed to be saved that day. I left, went to the craft store and made a protection candle! :)

    • andreahaar60
      andreahaar60  3 weeks back

      Lol, I went in to our local Books A Million just last week. I got a book on Herbs and I ordered A Kitchen Witch’s Cookbook by Patrica J. Telesco.
      I do love that One of the girls at the checkout is Wiccan and the other is a hard core Jesus juker. I find it quite funny because she goes to the church that I attended for 10+ years. I know the spiel and I know the brainwashed that this church does so it’s just funny. After I paid for my purchases as I was leaving the building already outside the door this sweet little Christian girl couldn’t have been more than 16 came out behind me yelling ma’am ma’am excuse me but can I talk to you for a moment? I stopped, was polite, and listen to what she had to say. As she started into the next spiel, I politely said just hold on a minute I can just bet big money on what’s coming out of your mouth next. She looked at me really puzzled, and I told her word for word what she was about to say. Her eyes got real big, I started to laugh because of the surprised look on her face, and I proceeded to tell her the brainwash of how Jesus changed my life in this miraculous way in life was just a bed of roses and all Neicy nice and pretty. Well mine was not nice he nice it was very tragic. You name it and I’ll probably have been through it from right to being beat daily and homeless. At that point she proceeds to tell me oh you have such a wonderful testimony of how good the Lord is. I looked at her and I said no I don’t think so I don’t know how you can see any of that being good but OK. You see, I jumped on that train with Jesus in 1982 and I had nothing but bad after bad. As far back as I can remember as a little child I’ve always seen things and heard things and felt things that other people cannot feel and sometimes it’s just scary. I tried to run from my DNA for years but hiding in the name of Jesus. Well it didn’t help and when I told someone they just looked at me strange and said well being a Christian you cannot have anything to do with the dead. Well it was kind of hard because I’m constantly surrounded by things of that nature.
      Last year my whole believe system changed because my oldest daughter failed at her attempt at suicide. She was in a nursing home the last year of her life at 37 years old due to the complications from her attempt she ended up with gangrene from bedsores she lost one leg was fixing to have the other one taken off because of bedsores that would not heal for that year it was just really hard and heartbreaking but also weirdly peaceful when she passed. Well she finally figured out a way to beat the system of healthcare to finish out her attempt. She passed away just a few months back. I seem to attract those kind of people also. It’s like I have a big sign over my head that says not spiritual do not belong to any religion that flashes over my head, LOL. I really understand your uncomfortability and being in that situation and you handled it a whole lot better than I would have and did. With all this said, as heartbreaking as the past year is been it’s strangely a very freeing year for me. I’ve since learned how to protect myself my home and my family. I’ve also learned to control the scary part of what I see also.
      But... now that I’ve written a book Care, just let me say thank you for the content that you put on your channel because it’s really help me find who I was meant to be instead of running from what I am.

      • Caleria Sand
        Caleria Sand  2 months back

        There is a hand made building sized sign not far from my house that says “ God Hates your witchcraft”. I live in PA Dutch country. Im living in the broom closet. I was in Salem, MA and a man behind me on a tour kept saying that they should burn all of the witches or hang them. I was wearing my pagan jewelry and I feel that he was baiting me. Acceptance and tolerance can be difficult but so necessary in a world with so many belief systems.. sometimes it feels like we are the only ones practicing it.

        • The Witchy Mommy
          The Witchy Mommy   2 months back

          God hates judgment is what I have to say to that. Yeah, sounds like he was definitely baiting you. Surprising too considering where he was...but idiots are everywhere!

      • Jessica Kotzan
        Jessica Kotzan  2 months back

        OMG I dread this situation! Don't be hard on yourself AT ALL! The universe guides us to the lessons we're meant to learn. How wonderful that you found that message and thanks for sharing your story!

        • sweetkeet126
          sweetkeet126  2 months back

          The South is a different breed lol

          • cm t
            cm t  3 months back

            I think you were very gracious and I admire that. I was in those circles for a long time and when the tables are turned they are not always so gracious. Good job. Your shop is so pretty on Etsy, just checked it out!

            • Lisa A Johnson
              Lisa A Johnson  4 months back

              I would have spoken up. Over reaching Christians should always be reminded that everyone doesn’t appreciate their evangelicalism. Some Christians are extremely arrogant and make even their fellow believers uncomfortable! I’m a proud Pagan and if you’re going to talk religion...then so am I! It’s only fair!

              • Ariel Thacker
                Ariel Thacker  4 months back

                I know this is an old video, but I just wanted to comment. You don't attract them; when you live in the south, holy rollers are like mosquitos. LOL I have been part of a few of these little homeschool groups when my first was little, and almost all of their homes and gatherings were exactly like this. As both a Christian and a practicing witch, I know how all of that can be super uncomfortable, even if you believe the same things as them. And trying to get your child to comply like that was just plain rude and would have made my hackles rise too.

                I'd say invite her over (if you even still deal with her) for a sabbat party. LOL It might be inviting drama, but then maybe you could get her to understand just how uncomfortable that experience was for you and your children. Or, maybe, she might realize she's actually a witch too and has just been fighting it. 😂

                • Linsilee Moonwillow
                  Linsilee Moonwillow  4 months back

                  I so enjoy watching your videos. As I was watching this one, I was waiting for the other shoe to drop and for you to say you flipped out on the woman. I am so glad you didn't. I think you handled it very well. Also, your video was not too long. I look forward to more videos from you.

                  • Leonna Danu
                    Leonna Danu  5 months back

                    My boyfriend of 9 yrs. is catholic. I feel like my house is a religious museum. He know I practice, but he thinks it’s just reading the material. Not true...
                    How do I talk to him without offending him? It’s also always his way. Moves my decorating etc. I’m so frustrated. Idk how to approach the issues I have. Please help, need advice.
                    I love your energy and videos💙

                    • patrice marie dobson
                      patrice marie dobson  5 months back

                      Just taking everything with a grain of salt. It is very unfortunate to deal with people in that way. I have friends that are exactly in that way. I am a Christian - Wicca. I go to church, pray rosary, to the virgin Mary who now I also call her The Goddess.

                      There is soooo......close minded people, that you just can't talk on a deeper level.

                      • Rocky Roads
                        Rocky Roads  6 months back

                        The sad part is those mothers are so clueless. If they brought their kids to a party at someone else’s house and they pushed their religion on her kids she would freak. Good luck it sounds like you are going to need it and don’t be hard on yourself.

                        • witchywoowoman
                          witchywoowoman  6 months back

                          These are the types of conversations and situations I worry about because I do have a huge problem with the sinner talk for sure and I have no clue what I would even say if anything. Love your down to earth talks about things like this and being a mom to!

                          • Vanessa Gannon
                            Vanessa Gannon  6 months back

                            Lol lol lol 👍👩‍🌾💮🌻🍀☘🍀☘🍀🌹

                            • Vanessa Gannon
                              Vanessa Gannon  6 months back

                              I would have left total lunies

                              • Vanessa Gannon
                                Vanessa Gannon  6 months back

                                I understand xxx

                                • Vanessa Gannon
                                  Vanessa Gannon  6 months back

                                  I know i have been called a devil worshiper every day the catholics here are lunies xxxangel celtic irish witch😇👩‍🌾💟💟💟🎆✨✨😇✨🎆🤹‍♀️you are doing amazing work xxxxx

                                  • Teresa Conte
                                    Teresa Conte  7 months back

                                    Yes I have , I went an essential oil gathering and I didn’t know they were all Christians and talked about Jesus and how he saved them and God have us this oils to save us. I was like ok I’m just here to learn about the properties of they oil not go to church. I was so uncontrollable. I never went back, did research on my own

                                    • nairbvel
                                      nairbvel  7 months back

                                      Congrats on getting out with both your pride and your public facade intact. :-} That was a super-tough situation, and both you and your kids handled it really well. I've run into folks like that in the past and have had to work really, really, really hard to avoid biting someone's head off (I don't even really identify as pagan) because of their driving, overwhelming need to indoctrinate and program and enforce... Ugh.

                                      • Kaylan Richardson
                                        Kaylan Richardson  7 months back

                                        Just as you encouraged people to sit and think about why they could be so offended of the term Holy Rollers, I encourage to also sit and think about why you're so uncomfortable here. You said the words "I'm uncomfortable" 7 times in your story. What about it makes you feel so uncomfortable? You don't fit in, feeling pressured, possibility that what they are saying could be Divine truth? Also, the lady probably had the wrong impression of your family because you homeschool, I assume live in the South, and your kids have Biblical names. Thats basically a Christian stereotype.

                                        • The Witchy Mommy
                                          The Witchy Mommy   7 months back

                                          Kaylan Richardson I do sit with my thoughts, quite a bit actually. This is a vlog about my experiences being uncomfortable 🙄 in this situation, interesting you counted it 7 times. 7 is the seeker and I’m also curious why others feel the need to indoctrinate their beliefs on others. I definitely felt pressured and that’s pretty obvious. As far as her not understanding my family and assuming I’m Christian based on the fact that I homeschool, my children’s names, and livening in the south, that’s certainly a possibility. This is why people need to seek to understand others, rather than assuming. I homeschool because I want a more diverse education for my children and flexibility with learning. My children’s names have nothing to do with the Bible, but each have their own story of discovery. I live in the south because I love the environment. So while it may “look” a certain way, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. That’s the “divine” truth.

                                      • Danny McLemore Jr
                                        Danny McLemore Jr  7 months back

                                        Sounds like most of the Bible beaters in Arkansas SMH gone through that with my three kids as well

                                        • Heathen Bushcraft and Outdoors

                                          I'm going to hell, who's going with me!?

                                          • Aimee Huntley Huntley
                                            Aimee Huntley Huntley  7 months back

                                            Wowza! This REALLY hit home for me. I've been unexpectedly outed a few times. Moms groups can be a landmine!

                                            • Felina Maes
                                              Felina Maes  8 months back

                                              Yeah my mom tried to get my daughter to watch VeggieTales and I turned her away from the TV

                                              • Angus Dicks
                                                Angus Dicks  10 months back

                                                Everyone gets on their high horse because of religion quite ridiculouse

                                                • Amy Bishop
                                                  Amy Bishop  11 months back

                                                  Thank you for sharing that story! I can so relate😂. Living and growing up in TN, we are surrounded by Baptists galore and it can feel a bit isolating when you have a conflicting belief system. I don't talk about my beliefs outside my home, but my 3 girls are getting old enough to have spiritual discussions with, and it is frustrating when people in the community feel entitled to preach to them, and it truly does not occur to them that someone could question their Bible. You handled that situation pretty well. Maybe one day the South will wake up out of the dark ages. Younger generations seem to be more enlightened, so keeping the doors of communication with our kids and limiting their time with polarized people may help. 😊

                                                  • Deborrah Trueman
                                                    Deborrah Trueman  1 years back

                                                    It’s wrong of them. They don’t believe in coexistence which is also wrong!

                                                    • Deborrah Trueman
                                                      Deborrah Trueman  1 years back

                                                      This is my family:( you acted with grace and dignity for the sake of the children. My family is from Mississippi/Alabama

                                                      • Lucy Pumkinjack
                                                        Lucy Pumkinjack  1 years back

                                                        I call them Bible Thumpers... wish I could give you two thumbs up.

                                                        • Lisa LaFosse
                                                          Lisa LaFosse  1 years back

                                                          Well played. I would have lost it! Loved this video and I COMPLETELY relate to you regarding being born and raised in the "DEEP SOUTH!" Much love and light!

                                                          • El Duderino
                                                            El Duderino  1 years back

                                                            I live in southwest Georgia my wife and I are pagan. There are three churches with in walking distance of our home and the only metaphysical/alternative spirituality store within fifty miles mysteriously burnt to the ground

                                                          • Sheila Anderson
                                                            Sheila Anderson  1 years back

                                                            Your children handled the situation quite well and it was not necessary for you to say anything. I left organized religion many years ago. Any organization or belief system can be considered an occult. For better or for worse most humans are indoctrinated into some belief system at birth. Unfortunately I have met many extremist like this and because of the judgmental attitudes which pervades this community it is best to be the polite person that you are but keep a safe distance.

                                                            • awitchescraft
                                                              awitchescraft  1 years back

                                                              hello lovely ... i know what you mean and how you feel. i live in Louisiana the bible belt and i have been through so much with christians , mormans ect... over my years i have developed to stay calm and humble when these situations appear. but just like you in my old days i would have come unglued lol yesterday mormans came to my door and i simply explained i don't follow there path I'm pagan how ever i act according to there behavior ill be nice if you are and to my surprise they were kind and went on there way but I'm sure we all have a line that will not be crossed. especially if you live where me and you do in the south but good job love be proud of your self blessed be

                                                              • Leanna Kekai
                                                                Leanna Kekai  1 years back

                                                                Whoa! You were amazing. I think it's so rude to create an event, especially for children without letting the parents know it is a religious activity! How innapropriate. That could easily turn into a traumatic event because someone wants to force-feed their religion to your child without asking. How violating! I think this case was an intentional "saving" attempt and super creepy.

                                                                • Mary Forte
                                                                  Mary Forte  1 years back

                                                                  I want to raise my future kids in a similar manner, educate them not “sell” them any belief system. I’ve found that breaking away from your parents belief system-especially if it’s the typical opinion (Christianity here in Arkansas)-causes young adults or any adults to struggle more and feel isolated and confused and sometimes even depressed and afraid. I mean I was told that the women pastors of a church (who came to speak with us at our public school at the age of 13 about SEX ED) could tell if WE WERE VIRGINS OR NOT JUST BY LOOKING AT US. That really scared me. I was told if I sin 100 times in my life God would strike me down. So much bullshit. When I broke free it was odd and I felt so alone. Still kinda do but I’m thankful an internet community helps me feel less alone 💕

                                                                  • Rakelle Noble
                                                                    Rakelle Noble  1 years back

                                                                    “Run for the hills!” 😂 hahaha ME.

                                                                    • Sidney Blade
                                                                      Sidney Blade  1 years back

                                                                      I am a freshman in college this year and I am just now beginning to work with a Wiccan on campus to learn more about it and convert out of Christianity as well. I am very happy to be able to say that in spite of attending a college that is affiliated with a Christian church, I have had no encounters like this while I have been here on campus. When I am back with my family is a completely different story, though. Anytime I express a belief that is slightly different than those of my parents (my mother especially), I get told that I am wrong and I get a lecture full of the "proof" of how wrong I am for simply thinking for myself. This is the exact reason why I decided to not go home for "Easter break," because I would have been drug to church on Sunday and I would have to sit through a very Christian service. Luckily, my Papa is much more understanding that I am my own person, but he does critique my beliefs if I try to relate them to his Christian faith because they don't line up at all. I can't wait to just "come out" of the broom closet and let them know that I am not going to be a mind-slave to anyone, not even those who raised me.

                                                                      • Mindful Dreamer
                                                                        Mindful Dreamer  2 years back

                                                                        You were so great in that situation for me my ex husband is like that very pushy Christian and his family. So my son is exposed to that and since he is with him alo T its a tough road

                                                                        • Norelle Morris
                                                                          Norelle Morris  2 years back

                                                                          Oh I've been there. I grew up in an extremely Christian family and I and am frequently in situations where I'm uncomfortable with the holy rollerness as you put it. I'm a new mom and am very concerned with my family in particular steamrolling my daughter. I think you did fabulous though. You handled the situation with so much grace.

                                                                          • Selena Cryer
                                                                            Selena Cryer  2 years back

                                                                            I love you so much!! I laugh with you on many occasions. I live in southeast Texas and so many here are proclaimed Christians, not that I am judging them, but they wear a persona that does not reflect their true belief. I mean, they say they love God and believe the writings in the Bible, but they do not live the life or abide by the teachings of it. They judge everyone and the Bible says that it is not our responsibility to judge, only to love. I wish there were more humans with your sense of being and humor because I could cherish a bestie just like you. You are truly a great mother and a wise one for all to learn from. Thanks for your honesty and the huge laugh... We need more of this...Blessed Be “Light Feather”

                                                                          • Whitney Freeman
                                                                            Whitney Freeman  2 years back

                                                                            I've totally been in this situation as a child, and it was always so awkward for me. I remember having a sleepover with a friend, and I got dragged to church with them, when that wasn't where my beliefs were, and are. Then later, when I went Trick or Treating, she told me I'd go to hell....

                                                                            I think the problem is that a lot of Christians just automatically assume that EVERYONE is Christian, so they don't realize that this might be weird for people that aren't of that faith...

                                                                            But, kudos to you for handling it as well as you could. :)

                                                                            • The Witchy Mommy
                                                                              The Witchy Mommy   2 years back

                                                                              xwhitneywrathx Exactly!!! You nailed it, they assume everyone is Christian, like it’s the only option.

                                                                          • Moondance Iris
                                                                            Moondance Iris  2 years back

                                                                            You handled the situation so well. I can only imagine what this mother's reaction would have been if the tables were turned.

                                                                          • Dominique .Pierson
                                                                            Dominique .Pierson  2 years back

                                                                            Yikes. This is the reason I've never joined a mommy group. Even here in New Mexico, lots of these groups tend to be Christian centric. I was raised Southern Baptist, so I know how toxic Conservative Evangelical Christianity can be. I would like to think if I was in this situation, I would have left (politely) once they broke out the veggie tales. It's only going to go down hill from there, LOL.

                                                                            I try not to make Christianity a “forbidden fruit” but I am trying to keep my children from its more toxic forms until they are at an age they can question its claims. I would tell anyone who may potentially find themselves in a situation like this, you don't owe them an audience, nor access to your children. Don't feel guilty expressing your non-interest and walking away. As an ex-Evangelical, believe me they are not interested in real conversations about religion with non-Christians. They have no respect or interest in what you believe other than to come up with better ways to market their religion towards you.

                                                                            Evangelicals also tend to have issues respecting boundaries. She very well may have noticed your lack of interest in Christianity, but decided to try to “save” you and your children anyways. They really do believe people who don't believe as they do are going to hell, and many are willing to take manipulative measures in order to “save” people unfortunately.

                                                                            • The Witchy Mommy
                                                                              The Witchy Mommy   2 years back

                                                                              ultramutt I believe you’re right...”saving us” was on the list of things to do during that party! 🙄

                                                                          • Laura Craft
                                                                            Laura Craft  2 years back

                                                                            I am a new subscriber from Texas. I grew up in exactly that kind of religion. :-P There where times when it was a bit traumatic for me even though my whole family is that way. I consider myself a VERY open minded Christian who swings over into the witchy area. I love herbs and crystals and I am an empath. It's funny that when family comes over unfortunately I put certain things away. I am also a virtual homeschool Mom of 3 but there has been some times in my homeschool groups where I was like OH Geez, come on stop, I didn't really want to be associated with them either. I am sorry you went through that. I agree with you, I raise my kids to be open minded and to think for themselves. Thanks for posting. Enjoying the videos.

                                                                            • The Witchy Mommy
                                                                              The Witchy Mommy   2 years back

                                                                              Laura Craft I was that way for a long time with my in laws...constantly putting things away for fear of offending them. Over the years I just got tired of it and didn’t care anymore. It’s all out now lol, even the front door mat has a huge pentacle on it. I can remember that first visit when they came over and I didn’t change anything to suit them. It was very freeing!

                                                                          • Witchy Wonderland
                                                                            Witchy Wonderland  2 years back

                                                                            Omg momma, yes. I'm not sure what it is, but i get bible thumpers all the time. Maybe they can smell the heathen or something. Lol

                                                                            • Melani
                                                                              Melani  2 years back

                                                                              I think you handled the situation in a mature fashion. It's so difficult to be in the midst of a group that seems to have a brainwashed cult mentality. They don't think for themselves, so they're probably not capable of being considerate of your own thoughts and beliefs.
                                                                              I grew up going to a southern baptist school that was really weird and extreme, and I felt like I was trapped in a crazy house...so glad I didn't stay in that school for long.
                                                                              I had a coworker at a previous job who was always trying to invite me to her church group after work, and more than once I told her I wasn't interested. It wasn't relevant to my beliefs. I worked at a Jewish school, and my coworker was a Christian fundamentalist. Never did I feel that the Jewish community was judgmental or oppressive. They never made it a point to convert me. It was that one coworker who kept badgering me to go to her church group. Even after I moved on from that job she texted me more than once, so I had to block her. She never listened to my responses, so it became a case of harrassment. She was brainwashed, like many, to go out and saaave people like me...so I could empty my wallet into their basket or something.

                                                                              • Lily Pad
                                                                                Lily Pad  2 years back

                                                                                This makes me angry. I grew up in church and I remember very well how I felt being told I was going to hell and how unworthy we are as sinners etc etc. I can honestly tell you as a “sensitive” child I had a lot of self esteem issues that I totally blame on southern baptist religion. I refused to introduce my kids to that when they were little and want them to find their own path. Stick to your guns little sister. Lily will outshine them all in the long run that I guarantee. Religion has been so polluted and they have totally missed the whole point.

                                                                                • Kaitlea Evans
                                                                                  Kaitlea Evans  2 years back

                                                                                  I think you did exactly what you should have, when I am in those situations I always try to be understanding of the fact they are probably like that because the were raised to know nothing different, so I try to stay clam even when people are close minded because the best way to catch flies is with honey lol