Killing A Duramax Pt 6: 65% Better Turbo!


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  • Zack Zander
    Zack Zander  1 days back

    This guy is an engine prodigy. BANKS, Mishimoto and S&B is all I run on my diesel.

    • Lung Dong
      Lung Dong  4 days back

      Gale contact me, I have 3 ideas 💡, about reducing the turbo lag. I am a research associate ay a major University.

      • Andrei Ovidiu
        Andrei Ovidiu  6 days back

        Best channel ever !!!!! Diesel master at work 💪🧠

        • Sean Price
          Sean Price  6 days back

          hx53 would have done about as good.

          • 2strokesnPwrstrokes
            2strokesnPwrstrokes  1 weeks back

            Hold that pose at the end!

            • Mopowa_Muff
              Mopowa_Muff  2 weeks back

              Any mention on why the 7675 turbo has dual air filters? Anybody else notice that on the video footage

              • Jacob Moses
                Jacob Moses  2 weeks back

                Yes. The single MAF sensor maxxed out at 60 lb/min. That's why there's now 2. So it can now go up to 120 lb/min. I'm pretty sure Gale said something about this in the video

            • david symalla
              david symalla  2 weeks back

              So, the precision turbo is better.

              • Derek Swanson
                Derek Swanson  2 weeks back

                Gale, the bigger turbo is unsurprisingly more efficient at higher RPM's and higher loads, but what about low loads and low engine speeds? Wouldn't a big turbo that is barely spooling up almost act as more of a hinderance? And if so, roughly what engine speed/load would be the cross-over?

                • C Steele
                  C Steele  2 weeks back

                  I'M notn sure why Gm doesnt have Mr.Banks build THEM a diesel for mass production in their trucks. Imo Duramax is one if not thee Best Diesel on the market today. Sure Cummins is good, and Ford's well they speak for themselves, garbage.

                  • Mike Dale
                    Mike Dale  3 weeks back

                    Dynoman lookin like Grimmace

                    • Paul D
                      Paul D  3 weeks back

                      Just going to throw this out here to see if it's a really stupid idea or not.
                      My thought is that turbo lag could be eliminated by adding more pressure to the exhaust manifold on demand. Perhaps a three quarter inch pipe feeding in air at 75 psi electrically activated when you mash the throttle from low rpm? The tank for this can be refilled by an electric air compressor over time 5- 15 mins for a larger tank or an engine driven compressor as is used in trucks.

                      • Banks Power
                        Banks Power   3 weeks back

                        A novel idea for drag racing... but for daily driving or sustained racing the amount of air needed would require you to turn your truck bed into a giant air tank. And, you'd need an air compressor the size of a small engine to fill the tank at a rate that would replenish the air faster than the turbo is consuming it.

                    • navy Guy
                      navy Guy  3 weeks back

                      Soooo much knowledge, firt book i ever bought as a young mechanic was his How to Turbo Small Blocks, that was 42 years ago and sir youre still educating, a national treasure.

                      • Sam A
                        Sam A  3 weeks back

                        I just want to say I loooooove this series you’ve done, I’ve listened to all of it and learned so much, I would really love to see more videos like this, not just from a durmax but from all walks of diesal life, I’m a young guy but loved learning about the little fine details of how to make good solid power in a motor, and no one has explained it better than you MR. Banks 🤙🏻

                        • Stephen Horak
                          Stephen Horak  3 weeks back

                          Man I love watching this guy! He’s the Mr. Rogers for mechanics!

                          • crunch_enhancer
                            crunch_enhancer  3 weeks back

                            Mity nice or Turbonetics to do that

                            • Skinifer'Loaf Hotchkiňson

                              This was the best one yet! Keep it up I truly look forward to these.

                              • Matthew FredrickMFKRZ
                                Matthew FredrickMFKRZ  3 weeks back

                                How does one double up on the maf?... Is it just plug two into the wire harness/intake or do you need to program another one in as well

                                • Dr. AMG
                                  Dr. AMG  3 weeks back

                                  Fascinating. I would like you to run through the same thing with my gas engine. Great products, great company, great job! Love the Jackassery.

                                  • JAMES! Since the 70's
                                    JAMES! Since the 70's  4 weeks back

                                    How about an explanation of compound, and twin turbos, in this detail ??? Amazing, diesel power!! What is your opinion of the old Detroit 2strokers?? 6v71, 8v71, 6-71, 6v93, they sound like the race engine of the diesel world!! But can they make power? Like a 6v71, with twin turbos added to the mix, I know they are not as common as they used to be, but even the 4-53's sounded mean!! Great video Mr.Banks!!

                                    • Alderbottom Outdoors
                                      Alderbottom Outdoors  4 weeks back

                                      What would happen if you had an adjustable turbo bypass for the stock turbo. This way you would reduce back pressure on the intake flow to the cylinder but kept the proper pressure to the turbo through the acceleration range? Does this make sense?

                                      • Jeffrey  Ticer
                                        Jeffrey Ticer  4 weeks back

                                        Could you make the exhaust side a little smaller say 70mm happy between the stock and the 75 mm that would spin the turbo up faster and give more more rpms to the turbo witch would I turn spin the intake side up so you would get more volume at lower rpms?

                                        • DigBipper188
                                          DigBipper188  4 weeks back

                                          How about killing a 6BT Cummins?

                                          • DigBipper188
                                            DigBipper188  4 weeks back

                                            @waldroop11 lmao straight up!! built like a tank and makes damn good power ;)

                                          • waldroop11
                                            waldroop11  4 weeks back

                                            DigBipper188 not possible lol

                                        • veraneio 1970
                                          veraneio 1970  4 weeks back

                                          Amazing video!! Love from Brazil!!

                                          • Carter Thiel
                                            Carter Thiel  4 weeks back

                                            Twin turbo with one of each to gain the benefits of both.

                                          • rick w
                                            rick w  4 weeks back

                                            Been a big fan of your stuff for years Mr. Banks. Now don't let me down, I want to see what this cake is about!!

                                            • StabyMcStabsFace
                                              StabyMcStabsFace  4 weeks back

                                              It sucks that diesel guys watching this will latch on to the brand names used. Precision makes stuff for high pressure ratio, and Borg Warner is more/better coverage in compressor design. Too bad Banks isn't using a BW of the same size.

                                              • duramaxtothemax
                                                duramaxtothemax  4 weeks back

                                                Hurry up and make 1000 hp already!

                                                • Robert Johnson
                                                  Robert Johnson  4 weeks back

                                                  Mr. Banks I am 58 years old and I have worked on all types of engines everything from high-performance gas engines to diesel engines even 2 stroke outboards and you sir have had a hand in it all this time I first heard about you in the early 80's and I was amazed you gave me inspiration to follow the path I am on today. Thank you mr. Banks for sharing all your knowledge with us from your student Robert Johnson always following and watching.

                                                  • Dewayne Boothe
                                                    Dewayne Boothe  4 weeks back

                                                    omg blah blah blah blah man has made it so boring let's try more hands on it doesn't take that long to explain everything he went over now show,neon the dyno talk about it all day show me dang I believe that's not asking to much after 6 part video and hasn't showed me anything

                                                    • kain hall
                                                      kain hall  4 weeks back

                                                      24:00 "you would wait wait till.... then god hits you with a hammer"

                                                      aka fords 6.7 powerstroke.... got an f550 for work with a few mods....
                                                      ya an FLOOR it..... and my 99 Buick century would take off sooner

                                                      but one that turbo spools..... WHOOMP!!!! she takes off

                                                      • Ez Zee
                                                        Ez Zee  4 weeks back

                                                        Your knowledge is amazing and your technical explanation is detailed and interesting, easy to listen to. I love your passion and can listen to you for hours.

                                                        • William Crim
                                                          William Crim  4 weeks back

                                                          Just saw this whole video wealth of information true legend. But in all the statistics all of the data the logging one thing is missing fuel temp
                                                          Must be factored in the data cooling the fuel at the injection. By 10° will make a big difference. Run the fuel through a transmission cooler with a fan after positive pressure pump....aka...fass pump. Lowering the temperature of the fuel would like to see same data but with the lower temperature fuel......🤔

                                                          • Jesse Pender
                                                            Jesse Pender  4 weeks back

                                                            Before you blow that motor up you should build a compound turbo set-up with precision turbos and see if you can overcome the lag along with how that effects heat and fuel economy. Would be interesting to know.

                                                            • DonkeyEvo
                                                              DonkeyEvo  4 weeks back

                                                              Love the in depth explanations Gale. If there were more guy's like you there would be a lot more educated performance enthusiasts out there, instead of the many uneducated people there are now. False information spreads like wildfire.

                                                              With that said, I'd love to see a gen2 Garrett and a larger performance Borg turbo compared to this precision. I feel like there may be a bigger compressor advantage with the GT or Borg to go along with the turbine improvement.

                                                              • valer huskley
                                                                valer huskley  4 weeks back

                                                                @Banks Power
                                                                To reduce turbo lag would a system with 2 turbos be useful. Say, one being 1/3 the inlet size of the precision turbo , and the other being 2/3 the inlet size. My thinking goes like this, the smaller turbo can spool quicker due to the reduced turbine size. So when you hit the accelerator the smaller turbo reacts quickly giving the larger one time to get up to speed, when it does they would work in unison. If it was necessary there could be a valve system before the turbos, alternating the air flow between one or the other or any ratio in between. Sort of acting like a deconstructed vgt but much more modifiable.

                                                                • Ellenor Malik
                                                                  Ellenor Malik  4 weeks back

                                                                  On turbo boost, the intake stroke makes a small deposit using energy recovered from the exhaust.

                                                                  • Ellenor Malik
                                                                    Ellenor Malik  4 weeks back

                                                                    you made your truck more efficient I think

                                                                    • Ellenor Malik
                                                                      Ellenor Malik  4 weeks back

                                                                      Put as many turbos on it as you can. *At once.*

                                                                      • GearJammerGamer
                                                                        GearJammerGamer  4 weeks back

                                                                        Damn Gale never stop. i seriously learn more from you than I ever did in 20 years of back yard wrenching. I wish u had more views.

                                                                        • Alex 132
                                                                          Alex 132  4 weeks back

                                                                          Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Would have liked to seen a few dyno charts, how does turbo lag affect power under the curve ?

                                                                          • Literally Shaking
                                                                            Literally Shaking  4 weeks back

                                                                            Do a 6BT next.

                                                                            • DOC _7
                                                                              DOC _7  4 weeks back

                                                                              Is anyone else sporting a chubby!?!

                                                                              • Cory Devries
                                                                                Cory Devries  4 weeks back

                                                                                In your opinion to pick a diesel 3/4 ton truck I dont want to delete it or tune it unless it can be used with emissions I just want to work the crap out of it towing

                                                                                • Scott S
                                                                                  Scott S  1 months back

                                                                                  Cant compare fuel usage if you run the same test at different air fuel ratios

                                                                                  • Eric's Performance Parts
                                                                                    Eric's Performance Parts  4 weeks back

                                                                                    The RPMs and Power were the constants. Fuel needed to maintain the set rpm-power would have to change. The engine needed less fuel with the PTE turbo, so you get higher afr #.

                                                                                • Nunya Business
                                                                                  Nunya Business  1 months back

                                                                                  So that’s great if you drive like your at the drag strip all the time. What about everyone else who bought an $80k truck for the real world. What are the benefits on the street? I’ll bet those numbers don’t look so good especially for the investment. Flat out dyno runs do not correlate to real world usability.

                                                                                  • Jay Smith
                                                                                    Jay Smith  1 months back

                                                                                    I would have liked to seen the precision turbo with a motor torque down around 1800 to 2300 RPM. I would have liked to have seen numbers with a load on the motor in a towing situation

                                                                                    • Clint Barton
                                                                                      Clint Barton  1 months back

                                                                                      I would love to see the numbers as it would be on a 2020 L5P as it would be in the truck. A single air filter etc.

                                                                                      • Steven F
                                                                                        Steven F  1 months back

                                                                                        My favorite channel! Thanks for all the information Gale! Can't wait until the next video in the series.