UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast (6.20.19) with Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe & Jenny Taft | UNDISPUTED


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  • Chris Dodges
    Chris Dodges  4 months back

    I'd rather win 8 rings with GS than 1 with The Nets or Knicks or Clippers.

    • Chris Dodges
      Chris Dodges  4 months back

      Kevin would be an idiot if he leaves. He won't win at any of the places they keep naming.

      • Jay Dell
        Jay Dell  4 months back

        KD injured his right leg but he jumps off his left. KD will be fine

        • jose villagrana
          jose villagrana  4 months back

          Lol the jazz were better than Denver last year.

          • michaeljf1972
            michaeljf1972  4 months back

            ShanWagon with the french lesson. “We We We”

            • Gaylord Focker
              Gaylord Focker  4 months back

              Why does anyone care what skip bayless thinks about sports?? Its unreal!! He knows nothing. Total con man! He s either sleeping w executive who cant fire him. Or maybe when he s on he s only channel talking sports so some people watch just cause tv on. I truly don’t understand. Someone explain to me. I know way more about sports than this guy! And he s making tons on tv. My wife knows more!

              • jason redhorn
                jason redhorn  4 months back

                I'm confused. If the Lakers waited until July 31st, they could've kept the youngsters and those 3 draft picks???😭

                • jason redhorn
                  jason redhorn  4 months back

                  @Medium Talent thanks for clearing that up. I wouldn't of been shocked at Lakers management. They don't have shooters however. Should they get Jeremy lamb and Reddick?

                • Medium Talent
                  Medium Talent  4 months back

                  No, AD was under contract until 2020. Lakers would have needed to wait another year to sign him as a free agent.

              • nj11
                nj11  4 months back

                Though limited if the Jazz can get someone like nemanja bjelica and add a cheap sf they can be really great. They would have a great starting line up and move Favours and ingles to the bench where both would devastate second units with their pick and roll. Not sure that’s realistic but I one can only hope

                • nj11
                  nj11  4 months back

                  I can’t believe that skip was actually more rational than Shannon and Chris. To call Conley a marginal upgrade over Rubio showcases the absolute lack of knowledge that Shannon has about the game of basketball. The jazz figured out the Rockets they didn’t lose because of their defensive scheme, skip was actually right they lost because Rubio and most of their team couldn’t make shots. On a more positive note: Gobert has began to step out and guard players out to the 3-point line this year. Mitchell will almost certainly be better next year as he isn’t injured and can actually work on his game this summer. The Jazz can challenge the lakers but it comes down to health at the end of the day

                  • Daniel Harrison
                    Daniel Harrison  4 months back

                    @Jerry Kwerve Ya i wouldnt sign KD either injury prone. Or Kawhi. Lets sign some dude that spends his life on the bench so he will never get hurt.

                  • CoKo A
                    CoKo A  4 months back

                    @nj11 or Bogdanovic

                  • nj11
                    nj11  4 months back

                    CoKo A - Not consistent enough. They should target nemanja bjelica via trade for that 4 spot

                  • CoKo A
                    CoKo A  4 months back

                    They need to replace Jae Crowder tho, he was one of the only guys who could make shots

                • Dandy Mandy!
                  Dandy Mandy!  4 months back

                  Home girl doin the ad's now. 🤔
                  Looks like Shannon can finally give Jenny Taft the shaft! 😉

                  • Eman Leggman
                    Eman Leggman  4 months back

                    soooooo is Jenny gone for good?!?!?!! =[ <\\\3 first joy, now Jenny?!?! shiiit

                    • James Hall II
                      James Hall II  4 months back

                      She's doing the Women's World Cup. She'll be back.

                  • Sadji Pauly
                    Sadji Pauly  4 months back


                    • SellersGaming
                      SellersGaming  4 months back

                      What's up with this new "Hhuuummm" stuff skkieup keeps doing..🤔

                      • K Etienne
                        K Etienne  4 months back

                        That's a response when you hear a valid point and your reconstructing your point. I do that naturally also.

                      • ty long
                        ty long  4 months back

                        Sellersgaming You must be new 😂 he’s been doing that for years

                    • Clouds4Cheap
                      Clouds4Cheap  4 months back

                      Fox > ESPN