Burying another propane tank


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  • stefan w
    stefan w  6 hours back

    Loosing teeth?! Lay off the meth

    • Rob G
      Rob G  2 days back

      I agree those keepers are a pita but welding them on may seem like a good idea at first until the tooth breaks on a job then you have to get a generator and a grinding and spend half the day vs the keeper is 5 minutes. They aren't great but they really don't come out THAT much

      • David
        David  3 days back

        I know the guys said this will last forever but.....I have my doubts. Anyway, why not bury these in gravel, then you are almost assured it will last forever?

      • David
        David  3 days back

        I don’t know what New York State is like, but with all of the gov’t regulation, I’m surprised you don’t need to have all the utilities marked for these types of jobs. In PA we have a number to call and they handle everything, pretty nice actually, but if you don’t use them, and you hit something, its a big deal. It’s 100 bucks for the call, but you have no choice.

        • Bobs Youruncle
          Bobs Youruncle  4 days back

          Sure is a high water table.
          I think the "client" is actually the caretaker. He's been calling the owner with questions. That's why he is so "hands on".

          • Christopher Last Name
            Christopher Last Name  4 days back

            When we put tanks in the ground we always use the excavator to hold it down till it's covered!

            • Christopher Last Name
              Christopher Last Name  4 days back

              I love when the customer tells me how to do my job it's the best how I ever got it done before is beyond me . I also charge more for having to stop and explain what I'm doing!

              • Ken Berscheit
                Ken Berscheit  4 days back

                what a nightmare you have created for the delivery driver , needs to be close to traveled area not "back in the woods!!!....aint no way in hell I'd bury a tank with that much surface water or high water table.   have you ever heard of" one call"""   utility locating service ..  mandatory on all excavations.....you put a skidsteer on a heavy duty trailer and pulled by a real truck ,but put the yanmar on a lightweight trailer pulled by a oickup .  wish I was a DOT officer in your district ..pushing down on the tank and marring the coating ,I'd make you pay for the replacement tank ,clearly not to any code

                • Andrew Camarata
                  Andrew Camarata   4 days back

                  The manufacture of the pickup truck dictates how much it can tow, the weight of that machine and trailer is in the acceptable range.

                • Andrew Camarata
                  Andrew Camarata   4 days back

                  Everything here was inspected and done to code, you clearly don't know what you are talking about.

              • PoorHootz
                PoorHootz  1 weeks back

                Please put some log under the metal skids while You're driving from/onto the trailer. You'll save a lot of money on repair of the car hook and transmission in this way.

                • Общественный контроль. Красноярск

                  Need crete plate on bottom of gas tank

                  • Ron Schaefer Jr
                    Ron Schaefer Jr  2 weeks back

                    The customers don't mind the tredmarks?

                    • Quadrille
                      Quadrille  2 weeks back

                      Please move my rocks and don’t disturb my stump!

                      • Joshua BARTON
                        Joshua BARTON  2 weeks back

                        Homeowner has OCD

                        • Tommy Ess
                          Tommy Ess  2 weeks back

                          old ma is bored and need some to do... dont like people wich are gambling around like him

                          • keelinga
                            keelinga  2 weeks back

                            Andrew is the Alpha on this job site! Be my Dom Andrew!!! 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍

                            • Rick Carpenter
                              Rick Carpenter  3 weeks back

                              You should have broken out that new pry bar to help wrangle that rock into your bucket. ;)

                              • Blake Bryck
                                Blake Bryck  3 weeks back

                                the reason they use those give away pins is so you do damage to the teeth not the bucket

                                • Jeremy Buchanan
                                  Jeremy Buchanan  3 weeks back

                                  Tanks a lot!

                                  • Simon Avery
                                    Simon Avery  3 weeks back

                                    Nice tidy work. For info, I did mine here in the UK and it came with two large concrete slabs chained to the base of it, I guess they weighed about half a ton together. Those help prevent the thing bobbing up, which you talk about. It definitely is a thing that happens (same with septic tanks when they're emptied), but those rocks must help a bit I guess.

                                    • OG Herefano
                                      OG Herefano  4 weeks back

                                      7:47 Andrew drags the property owner’s body bag of a very old friend.

                                      • Mohammed Mal
                                        Mohammed Mal  4 weeks back

                                        What is the white bag??

                                      • S p a c e M a n
                                        S p a c e M a n  4 weeks back

                                        How many times is that guy gonna take measurements !

                                        • Donnie Robertson
                                          Donnie Robertson  1 months back

                                          Great job again like always

                                          • Lori Neid / Tiny Toad Farm

                                            You know what they say about people digging holes in the back yard

                                            • Shelby MacAulay
                                              Shelby MacAulay  1 months back

                                              When I was workin in a shop welding buckets and what not I'd find a bolt when we didn't have locks, get one that was a bit snug and go up a size and weld the head to the tooth

                                              • AnkeBaa84
                                                AnkeBaa84  1 months back

                                                Auto ichdu und Umgebung für unsere Kunden und Lieferanten zu erhöhen ich habe die gelesen und

                                              • Martin Lopez
                                                Martin Lopez  1 months back

                                                Great job hiding the propane tank Camarata...That red paint on the house gotta' go tho. A nice green would go nice eh? Get it? Gringo? What a nice color. Fantastic.

                                                • Matus K
                                                  Matus K  1 months back

                                                  19:58 like a submarine... into the water :)

                                                  • armstrong george
                                                    armstrong george  1 months back

                                                    Just plant some trees around it avoid all the drama .

                                                    • Richard Holbeck
                                                      Richard Holbeck  1 months back

                                                      The tanks remind me of the Daleks on Dr. Who.
                                                      They look very ominous, just sitting there, watching and watching....

                                                      • cn 250
                                                        cn 250  1 months back

                                                        Where i live in Florida it would be weeks to get permits, inspections and hundreds of dollars to do exactly the same job.

                                                        • Spencer Bass
                                                          Spencer Bass  1 months back

                                                          What was with keeping the one stump? Was it like a “pet” stump, sort of like a pet rock?

                                                        • Jim Johnson
                                                          Jim Johnson  1 months back

                                                          Stupid to even barrier it. Propane does not freeze at least in Fairbanks I never had issues with an above ground take. Tree huggers. Tanks should have been coved with sand then fine gravel keeping water away from it. Really bad water table area to put tank.

                                                          • Leslie Knight
                                                            Leslie Knight  1 months back

                                                            Is it always that wet where you are? I tell them to wail till the mud dries. Cracked me up seeing the tank trying to float faster than you could put it back in. I had one pop out before I got it filled. What a mess to exhume the tank and re-dig the hole. A lot of companies do pour concrete and strap the tank down when the water table is that high. That must be a really good customer for you to put up with him that way.

                                                            • Ronald Smolinski
                                                              Ronald Smolinski  2 months back

                                                              I actually woke up at night thinking about that rock teetering and crushing that guy. Andrew, please keep guys like that away!! You are ingenious and fun to watch. I want to keep watching you doing construction, not appearing in court fighting a liability lawsuit.

                                                              • frank rydzinski
                                                                frank rydzinski  2 months back

                                                                how much is levi per days work?

                                                                • OMGaNEWBIE
                                                                  OMGaNEWBIE  2 months back

                                                                  Hi Andrew - Did you ever think of picking up one of these types of machines? It sure is fast.
                                                                  Forestry Mulching Retention Pond

                                                                  • Peter G.
                                                                    Peter G.  2 months back

                                                                    That’s a lot of work for a pool/spa heater!!! Hope he enjoys it!!!

                                                                    • My Univerz
                                                                      My Univerz  2 months back

                                                                      28:00 That old man is stubborn.. he is trying to move big boulder rock into the dozer... lol

                                                                      • KAIFAH WAQABESE
                                                                        KAIFAH WAQABESE  2 months back

                                                                        Andrew Levi is a great 👍 inspector, awesome work. The only thing that concerned me was that tank was placed in the water though, but I guess it’s all good. another great video.

                                                                        • John Turner
                                                                          John Turner  2 months back

                                                                          This house seems to be on top of hill it’s amazing how high or close to the surface the water table was.

                                                                          • Bobby Jackson
                                                                            Bobby Jackson  2 months back

                                                                            Out of all the videos yours are the best !!

                                                                            • Lextech Lighting
                                                                              Lextech Lighting  2 months back

                                                                              You know levi wanted in that water

                                                                              • Lextech Lighting
                                                                                Lextech Lighting  2 months back

                                                                                It seems to me like he is losing propane burying them because in the sunlight they stay warmer and in the ground he is condensing a pretty large percentage to liquid in the cool ground. As cold as it gets there, I’d rather have my tanks in the sun.

                                                                                • James C
                                                                                  James C  2 months back

                                                                                  Need a CAT scan to check for cables etc. Worth their weight in gold. Think about £500 in UK and we almost have parity at the moment with USD

                                                                                  • joec0914
                                                                                    joec0914  2 months back

                                                                                    I had my propane tank buried for the same reason. They're ugly!

                                                                                    • Ray Beattie
                                                                                      Ray Beattie  2 months back

                                                                                      just a question...why would you not put it on piers or fill bottom of hole with gravel?

                                                                                      • Stephan Bauer
                                                                                        Stephan Bauer  2 months back

                                                                                        Which state is that