UNDISPUTED - Skip & Shannon react to Gruden stands by AB on 'Hard Knocks': "Football comes first"


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  • ecardiel76
    ecardiel76  4 weeks back

    Sharpe is just a hater..... point blank

  • Mr4one6
    Mr4one6  4 weeks back

    Raiders going 9-7. AB gonna have a good year, but hate Derek

    • Smokecuh
      Smokecuh  4 weeks back

      Yall actin suprised about gruden screaming and cursing..? fuck outta here us raider fans love that you soft ass fuckin bitch. This is a game of warriors, and thats how warriors speak, so shut the FUCK up you FUCKIN softy

      • Jim Sands
        Jim Sands  1 months back

        Yep! It’s just gonna be another been there, done that Raiders season!

        • Master
          Master  1 months back

          That wasn't AB at practice, he paid a double to show up for him. I feel bad for Raiders fans for what AB is about to do to your squad. AB made a big deal because of how a helmet LOOKS. This is just the beginning.

          • IRV G
            IRV G  1 months back

            If you like Jenny you love STEVEN TYLER 😂

            • IRV G
              IRV G  3 weeks back

              @Lorenzo Baku tranny chaser

            • Derek Masters
              Derek Masters  1 months back

              Black you extra salty aren’t ya bub

            • Black
              Black  1 months back

              They be gassing basic wyte broads..smh

            • Lorenzo Baku
              Lorenzo Baku  1 months back

              You must be outcho gottdamn mind!

              *Correction* you outcho gottdamn mind!!

          • razor raider
            razor raider  1 months back

            These two guys are morons

            • Jordan Davis
              Jordan Davis  4 weeks back

              @razor raider Fuck the Raiders 4-12 mfs😂😂

            • razor raider
              razor raider  1 months back

              FACTS over FICTION FACTS over FICTION if you’re not with us your against us !! You a fake Raiders fan huh?

            • Lorenzo Baku
              Lorenzo Baku  1 months back

              FACTS over FICTION ooooohhh yeahhhh brother!

            • FACTS over FICTION
              FACTS over FICTION  1 months back

              Fuck AB and his millinial me me me HULK HOGAN moustache

          • Kawhi Leonard I
            Kawhi Leonard I  1 months back

            no ads oakland raiders

            • Bucs life
              Bucs life  1 months back

              Good content today

              • Quran Wesson
                Quran Wesson  1 months back

                Gruden eatting good with that 10 Million a year 😂

                • Mike Duckwall
                  Mike Duckwall  1 months back

                  AB is gonna be trouble, you don’t tell the league what you are and aren’t going to do, another great player turning into an asshole and he can be replaced.

                  • Dmitry N.
                    Dmitry N.  1 months back

                    Drama drama enjoy it raiders

                    • Zech Wilson
                      Zech Wilson  1 months back

                      Why I got this weird feeling Shannon’s gave Jenny the business

                      • iKratosx10
                        iKratosx10  4 weeks back

                        She be laughing at everything he say

                      • Jessy Garci
                        Jessy Garci  1 months back

                        @KS Mahomes No..He's single, but jenny is married. Lol

                      • Black
                        Black  1 months back

                        Smh at bed bucks

                      • KS Mahomes
                        KS Mahomes  1 months back

                        Isn't Shannon married?

                      • Summer Runner
                        Summer Runner  1 months back

                        lmao didn't expect this comment

                    • Malik Blue
                      Malik Blue  1 months back

                      6:24 whattttttttt?????? Majority of social media is calling him a clown and y’all been bashing him on the show since the stories came out

                      • Rancell Woodard
                        Rancell Woodard  4 weeks back

                        O R it’s not like they’re the only 2 who was talking about it

                      • O R
                        O R  1 months back

                        Rancell Woodard they’re not even stories. It’s them doing what skip and horse face are trying to do in this clip...stir drama where there isn’t any

                      • FACTS over FICTION
                        FACTS over FICTION  1 months back

                        Me me me millinials...

                      • Rancell Woodard
                        Rancell Woodard  1 months back

                        Malik Blue but they ain’t coming for him, he’s giving them easy stories.

                    • iKratosx10
                      iKratosx10  1 months back

                      Bruh! LOOK GOOD FEEL GOOD PLAY GOOD

                      • Mister El
                        Mister El  1 months back

                        As a Chiefs fan this makes my heart happy

                        • Mister El
                          Mister El  1 months back


                        • Black
                          Black  1 months back

                          @KNoT fking around do you like the chiefs though?

                        • KNoT fking around
                          KNoT fking around  1 months back

                          cant stand chefs

                      • GuUdA COA
                        GuUdA COA  1 months back

                        Been after the Raiders every since Gruden signed that ten year deal...they can’t stop bringing it up and as far as they are concerned nothing he does will justify it. Smh. Raiders4life!!! F*ck all haters 🖕🏿!

                        • Lorenzo Baku
                          Lorenzo Baku  1 months back

                          If not for AB’s antics, nobody would be talking about the Raiders right now. I promise that

                        • GuUdA COA
                          GuUdA COA  1 months back

                          jaymac508 agreed. The media will always cast negativity though just because of the contract. That’s why I didn’t like the contract, you gotta give a contract then just extend thereafter.

                        • jaymac508
                          jaymac508  1 months back

                          GuUdA COA Gotta get to the playoffs and win games. Only way to justify that rediculos contract. Belichick, Tomlin, Harbaugh, Payton, they don’t even make that much. Gruden is a decent coach but until the Raiders start winning games and aren’t a media circus, they ll get criticized. Simple as that. The Patriots had the drama with cheating, players saying Belichick is a tyrant, the owner is a criminal. You know how that gets squashed? You win! Period! The raiders are a media circus with clown players like AB, Butfict, Igcognito until they prove they can actually be better than 5-11.....

                      • Lorenzo Baku
                        Lorenzo Baku  1 months back

                        I just have to say Jenny look so good in that green today shawty

                      • Edward Johnson
                        Edward Johnson  1 months back

                        He had a gold mustache and he's worried about how he looks lol

                      • Jay Cee
                        Jay Cee  1 months back

                        Skip and Shannon are trash...

                        • M E
                          M E  1 months back

                          Lmao all i heard was look here walk with me talk with me cut the bullshit or youll get keapernick'd you on the line you're good for now.. but just play ball..gruden a joke too last year and this year now clearly want the best but don't want attitude that comes with the shit

                          • Luis Perez
                            Luis Perez  1 months back

                            Fucken haters man!!! Raiders 4 life

                            • Beavis Scott
                              Beavis Scott  4 weeks back

                              Oakland for life!!! Fuck Las Vegas 😤

                            • jaymac508
                              jaymac508  1 months back

                              Rell Le'goatbish I’m not saying the Cowboys aren’t clowns....However, until proven otherwise the Raiders. Even improved, the Chiefs and Chargers are superbly better and you can make an argument the Raiders and Broncos are competing for 3rd place within division alone. Raiders aren’t close to the AFC elite yet

                            • Rell Le'goatbish
                              Rell Le'goatbish  1 months back

                              jaymac508 the cowboys havent did shit really since 94' they are the clowns of the league.. The raiders on the up and up.. Vegas moving... Whilst all of a sudden.. The cowboys are now contenders ...

                            • jaymac508
                              jaymac508  1 months back

                              Luis Perez it’s not hating man, Raiders straight circus right now. The Raiders haven’t been theeeee Raiders since 2000-2002. AB isn’t worth the trouble. You ll see.

                          • Jay Raiders
                            Jay Raiders  1 months back

                            Why are yall so worried about our wide out? Clout chasing off hard knocks...fuck ya donkys shannon we gives a fuck about ya 2 cents.
                            Sincerely, Raider Nation!

                            • Rollo Lamont
                              Rollo Lamont  1 months back

                              These sports ANAL-ysts over sensationalize things, U F*CKS U!

                              • Jason 57
                                Jason 57  1 months back

                                Honestly after the hard knocks episode you see how the media will blow something up crazy Lmfaooo this shit means nothing to the raiders. They really talking about his weight 😂😂😂

                                • GUNNY HAT
                                  GUNNY HAT  1 months back

                                  Jenny is sneaky listen to her.

                                  • Derek Masters
                                    Derek Masters  1 months back

                                    Black oh shut up dude

                                  • Black
                                    Black  1 months back

                                    @Jay smh..y'all bar set so low

                                  • Lamar Newton
                                    Lamar Newton  1 months back

                                    Like most women.

                                  • Blaize Watts
                                    Blaize Watts  1 months back

                                    👍. Been sneaky. You just have to listen.

                                  • Jay
                                    Jay  1 months back

                                    Jenny looking like a whole snack today tho 🤤🤤🤤

                                • Yungboi
                                  Yungboi  1 months back

                                  Mannnnn that’s exactly how college coaches are with no cameras

                                  • Tax-bitchass biyatch
                                    Tax-bitchass biyatch  1 months back

                                    Stop Hating On Gruden you 2 idiots....damn

                                    • L-e-gendary
                                      L-e-gendary  1 months back

                                      you were told?

                                      • Ben Kimbell
                                        Ben Kimbell  1 months back

                                        Frank caliendo best impressions of all time

                                        • Ben Kimbell
                                          Ben Kimbell  1 months back

                                          Jon Gruden isnt gon stand for bullshit. Ask Keyshawn Johnson....after winning a SB too.............💯

                                          • Daniel De La Mora
                                            Daniel De La Mora  1 months back

                                            Fuck the Media.....Raiders going off this year