Reactions To Daniel Panteleo Firing + What's Next In Eric Garner Case


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  • Lisa Love Ministries
    Lisa Love Ministries  4 weeks back

    Thank you Jesus. Heal this world Heavenly Father. Especially heal Eric’s family and deliver the cops who thought that was the correct course of action to the degree of death.
    #👑grace #deliverance

    • Kill Monger
      Kill Monger  4 weeks back

      Cops get fired for killing someone illegally instead of going to jail!!

      • Super 1
        Super 1  4 weeks back

        It’s tragic for both parties in the Eric Garner/Pantaleo case.

        • JAE LENS
          JAE LENS  4 weeks back

          NYPD are the mafia in blue uniforms

          • michael olmedo
            michael olmedo  4 weeks back

            Did Eric Gardner commit a crime?? Just asking. We have lost all meaning of law abiding citizens who don’t commit crime. This man was committing a crime and resisted arrest. Sorry not sorry.

            • Zebulon Crawford
              Zebulon Crawford  4 weeks back

              Eric Garner was breaking up a fight and when the cops showed up they began to harrass him and tried to arrest him which lead to his death. It's all on video. He was innocent.

          • Power100
            Power100  4 weeks back

            2:30 #DUMBO

            • SOS by Steve Lion
              SOS by Steve Lion  4 weeks back

              The bar is so low a cop unprocokedly murdered a citizen he's supposed to protect and all he gets is fired 5 years later? Pathetic, shame on the system

              • S3RG1
                S3RG1  4 weeks back

                That’s Brett Gardner in the thumbnail.

                • Elise
                  Elise  4 weeks back

                  Lmfao let Gardy B do what he wants😂

                  • Player 1
                    Player 1  4 weeks back

                    Again.... This narrative will get Trump reelected.................. Ebro is a walking contradiction.......... 🍇

                    • Mister Keyes
                      Mister Keyes  4 weeks back

                      Player 1 - you're using White supremacist talking points with that "Black on Black" crime bullshit...I bet you're white 🤔 Every race kills and commits crime against their own especially when they live in close PROXIMITY TO EACH OTHER! But it's always "Black on Black" crime. Focus on your White on White crime domestic terrorists doing mass shootings. Player 1...You played yourself.

                    • Jiggahata1
                      Jiggahata1  4 weeks back

                      Player 1 What are you talking about?! You sound dumb

                  • Mr. J1S
                    Mr. J1S  4 weeks back

                    Why cant brett do that? These umps suck. Big papi had batting practice on the dug out phone. That didn't look crazy?

                    Go root for your loser Orioles team.

                    • Abi Jake
                      Abi Jake  4 weeks back

                      Flashlight cops I see you 😅🤗 ( Martin Lawrence ) who knows the movie I'm referring to check out that new music video track called Hanky Panky by virtue scripts

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                        • phuti pique
                          phuti pique  4 weeks back