Why Chinese Manufacturing Wins


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  • Wendover Productions
    Wendover Productions   2 years back

    I hope you enjoy this video!

    There's a bit of a unique situation in this video where the sponsor is partially the subject of the video as well. This is because they were able to give me a level of access that normally would not have been possible (Chinese factories are not easy to film in.) I want to stress that I did have creative control over the video but take my presentation with a grain of salt nonetheless. I visited a well-regarded, ethical factory which isn't necessarily a reflection of all factories in China, as you may know. I also didn't cover some of the issues with manufacturing in China and other less-developed countries since I was taking a more holistic, economic view rather than a person view.

    • David Fofiu
      David Fofiu  4 weeks back

      Wendover Productions poarta cceflui

    • gentry black
      gentry black  1 months back

      Disregard my previous post lol. You basically just said the same points I was trying to make.... My bad. But I did go a little more in depth. Cheers.

    • condorX2
      condorX2  1 months back

      After watching this video, I got this crazy idea that Deng Xiaoping basically made China great again?

    • James Peter
      James Peter  2 months back

      your american people are too too too nice too kind to our chinese, but our gov very very very evil ,they just want to cheat on you , if you believe in them , your result will be very poor guys. our gov actually are controlled under few familes who established the new china. they are the most richest people in this universe. they have over 1000 billions us dollars in swiss bank(you can check it online), its why usa people and chinese people are poor now. .

    • James Peter
      James Peter  2 months back

      as a chinese , i have to say , please dont trust our fake govs gdp number, its FAKE. 80% of the gdp is just from the house and buildings constructions...we have a number one evil gov in this UNIVERSE.! they hired a lot of water army on youtube facebook..to praise them .

  • IloveDoubleD
    IloveDoubleD  1 days back

    Manufacturing is very dirty, win away China, you are polluting and killing your own very overpopulated citizens.. Have fun with that.

    • Interceptor V2
      Interceptor V2  2 days back

      China has got rich on the expenses of America. They stole American tech and jobs.

      • Daniel Madden
        Daniel Madden  2 days back

        If you have a craving for chocolate cake try organic chocolate peppermint chip ice cream. The worlds problems just pale in comparison.

        • Kingブランドン
          Kingブランドン  2 days back

          It wins because of one thing & one thing only. "Near free labor"

          • Kingブランドン
            Kingブランドン  2 days back

            Fucking Communist trash products

            • Thomas Morningstar
              Thomas Morningstar  2 days back

              80% of the price. 40% of the quality. It does not win with me. It might work for the "paint it and sell it" used car flim flam crowd. Not me. I pay the extra, install the American, Brit or German part, and enjoy ten or more years of perfect fit and flawless performance. Do it right.

              • Susan Lister
                Susan Lister  2 days back

                What's with the 'competing' organ-doodles track? Needless! It does NOT 'highlight' the very excellent spoken word track. I am otherwise enjoying the Wendover lectures. Good material.

                • toasteh
                  toasteh  3 days back

                  Treating your employees like robots is of course going to make things faster and cheaper. It also offers a terrible quality of life for its workers.

                • Bill Nunamaker
                  Bill Nunamaker  3 days back

                  Great video - very informative.

                  • Trum Love King
                    Trum Love King  3 days back

                    You speak so fast. 🚀

                    • Slosh MaGee
                      Slosh MaGee  4 days back

                      I win because I don't buy SHITTY Chinese made crap with MY money.

                      • Dmytro Samborskiy
                        Dmytro Samborskiy  4 days back

                        Every development has its end.. You can't escape that... Chinese economy is based on huge consumption of natural resourses... And if they want to keep their economy growing, they need to find more sourses and markets for trading... I think that war is inevitable in such a system... War for economy...

                        • gold star
                          gold star  4 days back

                          Two hobbyists built electric car from spare parts, now they're going after
                          a record set by Tesla. - https://youtu.be/rbnvZlPZZQc

                          • Dougald Hendrick
                            Dougald Hendrick  4 days back

                            There used to be a good saying about putting all your eggs in one basket, seems long forgotten by this greedy world.
                            To do so with a despotic regime that kills it's own kids without a qualm, that invades neighbors and embarks on genocide, that routinely steals any intellectual property and laughs at complaints, well it's utter fucking madness. As well as demonstrating how greed can surpass all civilised notions of censuring the arseholes who do this shit!

                            • Ecuador Mining
                              Ecuador Mining  4 days back

                              Where did gold come from? Watch it now. English - Spanish https://youtu.be/ZNJDT6ugbrU

                              • Happy 20
                                Happy 20  4 days back

                                All Developing Countries can Take Lessons form China Love from India

                              • android phone
                                android phone  4 days back

                                Part lies.

                                • Timmy Jones
                                  Timmy Jones  4 days back

                                  Very educational .

                                  • Yifan Wang
                                    Yifan Wang  4 days back

                                    Plz forgive my ignorance. But as a Chinese, what is Anker??

                                    • Meg Parker-Jasper
                                      Meg Parker-Jasper  5 days back

                                      Love Anker products, own many and choose them over many well known brands. Also have all OnePlus phones, sometimes Chinese is just better :)

                                      • 色つきゲッソー
                                        色つきゲッソー  5 days back

                                        I just noticed that I have an Anker wireless Bluetooth speaker...huh

                                        • cnccarving
                                          cnccarving  2 days back

                                          anker was long time ago a wristwatch brand too

                                      • Honest John
                                        Honest John  5 days back

                                        The west ruled the world ? Er ....Britain did that alone ........all empires rise and then fall.

                                        • محمد النوري
                                          محمد النوري  3 days back

                                          Honest John
                                          Nope... he meant that europe was the most pwerful and important region in the world after the age of exploration..
                                          Like how the dutch affected japan, the portugese and spanish affecting new world,and also how africa was colonised (not by britain only) and the vanishing of the ottomans by the hands of most advanced western empires.

                                      • Jeff Pippins
                                        Jeff Pippins  5 days back

                                        So basically, depress your currency and use slaves and you have a recipe for success. Ya that's a great model.

                                        • ola who fucker
                                          ola who fucker  6 days back

                                          So if we have to bankrupt China an attack on these 4 economic zones will be enough ????

                                          • xevious2501
                                            xevious2501  6 days back

                                            China's growth is strictly due to the west aka Europe's mental need to place peoples into ranked classes. One could kinda call it the difference between capitalism and socialism but the truth is far more unethical. its because the wealthy want to be considered better than others, more privileged and more special. its about Vanity. Europe like the US, supports classes of its citizens, and the driving mechanism throughout the western world is vanity. To acquire more power and more wealth for special privileged individuals than others. As such laws have been created and molded to support the growth of the rich by any means. In the past, this ment conquering foreign lands, and slavery, Today it means opening up world wide business and trade. Globalization. decades ago, the western world had the upper hand, having money and advance technologies and with it, incredible wealth and growth for majority of its peoples. Not withstanding racism and all such things that comes from the growth of vanity. Western capitalism brought prosperity for many but as many become prosperous, so comes a greater desire for some to have more than others. As such capitalism expands on its greed, seeking ways to increase profit margins thus enabling the wealthy to have that much of a gap from the average citizen, aka the middle class. and for a short period of time it was good. The average ceo had about a 40% increase in salary over his employees. But thru the decades that margin between ceo and employee increased seven fold. How does this all fit into China. simple. The wealthy and wallst found a way to greatly increase profits, via moving domestic manufacturing overseas, mostly to china. land of cheap labor. And for years the wealthy obtained staggering financial growth thru globalization. And for years domestic work has declined. more important, the west with its deals with china had been inadvertently been giving china its technological advances. How to make better cars, better computers, better everything in comparison to the what china was able to achieve prior. Long story short, china's growth is strictly due to the west making them, a new superpower. As the middle class falters, the One percent wreaks greater and greater profits from selling its own domestic classes out. essentially the western domestic workforce, and as technology grows, so does the liquidation of the workforce, as one computer operator can do the job of what once was and entire department of paid workers. And soon not even that sole human worker will be needed, as robotics and Artificial intelligence will again greatly reduce even todays liquidated workforce. Imagine, A computer that can think for itself, could very well do a better job at running a company than even a ceo. This may sound very sci-fi, but its already been happening. The rich, have used engineers to contrive factories full of robotics all running off of Ai. Robotics that dont take sick days, dont require pay and not have an opinion, or unionize. As for manpower, thats where china has always come in, but like the US China will also eventually see the threat of computerization and robotics. because Greed and Vanity is universal. and as china sees its financial boon, so rises its own version of classes, despite being a socialist nation. which is just a term, and doest not shed truth upon the actions of its peoples. its about human nature, greed and vanity. no matter what nation you live, its government is power over the people , and what comes with power comes greed separatism and vanity.

                                            • Gunawan Hidayat
                                              Gunawan Hidayat  6 days back


                                              • YoutubSUCKZ
                                                YoutubSUCKZ  7 days back

                                                answer: slave labor

                                              • BLUE MOXIE
                                                BLUE MOXIE  7 days back

                                                Gotta love the Slave Shops, and human rights violations....and tHem suicidal workers......if that's what it takes...

                                                • Jonathan Salas
                                                  Jonathan Salas  7 days back

                                                  Who was sent here from the whole blizzard and chine issue

                                                  • May ur
                                                    May ur  1 weeks back

                                                    All is fine, but 50% in 1000ce is a bit exaggeration. Americas and India were also massive then before spanish n turkic attacks, respectively. It was 35% max in the past.
                                                    Future though might be different.

                                                    • Garage Band Man
                                                      Garage Band Man  1 weeks back

                                                      When you sell out your people, you get money it’s simple

                                                      • sumeet sharma
                                                        sumeet sharma  1 weeks back

                                                        India & China are rising with massive speed....By 2030 Asian countries gonna do more than other country's

                                                        • Duhizy
                                                          Duhizy  1 weeks back

                                                          Ironically, if China hadn't devalued its currency, they may have already transitioned to brand-consumer style of economy. We need other poor countries to develop faster so that they can also compete to the consumer's benefit. We may not have many jobs in the future, but at least tablets will half in price.

                                                          • John Oneill
                                                            John Oneill  1 weeks back

                                                            Meanwhile here in Australia.. we have recently lost the ability to make... MATCHES ... yes.. those things you strike to make a fire with... :(

                                                            I remember years ago when we were doing robotics, digital technology.. but Australia says 'Naaaah mate, we'll dig up rocks instead..'. :( So now Australia is a giant quarry.

                                                            • cnccarving
                                                              cnccarving  2 days back

                                                              @Rick Feng
                                                              willing to bet on aliexpress i could find 5 company that makes it :-)

                                                            • aRcHsWoRd
                                                              aRcHsWoRd  3 days back

                                                              @Wayne Jr. into what? pussie?

                                                            • Torper Vazquez
                                                              Torper Vazquez  3 days back

                                                              @Wayne Jr. shut up,i with commonwealth

                                                            • Wayne Jr.
                                                              Wayne Jr.  3 days back

                                                              @Torper Vazquez combine poor aussie into *****

                                                            • Rick Feng
                                                              Rick Feng  3 days back

                                                              Where you get that info from? Just buy a few match-making machines and you can make them again.
                                                              PS: Why does it sounds kind of weird? Sorry English 's not my mother tougue.

                                                          • Laqurida Enamor
                                                            Laqurida Enamor  1 weeks back

                                                            As an Indian, feel ashamed to see that the Country which was one time Guru of world buying cheap Chinese products...
                                                            So many decades of Corrupt toothless govt in India claimed to be democratic but powers vested into oligarchs n never reaped benefits of Democracy n became a failed state.
                                                            Such a big country but still assembling electronic products not fabricating it😠😠😠

                                                            • D-FENS
                                                              D-FENS  1 weeks back

                                                              chinese people are basically drones

                                                              • DivineSara Saradivine
                                                                DivineSara Saradivine  1 weeks back

                                                                GOD BLESS VIETNAM TAIWAN HONGKONG IN JESUS NAME! AMEN!! !!!

                                                                • Aa I
                                                                  Aa I  1 weeks back

                                                                  "Involves paid promotion?" So, in other words...propoganda?

                                                                  • Anonimous 1277
                                                                    Anonimous 1277  1 weeks back

                                                                    This video is sponsored by ankor.

                                                                    • S.S
                                                                      S.S  1 weeks back

                                                                      People are always complaining saying that China products suck what wtf do you expect when the product you’re buying is less than 10 bucks while the original is like 100

                                                                      • R Mak
                                                                        R Mak  2 weeks back

                                                                        Mostly correct but badly researched on the RMB issue. China has been popping up it's currency rather than suppressing it. If China allows RMB to adjust freely, it will depreciate rather than appreciate

                                                                        • BJ700
                                                                          BJ700  2 weeks back

                                                                          Bit of a joke in the context of China, when they are known to be the worlds greatest industry protectionists. There is no such thing as free trade in reality. Never has been. When you buy cheap imports based on stolen IP, you are damaging your own country by selling out to jobs and profits controlled by rogue nations overseas. You become a market taker not a market maker. As a market taker you trade off jobs based on stolen IP and the profits and the GNP that brings, for cheap imported goods of questionable quality. You became an addict to the market maker who is the dealer of misery for your people. A country will never grow its wealth by being a dependent market taker. To all the insular thinking extreme lefties out there, you don't grow wealth of your nation by saving money. You grow the wealth of your nation by making money. i.e. investing, creating, producing, marketing, selling, exporting and making profits and of course providing jobs in that process. If you fold over because a rogue nation who's stolen your IP is selling you the stuff back, then that is your future being sold down the drain. You're propping up overseas jobs and national income and national profits at the direct expense of your own nations well being. Basically the west is propping up its own demise, which is why countries like China are laughing at us all the way to the bank and why they can afford to build up their military power, which will eventually threaten the west in a significant way. The west needs to get a lot smarter about this, because on its current trajectory, it's fast becoming historically irrelevant. I do agree however that US and Europe and the rest of the west, must quickly resolve their trade differences, because they are allies and clearly face a far greater threat in the future from the likes of China, especially if they keep squabbling among each-other, because that pays directly into the hands of rogue nations that threaten the west. The west now more than ever must work and gel together, otherwise it will fade into historical irrelevance.

                                                                          • Tacoma Doan
                                                                            Tacoma Doan  2 weeks back

                                                                            you are drinking too much kool-aid from China

                                                                            • Prem Prasad
                                                                              Prem Prasad  2 weeks back

                                                                              There are no development costs when you just steal other people's designs and manufacture the products for 1.5 billion people. Add to that governments active abetment of such theft thru currency manipulation, coercion of foreign companies to part with tech, a totalitarian government that faces no opposition to it's economic policies , scant respect for intellectual property and a large market...

                                                                              • Jevon Sims
                                                                                Jevon Sims  2 weeks back

                                                                                Taking about BLU and BOLD at 7:11.😁 BLU gets white label phone for $80.00 then sells it for $200.00+👍

                                                                                • Гавран
                                                                                  Гавран  2 weeks back

                                                                                  Communist have menager? 😐😑

                                                                                  • Richard Tompkins
                                                                                    Richard Tompkins  2 weeks back

                                                                                    The stole from. Everyone and everyone know it .