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  • Published: 30 May 2019
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    Real ass bitch, give a fuck 'bout a nigga
    Big Birkin bag, hold five, six figures
    Stripes on my ass so he call this pussy Tigger
    Fuckin' on a scammin' ass, rich ass nigga
    Same group of bitches, ain't no adding to the picture
    Drop a couple racks, watch this ass get bigger
    Drinkin' on liquor, and I'm lookin' at your nigga
    If his money right, he can eat it like a Snicker
    I ain't got time for you fake ass hoes
    Talkin' all loud in them fake ass clothes
    Fake ass shoes match their fake ass gold
    I'm the realest bitch ever to you snake ass hoes
    Act up, you can get snatched up
    Act up, you can get snatched up
    Act up, you can get snatched up
    Dirty ass nails, baby girl, you need to back up
    It's Yung Miami, and I came to run my sack up
    Tired ass hoes on my page tryna track us
    Brand new chain, City Girls goin' platinum
    I keep a baby Glock, I ain't fightin' with no random, period
    You bitches weak, is you serious?
    I let him taste the pussy, now he actin' all delirious
    Did the dash in the Rover like it’s Fast and Furious
    She see my number in his phone, now you actin' curious (Haha)
    He gon' buy me Gucci if I ask for it (yup)
    He a classy nigga rockin' Tom Ford (classy)
    I bet your lil' sister wanna look like me
    I bet your lil' brother wanna fuck on me
    Hood bitch, good pussy, I ain't average
    Um, he can't come around without that cabbage
    Um, pop a pussy bitch quick, like a bubblegum
    I ain't never worry, I just deal with it for fun
    Act up, you can get snatched up
    Act up, you can get snatched up
    Act up, you can get snatched up
    Dirty ass nails, baby girl, you need to back up
    JT on the track, and you know I'm 'bout my paper
    Pussy sweet, pussy tight, so he called it Lifesaver
    If your ass a broke nigga, hell nah, I can't meet ya
    If your ass a rich nigga, I'ma fuck ya 'til you ain't one
    If that nigga a scammer, I'm turning into a dancer (yup)
    I make it clap like he got the right answer
    Sit on it with manners, get it harder than a hammer
    He wanna freak, pussy pink, breast cancer
    Oh, you like big butts, well I like big bucks
    I don't care about your chain, nigga, or your big truck
    Yeah, I know you gettin' it, but is you spendin' it?
    Give a fuck what a nigga got if he ain't givin' it (nope)
    B-badass bitch, bad attitude (yeah)
    Nails done, hair done, ass too (ow)
    Your baby daddy fuckin' me and suckin' me
    He don't answer you, bitch, that's because of me (period)
    Act up, you can get snatched up
    Act up, you can get snatched up
    Act up, you can get snatched up
    Dirty ass nails, baby girl, you need to back up

    Music video by City Girls performing Act Up. © 2019 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.
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Comments • 21 477

  • cold bitch
    cold bitch  1 hours back

    This is Larray's anthem

    • Данил Котелевец

      Who after lil toe?😅

      • Ace Hardy
        Ace Hardy  3 hours back


        • Freestyle Dance teacher

          Im pretty sure every line of this song has been in one of my insta caption before 😂😭

          • RBeeZ
            RBeeZ  6 hours back

            This is shat

            • RBeeZ
              RBeeZ  6 hours back

              I’m going to say it girls can’t rap

              • James William
                James William  10 hours back

                Real ass fish give a fuck about a nigga

                • northern marine
                  northern marine  12 hours back

                  what is this shit? azerrz was on beat more doing a mickey mouse voice

                  • M Wright
                    M Wright  17 hours back

                    SMDH! At least they have on clothes. But they probably haves scabbies!

                    • •Kãtty-Stãr• 27
                      •Kãtty-Stãr• 27  18 hours back

                      The song girls blast in the gym locker room

                      • Ruka Sakura
                        Ruka Sakura  18 hours back

                        I can't stand this song, but everyone in my school has it stuck in my head

                        • CrossXbow1
                          CrossXbow1  19 hours back

                          I legit hate this song

                          • gacha potato
                            gacha potato  21 hours back

                            Why did I find this when I searched up "fack is real" ._.

                            • amy amy
                              amy amy  22 hours back

                              Real ass bitch give a fuck about a nigga

                              • R K
                                R K  23 hours back

                                Indian version is way better than this shit

                                • Imvu. Kay
                                  Imvu. Kay  1 days back

                                  Was listening to it and was finna exit off on jt part and for some reason i jus couldbt

                                  • Imvu. Kay
                                    Imvu. Kay  1 days back

                                    2:14 she gone have everybody on tiktok

                                    • Charlotte G
                                      Charlotte G  1 days back


                                      • David Hinton
                                        David Hinton  1 days back

                                        They so damn trash actual proof that anybody can make it nowadays all you gotta do is rap off beat. Thank God I was born in the 80's and heard real lyrics and rappers

                                        • water juan water two
                                          water juan water two  1 days back

                                          1950s kids: cant wait till flying cars are made in the future..
                                          2019: act up you cab get smashed up...

                                          • water juan water two
                                            water juan water two  1 days back

                                            This is the song girls play as soon as that EBT card gets refilled...

                                            • GhettoPanda21
                                              GhettoPanda21  1 days back

                                              Delivery on this song is straight trash... wtf is this ?

                                              • PoisxnRxses
                                                PoisxnRxses  1 days back

                                                Its 4 in the morning and im laughing at Lil Yachty's voice

                                                • ItsByFrosty
                                                  ItsByFrosty  2 days back

                                                  "Pussy pink, breast cancer"


                                                  • And I oop- • 2 hours ago edited

                                                    I feel like lil yachty is gay

                                                    • Poisoned Frosting
                                                      Poisoned Frosting  2 days back

                                                      How did I manage to get from Beethoven to here?

                                                      • Destiny Morris
                                                        Destiny Morris  2 days back

                                                        This is an embarrassing video to be in Periottttttt lol

                                                        • Jaylea Everett
                                                          Jaylea Everett  2 days back

                                                          If kids bop tried to redo this they couldn’t talk the whole song 🤣😂

                                                          • Joshua Lassiter
                                                            Joshua Lassiter  2 days back

                                                            And now my woman cant say anything about listening to skippa da flippa.

                                                            • Rachel Crawford
                                                              Rachel Crawford  2 days back

                                                              Now thay on titok

                                                              • GreenGrass BlueGrass
                                                                GreenGrass BlueGrass  2 days back

                                                                The indian parody is 1000 times better than this shit

                                                                • Ayesha Hijazi
                                                                  Ayesha Hijazi  2 days back

                                                                  Lmfao the vid tho

                                                                  • Record Finder
                                                                    Record Finder  2 days back

                                                                    Did that dude just mansplane in the middle of the vid

                                                                    • James William
                                                                      James William  10 hours back

                                                                      Record Finder lmfao I know you trolling though. That’s hella funny

                                                                  • Zips the Space Bandit
                                                                    Zips the Space Bandit  2 days back

                                                                    Literally cannot see this video without seeing two boys singing this 😂

                                                                    • Stephon Newton
                                                                      Stephon Newton  2 days back


                                                                      • Brandon Goodwin
                                                                        Brandon Goodwin  2 days back

                                                                        This is WoahhVicky's theme

                                                                        • Isaiyiah Coleman
                                                                          Isaiyiah Coleman  2 days back

                                                                          Act up you can snatched up cause period and that's on period

                                                                          • Jonah Scott
                                                                            Jonah Scott  2 days back

                                                                            EVERY ONE LOOK UP THE INDIAN VERSION IT IS ACTUAL FIIIIIRE

                                                                            • Jonah Scott
                                                                              Jonah Scott  2 days back

                                                                              since when was lil yatchy a news reporter

                                                                              • Stacy Jones
                                                                                Stacy Jones  2 days back

                                                                                *REAL HOT GIRL SUMMER!!!~~~*

                                                                                • CoDGAM3RRR
                                                                                  CoDGAM3RRR  2 days back

                                                                         better than the original

                                                                                  • LaggyStand Yt
                                                                                    LaggyStand Yt  2 days back

                                                                                    Camera dude was playing on stretch resolution

                                                                                    •   2 days back

                                                                                      some of the girls in the vid look trashy af just sad how rich she you think she could hve better looking girls

                                                                                      • Taryn Weaver
                                                                                        Taryn Weaver  2 days back

                                                                                        Lmfao...pathetic ass lil nas...couldn't even remember the lyrics...i bet your little sister wanna look like me...i bet your little brother wanna fuck "like" me??? Wtf idiot...and what's with wanna fuck on me??? Failed English...nothing new in this shit...English isn't yaws strong point...we get girls got them one hit wonder yo!

                                                                                        • Shannon McNeill
                                                                                          Shannon McNeill  2 days back

                                                                                          I'm sorry she can't rap, there's so many better female artist!

                                                                                          • A2_Splashy _
                                                                                            A2_Splashy _  2 days back

                                                                                            Wow lil yachty has hit a new low😂😂

                                                                                            • Nabria Smith
                                                                                              Nabria Smith  2 days back

                                                                                              Lmaoo I love Lil Yachty he's funny

                                                                                              • PoisxnRxses
                                                                                                PoisxnRxses  3 days back

                                                                                                I cant stop lauging at Lil Yachty's voice