Holy Roller - Oh!


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  • Butchy Davy
    Butchy Davy  5 years back

    I feel it flowing through my veins,
    I feel it rushing to my brain.
    Quick as the sky turns to black,
    crack as the shiver runs down my back.

    I'm in a place only i can see,
    I feel the angels taking me.
    Rising high my blood runs dry,
    hear the voice; now I die.

    I am lying in the air,
    I see spirits everywhere.
    My mind is open wide,
    I'm the ocean, the turning tide.

    I feel my eyes roll around,
    as I come crashing down.
    Help me find another way,
    on my knees; I begin to pray, oh.

    • Captain Beefart
      Captain Beefart   5 years back

      thanks for your music. Could you post the lyrics on Life is diffrent when its dark too?

  • sofaspud67
    sofaspud67  5 years back

    Enjoying your tunes. Neighbours will be as well, haven't told them yet though ;)

    • yankeefpv
      yankeefpv  5 years back

      This is so good. I used it in a flight video I just posted: watch?v=eADQZXjZITQ

      • Alex Brisson
        Alex Brisson  5 years back

        You have a great taste in music 

        • smallinson
          smallinson  5 years back

          @Captain Bee Fart Seriously, you're the best thing on youtube. Found so much great music though subscribing.

        • Captain Beefart
          Captain Beefart   5 years back

          Thanks man. Im pretty sure you too or you wouldnt have found me

        FUNGUS FIVE STHLM  5 years back