Mother Love Bone - Holy Roller - #03

  • Published: 02 March 2018
  • Holy Roller

    Oooh baby gotta put me back together
    I need your smooth dog lovin' oh, yeah
    And so I'm sending off the little monster
    Gonna turn it up inside your head

    And do you believe?
    Holy roller
    Like a holy roller
    Holy roller
    Like a holy roller
    Holy roller
    Like a holy roller
    Into my head

    I said you loin queen parader
    I'm gonna get you down on all fours, yeah yeah yeah
    And then you gotta show me what you're made of little darling
    I'll meet you child by the backdoor babe

    Holy roller
    Like a holy roller
    Holy roller
    Like a holy roller
    Holy roller
    Like a holy roller, roller
    My, my, my, my, my into my head

    The Lord won't break down

    That's right
    All right you people
    See I, see I got somethin' to say to you people out there
    You gotta listen to me people, you gotta listen to me
    Yeah, the Lord's comin' down people
    Yeah He's gonna take you whole, He's gonna eat you whole people
    Like a big grizzly bar comin' out of the closet and eat you whole
    Ya see the Lord's gonna come and get you people and you gotta beware
    Because the Mother Love Bone camp knows what to do about it

    You see I been around I seen a lotta long haired freaks in my day
    But those boys in Mother Love Bone
    I'll tell you they know what's right for you
    You know they're like malt-o-meal for you, they're good for you
    They're like soup, they're like nothing bad, let me tell you that much
    I tell you people, the Lord's comin', and if you don't believe
    And if you don't love rock awaits you people
    Yeah lo and behbelieve in what I can convey to you
    I tell you people, old, lo and behold

    Holy roller
    Like a holy roller
    Holy roller
    Like a holy roller
    Holy roller
    Like a holy roller, roller, roller
    Into my head

    Holy roller
    Into my head
    Holy roller
    Yeah, won't talk baby

    Holy roller
    Like a holy roller, roller
    Yeah come on
    Holy roller
    Like a holy roller, right
    Into my head

    Apple is the only full-length studio album by the American alternative rock band Mother Love Bone. It was released on July 19, 1990 through Stardog/Mercury Records.
    R.I.P Andrew Wood
    All rights to Mother Love Bone
    Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976

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  • Mel Bee
    Mel Bee  7 months back

    This is so not a precursor to grunge it's crazy. For so many years I've been listening to the guys from Pearl Jam go on about this band (which is made up of some of the boys from PJ) and other roots of grunge books talking about Andy Wood and this band. But this is totally a hair metal type band that's reminding me more of Motley Crue than Nirvana. I had no idea.

    • Johnny Wass
      Johnny Wass  2 months back

      Thats reason I'm here g

    • Mike Norgaard
      Mike Norgaard  3 months back

      These guys were all post Guns and Roses... you can totally hear it

    • krisztián póth
      krisztián póth  4 months back

      This is probably why I love this so much,and not grunge at all.:)

    GOOGSZZ  8 months back

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    • Mighty Rahiem
      Mighty Rahiem  5 months back

      The first dislike signals the end. Lets keep it going.