Overtime: Salman Rushdie, Gina McCarthy, Barney Frank, Linette Lopez, Noah Rothman | Real Time (HBO)


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  • oldladywhocares
    oldladywhocares  15 minutes back

    It really is concerning when people are commenting on changes they see in their own lifetimes. Our lives are a micro-second of geologic time. Before we know it, the LB Tar pit will be under water.

    • oldladywhocares
      oldladywhocares  26 minutes back

      All I know is that the dollar I saved 30 yrs ago has 10 cents of purchasing power.

      • rdelrosso2001
        rdelrosso2001  7 hours back

        So at the 3:55 Mark, Linette Lopez and Barney Frank offer some good points about Income Inequality and the Conservative Noah Rothman, just sits there and is SPEECHLESS! PRICELESS!

        • Midas Snap
          Midas Snap  16 hours back

          Fox has normalized bad behavior from the left by attaching every negative true or not, few or many involved, the democrats are the sleaziest most unpatriotic destroyers of freedom there is. They are telling their side right now how the left is planning a coup through their secretive investigation that gives Trump no rights whatsoever.

          It's an inquiry that can lead up to impeachment but even if they do vote to impeach the Senate Republicans will hold the hearing to convict or acquit, we already know what happens there. So that coup the democrats are planning would need the republicans to come along. Fox and dummies love lying and they love getting lied to.
          Things are going to get worse if Trump's Fox keeps ratcheting things up. We have a clear and present danger and I think it is Fox. Try watching it some time its obvious propaganda meant to convince its followers that the entire left should be locked up or worse.

          • Midas Snap
            Midas Snap  15 hours back

            My point was that fox is making Trump look reasonable to their followers because they have pushed the largely negative and largely exaggerated message of the evil leftist. Many are flat out lies told so many times that it becomes truth. They see Trump as unfairly treated because he's just doing what they have been doing all along, and yet he is attacked soundly for it. They ignore his attacking behavior which gets the obvious and correct response they just see it as a gross over response while being totally blind to his danger.

        • V'GER Lightning
          V'GER Lightning  17 hours back


          • andre khoury
            andre khoury  17 hours back

            Democrats talking fiscal policy
            Lmao what a fuking joke

            • andre khoury
              andre khoury  17 hours back

              Sad panel
              Bill stick to comedy not politics

              • V'GER Lightning
                V'GER Lightning  17 hours back

                A NEW WORLD IS LOOMING.

                • V'GER Lightning
                  V'GER Lightning  17 hours back

                  FIRE, FIRE, FIRE FIRE, THE JOKER.

                  • Mike Burns
                    Mike Burns  18 hours back

                    Look at California, burning up ,use recycled plastic to build homes and roads

                    • John Barber
                      John Barber  21 hours back

                      None of this matters. Rich left rich right, I'm fucked either way. Kill the rich. Kill their children kill their pets. Burn them all.

                      • Haven Skye
                        Haven Skye  1 days back

                        "Invent a fairy-tale past, to justify the actions of the present" Salman Rushdie with one of the most perfectly succinct explanations of the ignorant dumb-assery of current society. This is why i refer to "conservatives" as regressives... They do exactly this on gun-control, abortion, religious liberty (discrimination), southern pride, immigration, political correctness, etc. They invent a false history to justify their self-centered feelings of paranoia today.

                        • SalvinValkyries
                          SalvinValkyries  1 days back

                          Salman is absolutely right... The only difference between Trump and Modi is their approach; one swings a sledgehammer, whilst the other is more surgical. Ultimately, they both want the same thing, a closer connection to a fantasy that never was. Their supporters are willing to twist themselves into contradictory knots, and consistently vote against their so-called principles. No reasoned argument, no peer reviewed set of facts will persuade them, and that is the real concern. What will it take? How far down the proverbial rabbit hole do we need to go? After all that has happened in our collective past, I thought we were past having these conversations and dealing with the likes of Trump and Modi. Somehow, I fooled myself into thinking that it wouldn't be so easy to stoke fears and gin up nationalistic fervor.

                          • Smooth Eadie
                            Smooth Eadie  1 days back

                            I have been trying to give Bill and his guess a pass but it's so obvious that they do not want Bernie Sanders as president because these candidates that they're backing will not be Trump it's all about the money he's on HBO and they're enjoying their Mega Money that they're making he will not even bring Bernie Sanders name up that's how scared they are Bernie Sanders any kind of platform they gives truth to light is Bernie Sanders and they will not mention his name they are afraid of Bernie Sanders because he's going to change the whole political picture and big money people he's coming after so that's why you hearing Warren's name being brought up Joe Biden's name being brought up they don't have a snowball's chance in hell to beat Donald Trump but to keep that power in that money and place the Democrats are willing to tank again the keep that money and the hell with people that have to go to work everyday there will be no Universal Health Care there will be no equity for the American people people please learn how to vote we have to put Bernie Sanders in that white house!!!!

                            • withonor
                              withonor  2 days back

                              These panels are getting more and more useless. What did we learn from this? Stop bringing on idiots like Noah Rothman, they don't need anymore stages for nonsense. He sounds like a dumber version of Ben Shapiro. All this turned into was a Barney Frank rant, I love him, but it's time to officially retire.

                              • rocketime555
                                rocketime555  2 days back

                                4:50 I feel like the point of this went dangerously ignored. 3:09 We see Republicans spin both messages and people believe it. It's not enough to say Trump sucks and he failed you because Trumps counter message to that is far more engaging than the Dems.

                                • Sissy Christ
                                  Sissy Christ  2 days back

                                  I love President Trump! Trump 2020!

                                  • Ahmed S
                                    Ahmed S  2 days back

                                    I have a feeling that Bill Maher enslaves his guests.

                                    • Toshi yaar
                                      Toshi yaar  2 days back

                                      quick point, the ridiculous with China is also screwing China...soooo, it's kinda working but in no ones favor.

                                      • Bullettube
                                        Bullettube  3 days back

                                        Ten people are in a room, each makes $51k a year, there fore they average $51k a year. One person leaves and Jeff Bezo (est worth 114billion) takes his place. The average income now jumps 10,000%. Does that mean that the other 9 now make more? NO! The median income is based on an AVERAGE of all incomes! If millionaires and billionaires get a tax cut and increase their wealth that doesn't mean average Americans made more money! The lower 50% percentile of earners did not see an increase in their weekly paychecks this year. The next 40% saw a 2.8% increase while the upper 9% saw a 20% increase and the top 1% saw a 25% increase in their earnings. How well the lower 90% did defines prosperity, and they got shafted again by the Republicans and Trump.

                                        • BigReala01
                                          BigReala01  3 days back

                                          Nancy keep the dems together lol. Good luck

                                          • Ameya Landge
                                            Ameya Landge  4 days back

                                            Rushdie got it wrong. Corruption and Terrorism were the main issues. All except one minority are happy in India. Modi is strong on terrorism and corruption, He initiated and completed a lot of projects. His economic policies may not be at par but the fact is all are working towards a stronger nation.

                                            • Amanda Mercedes C
                                              Amanda Mercedes C  4 days back

                                              Median is subject to outliers .. what's the mean. .. .

                                              • Kissy, Kissy!
                                                Kissy, Kissy!  4 days back

                                                Oh look, Salman Rushdie is a guest ... again ...

                                                • Melissa Porter
                                                  Melissa Porter  4 days back

                                                  They keep saying the public is clambering for “climate change” action. Umm, Where is this public you speak of? The “public” I interact with think climate change is a wealth redistribution scheme. And that politicians are lying, thieving, power hungry sociopaths. And the evidence is everywhere except for corporate/government media. 🤔

                                                  • mikey mize
                                                    mikey mize  18 hours back

                                                    Totally agree. The public I know is far more worried about how they're going to pay their bills and survive. It's all about Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

                                                • bigbaba1111
                                                  bigbaba1111  4 days back

                                                  Trump gave Ukraine lethal weapons. Obama refused to do that. What a bunch of liberal liars.

                                                  • Thomas De Quincey
                                                    Thomas De Quincey  5 days back

                                                    I hate the term "Progressives". The so called "Progressives" are the ones with the most regressive opinions and policies.
                                                    P.S Nancy Pelosi's experience has served the Democrats well.

                                                    • Gus Bgguy
                                                      Gus Bgguy  5 days back

                                                      Barney Frank is rude, talks too much, and makes little sense.

                                                      • mikey mize
                                                        mikey mize  18 hours back

                                                        He does have a tendency to babble . Not to mention he's insufferably sanctimonious.

                                                    • Jam Spandex
                                                      Jam Spandex  5 days back

                                                      Ha ha, the "median" wealth has increased. Of course, if you massively increase the wealth of the top 0.000000001 % while keeping everyone else the same, then the "median" will increase and everyone else ends up more fucked. Conservatives only care about the rich and everyone else can go fuck themselves.

                                                      • Glasgow Blues
                                                        Glasgow Blues  5 days back

                                                        We need communism and give all power over to the government

                                                        • Shanghai Road
                                                          Shanghai Road  5 days back

                                                          Trump is a moral failure but it's a fact... it certainly is a fact that Trump is a moral failure.

                                                          • Frank Gruden
                                                            Frank Gruden  5 days back

                                                            Bill, stop bringing back the same guests over and over!!

                                                            • Rose Macaskie
                                                              Rose Macaskie  6 days back

                                                              bill mahers, on the bees and the birds in your garden again. Those monsters, the petrol bllionaires are the ones ones who mak pesticides and fertilizers as well as plastics, they are not going to let anyone say you can grow things without their products, with all the people in the world we have to use them,is their message, just as you might not buy plastic carrier bags but they will make sure manufactures are afraid not to make plastic chairs ofrfood giants won't wrap their food in ever more plastic trays etc. The deny global warming they are really good at underground spread of propoghanda they also know how ot make sure peole are scared not to use pesticides..

                                                              • Shane Cooney
                                                                Shane Cooney  6 days back

                                                                Could your researchers please get Bonnie Greer (an American author) for your next show, she blew up on bbc telling Britain exactly what brexit is . Bonnie Greer has become an overnight hero in Ireland , please follow up thx

                                                                • Daniel Bushnell
                                                                  Daniel Bushnell  7 days back

                                                                  lol and the decent democrats are yang and gabbard. and you guys pick biden and the native American and you hope for Trump suppoters to vote your way.... it's a bbad time to be a demo

                                                                  • Daniel Bushnell
                                                                    Daniel Bushnell  7 days back

                                                                    democrats still dont understand that thier parents ae Not supposed to be thier. best friend.. democrats literally socialism. Are you fucking kidding me?

                                                                    • Daniel Bushnell
                                                                      Daniel Bushnell  7 days back

                                                                      Trump is killing it... ( I'm a Trump suppoter) I honestly believe Trump delivered on his promises. He's The only 1 I see going forward that can take on China....

                                                                      • justin castillo
                                                                        justin castillo  7 days back

                                                                        It was Flake. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2019/09/27/jeff-flake-at-least-35-gop-senators-would-impeach-trump/3792866002/ This is why he left.

                                                                        • Hannes Visagie
                                                                          Hannes Visagie  7 days back

                                                                          And this fucking neo-liberal sleezeball in the blue suit, lol.

                                                                          • Justin Higner
                                                                            Justin Higner  1 weeks back

                                                                            To acquire more wealth is the purpose of a golden age.

                                                                            • Justin Higner
                                                                              Justin Higner  1 weeks back

                                                                              A golden age is when a given country has the most amount of money, arms, asset wealth, and influence and the ability to spread all of that over the most amount of people to a quote more or all of the above. It has little to do with universal care and profit for the people as a whole. In fact golden ages saw the largest disparities between the rich and the poor. Look at just about any empire or superpower. Many people are better today than in Rome (where the poverty rate was 90%!) But that does not let us off the hook. Denmark is not a super power but everyone is covered without a hint of debt. The USA looks to the past while forgetting what greatness really cost.

                                                                              • Rose Macaskie
                                                                                Rose Macaskie  1 weeks back

                                                                                THe girl who sailed across the Atlantic, as protest to climate change, got through a very negative message along with her positive one.We cannot have more, which those who i have heard using it don't admit, really means the poor cannot have more. Read ZOlas book "Germinal," to understand more about this, inwhich workers asked for more, a more that everyone thought did not exists, could not be found, and it was found, though some businesses went down maybe because the rich have the wherewithall, have the means to find more if forced to, while for the poor that is almost impossible. Wherewithall, friends, ability to ask for loans, in general to expand and create more, more food more houses, etc.

                                                                                Then The Welfare State was instituted in Europe and each country that took on making things free, free health care and free schooling, and the dole and the poor of England started to eat enough to reach a normal adult height and the mediteranean countries got rich, as did Japan and South Korea. Why did they all get so rich, while giving hand outs? I think it is because with more buyers, with a pretty well off working class, industries do better. They have more buyers.

                                                                                Money is not a fixed amount, it is like a piece of land, you can lay waste to the land and render it infertile with herbiciides or you can make it grow more and more. How much of our goods really need to come from other countries?, How many things can be made with our own possesions, our own land produces building materials, food, enough people to teach others and to help them and to build etc., if only we find the way to renumerate them, to organise such work. Also, wIth clean energy we can all have heated swiming pools even.
                                                                                The idea that there is not enough is an evil one, that tends to make the poor poorer, rather than punishing oligarches who give money to charities. The poeple I have heard using it are those good followers of God, the church those who lose a lot of sources of money if governments educate people and look after them in their own hospitals instead of the churches won hospitals, full of free workers, nuns ofr example. The church is promotes the idea that, the miracle of the loaves and fishes is just a stupid story, giving things away wont work. It did work last century it was an economic wow, it works as long as it is not taken as far as Russia saay took it and works better than anything has ever worked before.

                                                                                • Rose Macaskie
                                                                                  Rose Macaskie  1 weeks back

                                                                                  Bill Mahers, as to you and Rushdie talking about love, One thing about the word love is thast it is a bit of an umbrella word, you can after all love people and treat them awfully badly, maybe the question is, "Do you care?"

                                                                                  The reason I love Jesus is that he said, love your neighbour as yourself, which rather narrows down what love might be, at least, until others decide that, a woman does not have the same needs as a man and is happy kept at home, or a black slave or any other slave or child does better if beaten regularly, so its loving to beat them. Or, the poor dont mind living on thin air. The poor and their children, much as they could marry the whoever they wanted, often died of hunger before reaching maturity so were maybe more unfortunate than slaves maybe slaves weren't always at least fed.

                                                                                  Hard or soft loving? How hard can still be called loving?. The word Love is so vague, you can make it mean what you like, for example, It is kind to burn heretics, it stops others from getting into the wrong religion and going to hell, so strictness is real love, for example, is an argument i have heard.

                                                                                  Ghandi was great, he said that, "The way is the end." You teach people to be loving by being loving to them. Though you try to cover the English in shame.

                                                                                  Catholics like, Plato's vaguer, undefined, 'Love,' that allows them to beat people into goodness in the Saint Augustine saint Jerome etc., way., Beat the into goodness the Inquisitional way. Kill the communists in South America,they are heretics. The inquisition still exists though they dont publicise their ideas and monks aren't part of the lot who condemn revolutionaries to death, their faithful do that.

                                                                                  Catholics in general prefer Plato. Being part of the crowd of those, 'undistinguished,' as they see it, crowd, the jewish one instead of part of the Greek philosophers crowd, is so infradig. Infra dig much as Roman religion was really shitty religion compared with jewish religion, or buddhism or hinduism, all so much more serious about love, instead of the greek roman one which great as these were in ohter feilds was a lousey religon.
                                                                                  It was seeing the film 'The Name Of The Rose, in which Sean Connery's character so prefers Aristotle to Jesus, that first alerted me to this. Then I knew Catholic militantes, who never spoke of Jesus but did talk of the Greek phillosophers., Those of my own cradle religion, I found never talked of jesus but did, like the character in, The Story of the Rose like talking of the greek philosophers. Love is so vague, you can make it mean what you . For example you can say it is kind to burn heretics, it stops others from getting contaminated by their ideas intoturning to the wrong religion and going to hell, so strictness is real love. As Saint Augustine says, in his Just War Theory, if violence can stop an evil it would be a sin not to use it. If you think christians are pacific because of Jesus, you have not understood the words of Saint Augustine.

                                                                                  • perrin6
                                                                                    perrin6  1 weeks back

                                                                                    'Camelot....Camelot.....Camelot'. 'It's only a model'.

                                                                                    • Frank James Bonarrigo
                                                                                      Frank James Bonarrigo  1 weeks back

                                                                                      Not Bwaney Fwank AGAIN!

                                                                                      • Kung Lao
                                                                                        Kung Lao  1 weeks back

                                                                                        I'm pretty sure the vast majority of Indians live in democratic states and vote for democrats. Nice lie there to make it seem like Indians are Trump lovers but I would expect nothing less from an indian muslim living abroad.

                                                                                        • Bokeh Electric
                                                                                          Bokeh Electric  1 weeks back

                                                                                          What's up with this fat black chic? She just wants free healthcare because her ass needs liposuction. Fucking socialist bitch! LOL

                                                                                          • Brian
                                                                                            Brian  1 weeks back

                                                                                            Hey pot-head Bill where were you Oct 4? Why would you ever be a Democrat and give everyone everything compliments of the hard working people on the right? Answer if you dare! I will share some of my bud you see in my profile pic if you cross the aisle and see the light...