The Herd | Colin Cowherd Give Advice - Patriots defense dominates in 33-3 win vs Steelers

  • Published: 09 September 2019
  • The Herd | Colin Cowherd Give Advice - Patriots defense dominates in 33-3 win vs Steelers
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  • Kevin McClain Sr.
    Kevin McClain Sr.  2 days back

    Yea! That’s at the end of the season. By then the season has mostly been decided. 🏈

    • Jonte Stevenson
      Jonte Stevenson  3 days back

      I wish Steelers had a disciplined defense like that

      • David M
        David M  3 days back

        The Pats just keep reloading and the beat goes on.....and the beat goes on...

        • Thomas Coursey
          Thomas Coursey  5 days back

          How can you say Mahomes was bad when he was only down 3 each game and KC should of won if they got the ball in OT

          • Kevin McClain Sr.
            Kevin McClain Sr.  5 days back

            Of course the Patriots are going to post numbers they aren’t playing anybody in the next five weeks. The only real good team they play these first six games of the season was The Steelers and the league made sure the Steelers wouldn’t win that game. The Patriots won the Super Bowl last year and look at their first six games. The Steelers didn’t make the playoffs last year and look at their first six games. Yea the league doesn’t like Pittsburgh because they don’t like Big Ben and the Steelers. The league does its best to keep The Steelers down. The proof is in the pudding. Compare the two schedules.🤔

            • WarriorAngel001
              WarriorAngel001  2 days back

              Kevin McClain Sr. Look at who the Patriots play in the later half of the season: the Eagles, the Cowboys, the Chiefs, the Ravens, the Browns (at least should be offensively threatening as they are Steelers 2.0 basically), so its not like the Patriots dont have division winners and super bowl contenders on their regular season schedules.

          • Michael Nunnery
            Michael Nunnery  5 days back

            The TV coverage finished at 4am GMT.
            Which means that I stayed awake longer than the Steelers.

            • DarkestLight4U
              DarkestLight4U  6 days back

              I see comments in here

              Patriot's have taken the fun or ruined Football


              Because Belichick is the GOAT?
              Becuse Brady is the GOAT?
              Because they prepare better 8 times out of 10?
              Because they are all business and no bullshit?
              Because they we're meant for each other?

              Because BB/TB created a 20 year Dynasty
              Because BB/TB reached 9 Superbowls won 6
              Because BB/TB won 31 playoff games
              Because BB/TB are 230/71
              Because BB/TB has never had a losing season
              Because BB/TB are close to 4th Superbowl in a row
              Because TB owns virtually every Playoff and SB record
              Becuse TB is the comeback kid
              Because BB can take your teams strengths and make it they're weaknesses
              Because BB can shut down top offenses

              Why are you hating this?

              Be happy you are alive to see this!!, because once its over we will never see this again in our get to look at your grand children who may like NFL, and tell them

              " In my time i witnessed true Greatness, i saw done what even your time of NFL players generation only dream of.

              Enjoy this while its here
              Don't hate it

              Hating it, does nothing but drive you insane, and hurt does not hurt New England fans, or BB fans, or TB fans

              It just hurts you, and there is no point in it

              • John Doe
                John Doe  6 days back

                Upload quality is dogshit bro

                • Arch Hades
                  Arch Hades  6 days back

                  Amazing since the NE defense was trash in 2017.

                  • jjs777fzr
                    jjs777fzr  6 days back

                    Been watching Pats since the mid eighties. This is the most loaded roster on the Pats side ever. If people stay healthy this is gonna be scary. The defense is the most exciting defense ever for the Patriots.

                    • rohin patel
                      rohin patel  5 days back

                      you feel me?! this defense is stout and the youth is there too.

                  • Jubei Tenkai
                    Jubei Tenkai  7 days back

                    Game over!🤷🏻‍♂️😁 another SB💍

                    • you're right
                      you're right  7 days back

                      Make NFL Great Again. Make New England Suck Again.

                      • Chris Kreager
                        Chris Kreager  7 days back

                        The Patriots “dynasty” is the worst thing to ever happen to the NFL

                        • Western Man
                          Western Man  7 days back

                          Lmao now you are just being a whiney bitch.

                      • Chris Kreager
                        Chris Kreager  7 days back

                        This defensive roster is a product of Belichick. Put these guys in Cardinals uniform, they would be below average. Belichick makes these D+ players look better than they really are.

                        • WarriorAngel001
                          WarriorAngel001  2 days back

                          Hightower is a great linebacker actually. Kyle van Noy is, too. Hightower getting injured late in '17 is part of why the Patriots gave up 42 pts in a super bowl. They brought Collins back and drafted a beast that plays hard in Winovich, who is a welcome replacement for Trey Flowers. Belichick's coaching is great, but he also picks great players.

                        • Birtha Butt
                          Birtha Butt  4 days back

                          These players are diciplined, and smart. They will lock it down. Watch.

                        • Markus Mahadeo
                          Markus Mahadeo  5 days back

                          Pats d has alot of good players

                      • Chris Kreager
                        Chris Kreager  7 days back

                        New England has sucked the fun out of this sport. The Patriots dynasty has ruined football. Outside of Boston, is there any reason to watch the National Foxboro League?

                        • WarriorAngel001
                          WarriorAngel001  2 days back

                          The Patriots are helping keep the League's game quality high and give it some much needed stability in quality, since you cant count on the 31 other teams to be quality teams each year. Would you rather have a team thats a juggernaut for 2 decades like the Patriots or a team thats a pathetic joke for 2 decades like the Browns? At least the Patriots are watchable, the Browns have struggled to be that. The old XFL died off because the quality of play was bad; the Patriots at least ensured you have a quality team since the others fluctuate so much.

                        • Western Man
                          Western Man  7 days back

                          @Chris Kreager Question is; Why bother watching?
                          Clearly you arent having fun.
                          So go spend your time on something you enjoy instead of bitching.

                        • Chris Kreager
                          Chris Kreager  7 days back

                          Rocksteddybelmont then why bother Playing the games?

                        • Rocksteddybelmont
                          Rocksteddybelmont  7 days back

                          The Patriots dynasty has exposed the NFL it just goes to show that a lot of these other teams are full of people that are not really professionals and don't really care about winning and don't put the preparation in every week and take the game as serious

                        • Western Man
                          Western Man  7 days back

                          Yeah we heard you whine and cry over this already.

                      • Western Man
                        Western Man  1 weeks back

                        Kyler Murrays the new Doug Flutie.

                        • Western Man
                          Western Man  7 days back

                          @Midnight Blue ....
                          How does that matter in the very least?
                          Im comparing his playing style, stature, tenacity..
                          That aint any different week 16, guy.

                        • Midnight Blue
                          Midnight Blue  1 weeks back

                          It's only week one

                      • cholli4141
                        cholli4141  1 weeks back

                        Steelers certainly looked better with their new drama free locker room...... who would’ve thought not having AB & LB would be so good👍

                        • tj
                          tj  3 days back

                          Yea addition by subtraction at it's best

                        • Terrance Handy
                          Terrance Handy  7 days back


                      • victor gamez
                        victor gamez  1 weeks back

                        Mike tomlin is garbage.

                        • cj bmxes
                          cj bmxes  1 weeks back

                          they won the superbowl why is there schedule so soft anybody?

                          • Brandie Armitage-Francis
                            Brandie Armitage-Francis  5 days back

                            It's the Patriots no matter the schedule it's considered soft.

                          • Just Saying
                            Just Saying  6 days back

                            They have 6 games with their division, that happens every year. They play the NFC east, that's their division's NFC opponent this year. They play the AFC north, that's their division's AFC opponent this year. And they play the teams with the best record from last year in the afc south and west in the Texans and the Chiefs. It's literally how the NFL makes every team's schedule. Don't believe me, ask any football fan. How is their schedule "soft"?

                          • Western Man
                            Western Man  7 days back

                            @Jesse Morris 😄

                          • Jesse Morris
                            Jesse Morris  7 days back

                            @Western Man Preach on!!! Every year ppl complain about my Pats schedule. And these facts u just stated are stubborn things. Some ppl would much rather hate on the Patriots instead of saying "Damn they're pretty f'n good to have a winning season basically every season for the past 20 years!"

                          • Western Man
                            Western Man  7 days back

                            Its hilarious to me bc the Patriots literally EVERY YEAR play the Steelers' and the other divisional winners AND the runners up and you people are all "waaaah" its rigged and militious and the Pats get to play...
                            What? In the freezing outdoors ×8?
                            Oh, and in Buff and NYJ so 10 times. At least.
                            Shall we continue about the fairness of the Pats schedule? Because we do this every year..
                            Its fine though..
                            Man, must be really tough to be the Packers and have to face Lions and Vikings and Bears...Oh My. What bohemoths. And 6× a year.
                            Almost would think that AR could, I dunno, maybe meet TB in a SB before we are all 95 yo.
                            How 'bout them Seahawks?? Man, the Niners, Cardinals and Rams. Theyve all been so great the last 10-15 years.

                        • B A Baracas
                          B A Baracas  1 weeks back

                          No context for the Browns.
                          Nothing but excuses for the Steelers. Same old Colin

                          • B A Baracas
                            B A Baracas  7 days back

                            @GingerCallum ok. I guess it had nothing to do with the Browns historically bad o-line, and the Titans being a great team that's played for together for years.
                            Poor officials too (even tho that's a poor excuse, it's true)
                            Steelers knew what they were up against, and are just a garbage team.
                            We'll see what's what after a few more games

                          • GingerCallum
                            GingerCallum  7 days back

                            B A Baracas I mean yeah I’m a Steelers fan but at least I used logic rather than just having an agenda like yourself. Grow up.

                          • B A Baracas
                            B A Baracas  7 days back

                            @GingerCallum nah. Y'all just hate the Browns

                          • GingerCallum
                            GingerCallum  7 days back

                            B A Baracas getting hammered by the titans because of lack of discipline and immaturity is totally different to getting hammered by the patriots because of one of the greatest defences ever that has dominated each of their last half dozen games

                        • Rocksteddybelmont
                          Rocksteddybelmont  1 weeks back


                          • SARGON ADAM
                            SARGON ADAM  1 weeks back

                            All I did was laugh after the Patriots game at everyone who said the dynasty was over because the Patriots lost a tight end, Rob Gronkowski. Ha!

                            • Western Man
                              Western Man  7 days back

                              @Chris Kreager
                              Surely that is how people feel whenever their own organizations win next to nothing for long periods of time while one club takes most of the glory.
                              Thats what makes sports fun. You get to hate the Pats, we get to love them. They dont have unfair advantages. Its up to you or someone to beat them. It can be done.

                            • Chris Kreager
                              Chris Kreager  7 days back

                              The dynasty needs to die. The Patriots have sucked the fun out of the spor

                            • Western Man
                              Western Man  1 weeks back

                              "A" TE?
                              Kind of "The" TE

                            • George Parra
                              George Parra  1 weeks back

                              Don't listen to those hater's. We have killed too many dreams and people hate us for it.

                            • Thedarknate08
                              Thedarknate08  1 weeks back

                              They are incredible!

                          • Jason Douglas
                            Jason Douglas  1 weeks back

                            I love how a few months ago we hear that New England won't have a pass rush and the offense won't click without Gronk..
                            Gronk who???
                            This team is unstoppable. No chance KC poses a threat

                            • Orlando A Williams
                              Orlando A Williams  7 days back

                              @Terrance Handy 🤣 "human building" 👍🏾

                            • Jason Douglas
                              Jason Douglas  7 days back

                              Then why are you on here reading and commenting about it?
                              Just let people like it if they like it. Why shit on it and try to ruin it for everyone else??

                            • Chris Kreager
                              Chris Kreager  7 days back

                              Jason Douglas The NFL is a joke.

                            • Jason Douglas
                              Jason Douglas  7 days back

                              If they get AB on board and playing asap , they should go for the first undefeated 19 game season, I don't see Eli ruining this Superbowl for us

                            • Chris Kreager
                              Chris Kreager  7 days back

                              The Pats have already ruined the season. Why bother watching?

                          • Tyromed
                            Tyromed  1 weeks back

                            Anyone else having problems with Video unsyncing from the audio

                          • Randy Pytko
                            Randy Pytko  1 weeks back


                            • last jedi
                              last jedi  1 weeks back

                              I bet kraft flew the whole team to florida after this performance and Bought them all a nice therapeutic massage.

                              • John Black
                                John Black  1 weeks back

                                are you a small asian woman with soft hands ?!

                              • last jedi
                                last jedi  1 weeks back

                                @Benny Bizzness i still find it highly amusing lol

                              • Benny Bizzness
                                Benny Bizzness  1 weeks back

                                was funny a month ago. now just a dry joke.

                            • Joe Topo
                              Joe Topo  1 weeks back

                              I agree

                              • Megas Doux
                                Megas Doux  1 weeks back

                                Indeed!!!! It's like Bill took that Superbowl 52 defeat at a personal level. Brady was superb that game, it was the defense that laid an egg.