Why the Dobre Brothers are getting DRAGGED


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  • Blxir k3ndrick
    Blxir k3ndrick  10 minutes back

    I haven't even watched them in like a year. Reason: The acted pranks. It's too cringe I guess, and the videos they do are mostly staged. I don't know, everyone has personalities.

    • Onehappiness Happy
      Onehappiness Happy  25 minutes back

      the site says "Ultimate Dobre Brothers Experience" i-

      • emilia hey
        emilia hey  26 minutes back

        Whoever uses “-Me 2019” are the ugliest piece of shits ever.

        -Me 2019

        • I am in the Black hole of kpop

          Ok but why tf did JAmes charles comment...like I-?

          • Yussef Yussef
            Yussef Yussef  41 minutes back

            What happened to the dober brother's

            • oH mAYn hOLY sHiT
              oH mAYn hOLY sHiT  43 minutes back

              Can we actually talk about wtf just happened instead of complaining about the me~2019 comments 🤦

              • Girl I is A cow
                Girl I is A cow  54 minutes back

                I think that they’re selfish pricks

                • Jilliane Girl Escoto
                  Jilliane Girl Escoto  57 minutes back

                  I would cry

                  • Dee A
                    Dee A  1 hours back

                    You gonna tell me that people pay 600 dollars for them😭😂

                    • Caitlyn Hinds
                      Caitlyn Hinds  1 hours back

                      You know you fucked up when James Charles is coming at you, just sayin

                      • Suga.Hobi_ Lalisa
                        Suga.Hobi_ Lalisa  1 hours back

                        Thank god kpop idols outta here giving us a better fan meeting than this shit. I'm sure James Charles does better
                        -Me, 2019

                        • Jaydeen Merur
                          Jaydeen Merur  1 hours back

                          The fact that they acted that way after she paid so much mf money to go see them is the most disrespectful and disgusting thing. She deserves a refund

                          • Minna sourig
                            Minna sourig  2 hours back

                            The don't even deserve a freakin penny while doing those expressions infront of their fans "literally bullshit "

                            • Ningwa Limbu
                              Ningwa Limbu  2 hours back

                              Are these the two twins who mother is a gymnasit?

                              • Elora Evergarden
                                Elora Evergarden  2 hours back

                                Unpopular opinion but I think it's more of a hectic work schedule then the twins just simply being plain rude. It wasn't fair on the girl but I can't help but sympathise with the twins too. They're human. I think they need to definitely take a rest and then maybe as compensation, let this girl spend a day with them. Just an opinion.

                                • Arbrea Elexus .
                                  Arbrea Elexus .  2 hours back

                                  But my little sister made their asses talk to her Periodtt lol ! They took extra pictures with her and held conversation with her . They even held her phone in took selfies . She was like Idc how they are these mfs gone give me my moneys worth

                                  • Kara Kondratovicz
                                    Kara Kondratovicz  3 hours back

                                    I have never liked them kinda thought the died or something

                                    • Yibo's potato
                                      Yibo's potato  3 hours back

                                      Okay the lights out tour was far more better.

                                      • Kadence Cosby
                                        Kadence Cosby  3 hours back


                                        • Princess Pacarro
                                          Princess Pacarro  3 hours back

                                          I didn’t even know these people are famous and yet their meet and greet were paid to meet their fans like wtf! If I am one of the famous youtuber I would be glad to see my fans no charge just to thank them personally. I would might break and cry.

                                          • Esmee P.
                                            Esmee P.  4 hours back

                                            can Loren Gray stop sayin ‘little girl’ like she was prob the same age as her ?

                                            • prxncess trinity
                                              prxncess trinity  4 hours back

                                              EVERYONE just shut the fuck up about the 2019 trend

                                              • angelica brambila
                                                angelica brambila  4 hours back

                                                who even are these clowns?

                                                • Vickie Christiansen
                                                  Vickie Christiansen  5 hours back

                                                  Lol, not even saying hi?

                                                  • Juicytribe
                                                    Juicytribe  5 hours back

                                                    Don’t know these people but wow she’s a little girl 😕 maybe they need to do another meet and Greet.. free this time

                                                    • Chloe Bentley
                                                      Chloe Bentley  5 hours back

                                                      Me- 2019

                                                      • kekemarie 16492
                                                        kekemarie 16492  5 hours back

                                                        WTH u can't smile cuz your exhausted?? These ppl are paying money to see you!! It was y'all idea to do this so show more enthusiasm like tf

                                                        • Arya Keating
                                                          Arya Keating  6 hours back

                                                          i don’t even see any “me-2019” comments all i see is comments about “me-2019”

                                                          • Arbrea Elexus .
                                                            Arbrea Elexus .  6 hours back

                                                            That’s how they were when my sister went to see them

                                                            • Faith Sheridan
                                                              Faith Sheridan  7 hours back

                                                              the dobre douches' need money thats why and also they low-key look dead inside lmao i think its just there personalities

                                                              • hey itstoota
                                                                hey itstoota  8 hours back

                                                                everyone does this shit
                                                                fo something bad or disrespectful or whatever and them say 'sorry' where they don't even mean it

                                                                • BABY E GANG
                                                                  BABY E GANG  8 hours back

                                                                  No fucking emotion like wtf rude ass hell

                                                                  • ash •
                                                                    ash •  9 hours back

                                                                    I don't even know who these guys are, but now I don't have to waste my time having my heartbroken bc I was once a fan. Definitely won't be looking into any of their videos. Spoiled little shits. That poor little girl, man..

                                                                    • vanessa
                                                                      vanessa  11 hours back

                                                                      These people are as stupid as the people who buy those tickets. Idk why parents pay for dumb shit like that! My parents would of said I was damn near crazy if they paid for some shit like that, and my siblings would punk on me for me even trying to see some dumb kids that are irrelevant as hell. I guess now a days is different but geez

                                                                      • Katrina g
                                                                        Katrina g  11 hours back

                                                                        I mean tbh if you're paying money to meet these clowns in the first place...its what you deserve 👀

                                                                        • mariethesizzler 9492
                                                                          mariethesizzler 9492  11 hours back

                                                                          Who even are they? I'm not joking

                                                                          • sammy Vee
                                                                            sammy Vee  12 hours back

                                                                            I have a better reaction from my tortoise when i come home from work.

                                                                            • uncanny.
                                                                              uncanny.  12 hours back

                                                                              Bro my sister met the actor who plays Oliver Queen in DC’s Arrow, Stephen amell, who was literally sick during the meet and greet but still bothered to say “hi how are you today!” And was respectful.

                                                                              • Malika James
                                                                                Malika James  13 hours back

                                                                                2:27 are you actually sorry or sorry because you have to be? 🤨

                                                                                • high on ecstasy
                                                                                  high on ecstasy  13 hours back

                                                                                  lmao wtf

                                                                                  • Taylor
                                                                                    Taylor  13 hours back

                                                                                    They have always been disrespectful entitled douche bags and nobody can change my mind on that 🤷🏼‍♀️

                                                                                    • daleylife
                                                                                      daleylife  13 hours back

                                                                                      BTS is waving at the Dobre twins- oh no shut it
                                                                                      KPOP IDOLS ARE WAVING AT THE DOBRE TWINS!!!!

                                                                                      • Yoon Min
                                                                                        Yoon Min  14 hours back

                                                                                        I don't get it. Lots of people don't smile when pics are taken. Were they mean after or something

                                                                                        • Arii;笑
                                                                                          Arii;笑  14 hours back

                                                                                          Me 2019

                                                                                          • N e t s a n e t
                                                                                            N e t s a n e t  14 hours back


                                                                                            • Ruby Gomez
                                                                                              Ruby Gomez  14 hours back

                                                                                              I dont even know them but I wanted to see the tea 😂😂

                                                                                              • skz dreamies
                                                                                                skz dreamies  14 hours back

                                                                                                bye i’ve never liked them and this only gives me another reason 💀💀

                                                                                                • Bahja Abdishakoor
                                                                                                  Bahja Abdishakoor  14 hours back

                                                                                                  they better run up her money