Is Jay-Z Selling Out After Signing NFL Partnership Deal?


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  • Terry Knight
    Terry Knight  3 days back

    Nobody ever talks about this but racism is more tolerated than sexism. Jay-Z partnered with an organization that blackballed Colin Kaepernick for protesting racial injustices and some people don't agree with Jay-Z and some people do agree with Jay-Z. But if Jay-Z partnered with an organization that discriminated against women and females NOBODY would support Jay-Z or agree with him. Just saying.

    • Clevesland
      Clevesland  2 weeks back

      So jay z sold out in 2019 😁😁

      • Nahshon Wong
        Nahshon Wong  2 weeks back

        F that . Dude said we not going to turn on hov ..... That's the reason he can do something like this and not be worried about it.... Like Nas said f#$k Jay z

        • Fred Hampton's Ghost
          Fred Hampton's Ghost  2 weeks back

          Uncle Jay

          • In The Mix Radio
            In The Mix Radio  3 weeks back

            No change from within, come off that bs.

            • In The Mix Radio
              In The Mix Radio  3 weeks back

              Tap Dancer Jay Z for his masters at The NFL.This deal is only for Jay Z no one else.

              • o998 7745
                o998 7745  3 weeks back

                Shade of the station Engineers turn that Brotha mic up.

                • Sammy Poston
                  Sammy Poston  3 weeks back

                  Jay Z been a sell out... You should have listened to 2 Pac.

                  • Hollywood Stacks
                    Hollywood Stacks  4 weeks back

                    I'm still not watching the nfl period,never again.

                    • Tina Morris
                      Tina Morris  4 weeks back

                      This dude is not human i can't find a person with lips that big if it's raining get up under jay z lips you cold get under them lips

                      • KEVEN HOLLA
                        KEVEN HOLLA  4 weeks back

                        Rosenberg funny

                        • emanuel rodriguez
                          emanuel rodriguez  4 weeks back

                          Whatever happends we need to take care of kapernick. He started this whole thing. So he needs to be in the convo and get the man a job

                          • Tony Dorsett
                            Tony Dorsett  4 weeks back

                            Jayz ain't nothing but a glorified concert promoter

                            • Jermaine Moss
                              Jermaine Moss  4 weeks back

                              Listen to Rosenberg, another sell out, wtf you know about the black community? You maybe never drove through a hood, so dont say what black people think. Only thing you should have a say in, is the sèances your people practice. Cause you listen to rap dont mean you have any understanding of black people. Stfu

                              • Debra Williams
                                Debra Williams  4 weeks back

                                Trump. Is looking for votes.

                                • Glen willer
                                  Glen willer  4 weeks back

                                  Don’t say everyone. I haven’t been watching it and I’m good.

                                  • Robert Seymour
                                    Robert Seymour  4 weeks back

                                    Rosenberg is ridiculous. If the NFL was "loosing" in this situation, they wouldn't need Jay-Z in the 1st place. Jay-Z even said they need him more than he needs the NFL. He's being used to try to move the narrative from the protesters and the NFL is WINNING in that regard. Jay-Z didn't use his leverage with the league to impact any type of change before the deal. He could've personally hired Kaep with Roc Nation like he did with Van Jones. These owners are Trump fans and see the players as "Inmates running the asylum", which was a direct quote from the Texans owner AFTER a conversation with the players. You think JAY-Z is really going to change their minds? No. He's not there to change THEIR minds, he's there to try and help the NFL win the PR battle against the protesting players. The NFL is like, "We can't be racist, we have a black friend!", and that friend is now Jay-Z.

                                    • Shane Rhabb
                                      Shane Rhabb  4 weeks back

                                      Nobody is going to change old money, lol

                                      • M Man
                                        M Man  4 weeks back

                                        People are shouting as if they went out and voted for him. Why don't you take that same energy to your senator, congress, governor and potus? You're effectively paying for their salary through your taxes. LOOOL

                                        • Kes Cuffie
                                          Kes Cuffie  4 weeks back

                                          Could started his own league

                                          • Kes Cuffie
                                            Kes Cuffie  4 weeks back

                                            I see Kap getting a gig from this. Because of the media covering this carefully orchestrated plan

                                          • DUNK BOY
                                            DUNK BOY  4 weeks back

                                            I don't watch football

                                            • THOMAS SODOMIZER
                                              THOMAS SODOMIZER  4 weeks back

                                              Don't matter to me because I stopped watching that bullshit anyhow.

                                              • Gia Chanel
                                                Gia Chanel  4 weeks back

                                                The bottom line the owners of these teams are slave owners...and that extents across basketball...we’re owners are all white or predominantly...they are in control

                                                • Roaringlionz Productions

                                                  I am just here to say people OPEN UP YOUR EYES, if someone have to tell you how to think and analyze that feeling that you feel deep down. then you are surely in need of major help!!!!!

                                                  • Reinecouturia
                                                    Reinecouturia  4 weeks back

                                                    NFL & Jay-Z do not care about black people. They're trying to make more money by coming together, & creating more controversy/attention around this for more money, like all these other companies are doing for money. Black people, they don't care about you. We're livestock. What the hell could the NFL & Jay-Z do for black people ( The whole community not just a few athletes) to be less affected by deadly racism in this nation??????

                                                    • Will Rich
                                                      Will Rich  4 weeks back

                                                      The whole thing what kills me is the media feeding the bs making out to be about justice when in reality it’s about money

                                                      • Steve johnson
                                                        Steve johnson  4 weeks back

                                                        ROSENBERG STFU

                                                        • black1582
                                                          black1582  4 weeks back

                                                          Yes, along with the NFL. May the NFL, burn in Hell!

                                                          • BlaqJeezus x
                                                            BlaqJeezus x  4 weeks back

                                                            Why are people so concerned about a millionaire jock getting his job back. Its amazing normal everyday folk are so concerning about a guy who's actually done very well out of work with his multimillion dollar nike deal.

                                                            • BAH ISMAEL
                                                              BAH ISMAEL  1 months back

                                                              I donc what anybody says but this is just like Kanye wearing the red hot for change Lille wtfffff

                                                              • No SmokeTv
                                                                No SmokeTv  1 months back

                                                                My lil input on Jay z selling out black people on my channel

                                                                • Eric Armstrong
                                                                  Eric Armstrong  1 months back

                                                                  Turn your tv off.... one at a time is enough. Don't let numbers fool u

                                                                  • Mr L wiseman
                                                                    Mr L wiseman  1 months back

                                                                    Jay z Aka Lucifer sold out a long time ago, ppl need to listen to what these sell outs are telling you, not telling you. Jay z is a con man, always running game with his con plan

                                                                    • PiC Hoover
                                                                      PiC Hoover  1 months back

                                                                      cant wait to hear the verse jay got for everybody 👀 10 years from now we'll all look bacc n call Hov a Genius for tHis 🤷🏽‍♂️ give him time cuz he deserves it

                                                                      • Adam A.
                                                                        Adam A.  1 months back

                                                                        Look man, I'm not surprised. Jay was a hardened criminal for over a decade, he sold poison to his own neighbors, I don't know why everybody acting shocked that he only cares about himself. Jay never claimed to be a political activist, he's a business man, people just need to let it go. No man is perfect, I wish him the best. Maybe he will change things from the inside, only time will tell.

                                                                        • First Last
                                                                          First Last  1 months back

                                                                          I am from NYC, and cops continuing killing black people, decade after decade in the street made it very easy for this black man to stop watching and supporting the NFL....and if black people are still watching, slavery of tbe mind is a terrible thing. What is Jay Z going to do about our corrupt cri inal justice system???? What is JayZ going to do about cops killing black people???....JAY Z HAS NO FUCKING PLAN.

                                                                          • elefint n da room
                                                                            elefint n da room  1 months back

                                                                            Jayz has reached trump status in the black community where people literally will not criticize him and are afraid to call him out! Come on now with the excuses hes trying to change things from within? Lol Please he has always been a sell out and a narcissist who is ONLY about that bag! History lesson - biggie is on top the world and is TRULY rated as the best rapper! Along comes unknown Jayz claiming hes biggie best bud and is on tape saying biggie is the best! Fast forward biggie dies now immediately jayz the best friend now self proclaims he is the best rapper and uses biggies status and lyrics to make it rich and you idiots call him a great buisness man? A great manipulator and con man is more accurate! Oh and it's so convenient that all his enablers and defenders seem to forget important details such as it was Jayz who talked Jermaine dupri out of taking the same job just a year ago! And now he slides in and takes the same job he campaigned for JD not to! Dirty dude and shady at best! Jayz is an opportunist everything he has ever done or do is for his own gain in some form or fashion! Any black person defending this move is weak period because you know deep down this is a sell out money move and that is the ONLY reason it is getting the press coverage its getting because everyone with a brain knows what he did!!!

                                                                            • TruthTeller TV
                                                                              TruthTeller TV  1 months back

                                                                              Ebro hopped off Jay's nuts for a minute to let these kiss *sses suck on a planter. Jay's after the bag, only broke people look at a billion dollars like forever money. Jay's around multi billionaires, like the Rothschilds & Rockerfellers etc if either one of you think he's comfortable with that one billion your delusional asl. New York never says anything bad about Jay. Cowards scared Jay will make them lose their jobs smfh

                                                                              • Spaulding P
                                                                                Spaulding P  1 months back

                                                                                Why know one asked what was trump going to do with the country

                                                                                • james williams
                                                                                  james williams  1 months back

                                                                                  Jay bro keep pushing! This is unbelievable how instead of celebrating the fact that one of us is positioned well enough to make a move of this sort.. All negativity. Even the unenlightened, smallest minds would understand what he explained in the press conference...outside of the single fact whatever jay does, man he don't owe anybody ish! That man got family, bills and business to take care of just like allof us. Fckin unbelievable! Hov keep pushing bro!!!!!

                                                                                  • Anita Commodore
                                                                                    Anita Commodore  1 months back

                                                                                    HELL YES!!!!

                                                                                    • Jose DeJesus
                                                                                      Jose DeJesus  1 months back

                                                                                      This is a Complete sell-out by Jay Z.

                                                                                      • Emily stevens
                                                                                        Emily stevens  1 months back

                                                                                        When all the acts perform free, WHY WOULD THEY PAY HIM????

                                                                                        • B Collins
                                                                                          B Collins  1 months back

                                                                                          First and foremost AA represent 13% of the USA so to say the NFL numbers aren't down isn't looking at the fact that who are the majority watching? The same majority that says you're playing the race card. Majority white people! Maybe 30% care about injustice and 70% that could care less. Anyway it looks bad for Jay z to do this. Now if he works at change within then this is great but if not.... Jay might eat this.

                                                                                          • chef Nelson
                                                                                            chef Nelson  1 months back

                                                                                            I wonder if the ratings for the NFL would still be good if we didn't have all these bars with 30 TV's showing the NFL games on every TV.

                                                                                            • Stephanie Brizard
                                                                                              Stephanie Brizard  1 months back

                                                                                              You can ask why rich folks scam the system when they have so much already, because they always want more. #greedbreedsgreed

                                                                                              • ogun
                                                                                                ogun  1 months back

                                                                                                As long as black folks continue to allow and think that entertainers can liberate us we will never get out of this hole that were in.