I tame a Fox in Minecraft (very cute) - Part 27


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  • Green Striker
    Green Striker  45 minutes back


    • Sorrow Awakening
      Sorrow Awakening  51 minutes back

      ;u; anybody part of lesbians and gays, Etc.?

      • ッCxndy
        ッCxndy  2 hours back

        So, I’m a lesbo and there was a gay doggo wedding in this

        • Efraim Bastian
          Efraim Bastian  2 hours back

          I love how pewds put in cinematic shot, making it like a vlog 🤣🤣

          • Diego Perez Luna
            Diego Perez Luna  4 hours back

            Entrar a un video de pew die pie y gritar boca yo te amooo siempre te llevo a todo lado jajajajajazj

            • Stormy Skies
              Stormy Skies  4 hours back

              Pewds: Great, everyone’s here

              Water sheep: do I mean nothing to you?

              • Abigail Burns
                Abigail Burns  4 hours back

                Imma call it!

                Sven's boyfriend is trans.
                Sven is pansexual
                _He fricked virgin turtle's gf, remember?_

                • Lani Gooley
                  Lani Gooley  6 hours back

                  I may or may not have cried during Sven and Sven's boyfriend's wedding.

                  • TurtleBoy219
                    TurtleBoy219  7 hours back

                    Pewdiepie add a golem for each villager and snowman

                    • Faye Eleby
                      Faye Eleby  7 hours back

                      I can't believe you that you did that
                      To Chad wild clay

                      • Walker Z
                        Walker Z  7 hours back

                        Pewdiepie: he was like a father to me...

                        • M Yee
                          M Yee  7 hours back

                          what mod is this

                          • Jared Tan
                            Jared Tan  7 hours back


                            • Erin Peters
                              Erin Peters  9 hours back

                              Pewdiepie “You can make it better by adding a glass stained... what am I saying???”


                              “By adding a glass stain..”

                              • Catocatcatcat meow
                                Catocatcatcat meow  10 hours back

                                I know why the iron golem is gray it's because he called the stone people I know I'm late so most people won't know BUT I KNOW

                                • shelley w
                                  shelley w  10 hours back

                                  why didnt he just switch the blue stained glass with green stained glass if the colors mix...

                                  • Sarah Buckle
                                    Sarah Buckle  10 hours back

                                    or not bc its a boy...... stuped

                                    • Sarah Buckle
                                      Sarah Buckle  10 hours back

                                      u shound name ur new dog......... sweetpie

                                      • shyWolf REACTS
                                        shyWolf REACTS  11 hours back

                                        You forgot one at Sven’s wedding! Ikea bird.. he was there in spirit.

                                        • slime queen
                                          slime queen  12 hours back

                                          Pewdiep you know how you put glass as windows use yellow glass and blue glass put it on top then they will both have colors at the same time just keep adding glass until your out of the tower on the top of the WOOOORRRRLLLLLDDDD!!!

                                          • anonymous D
                                            anonymous D  12 hours back

                                            You should put brown carpet ontop off the meatball to stop it from molding/fellow swedishboy

                                            • AFS Tech
                                              AFS Tech  13 hours back

                                              T series was like a father to me

                                              • Noe Marquez
                                                Noe Marquez  13 hours back

                                                This was the first video I saw from you Pewpiedie I like your Channel

                                                • Gabeismypup Claire
                                                  Gabeismypup Claire  13 hours back

                                                  RIP sven's bf

                                                  • Sofia Spangenberg
                                                    Sofia Spangenberg  14 hours back

                                                    What I have to do to have that shiny line??

                                                    • Jerome Rosquites
                                                      Jerome Rosquites  15 hours back

                                                      Hi pewdiepie

                                                      • Nickolas petersen
                                                        Nickolas petersen  15 hours back

                                                        Er du svensk jeg er dansk🇩🇰🇸🇪

                                                        • Letícia Viana
                                                          Letícia Viana  15 hours back

                                                          why is he so good using red stoneee

                                                          • Benziko
                                                            Benziko  15 hours back

                                                            Pewdiepie plays ib two computers whaaaat

                                                            • mnmastro1
                                                              mnmastro1  16 hours back

                                                              you should make sven a girlfriend since his bf died and you could name her svenette

                                                              • KryatonSky
                                                                KryatonSky  16 hours back

                                                                How is possible that people keep changing pewds minecraft server? Like having his server access?!

                                                                • Andrei Okhotin
                                                                  Andrei Okhotin  16 hours back

                                                                  u can do snow man

                                                                  • adripvp1 Villanera palomino

                                                                    In spanish lol

                                                                    • Zoe Stahl
                                                                      Zoe Stahl  17 hours back

                                                                      Felix: *steals fox babies*
                                                                      Me: *cries over digital animals being stolen from their mother*

                                                                      • hamilgleevanheathers yay
                                                                        hamilgleevanheathers yay  17 hours back

                                                                        I’m so freaking mad people in the comments won’t just LET SVEN BE GAY. AND HAPPY. WITH HIS HUSBAND. IF MINECRAFT WAS LITERAL THERE WOULD NOT BE POTIONS AND BEACONS AND ENCHANTED SWORDS AND ZOMBIE PIGMEN. AND I DONT SEE ANYONE GETTING MAD ABOUT THAT. SO JUST STOP.

                                                                        • koo koo
                                                                          koo koo  18 hours back

                                                                          my god am i actually squealing on how cute these pixelated dogs getting married on a game.

                                                                          • Rusmawati Nik
                                                                            Rusmawati Nik  18 hours back

                                                                            Veryyyyyy cute 🐶🐶🦊

                                                                            • al masa masa
                                                                              al masa masa  19 hours back

                                                                              طيب كل تبن

                                                                              • Janne Aasland Jakobsen
                                                                                Janne Aasland Jakobsen  21 hours back

                                                                                Hei pewdiepie jag er fra norge

                                                                                • Savage_Queen XoX
                                                                                  Savage_Queen XoX  21 hours back

                                                                                  Awww I miss DJ cow especially after he clips that u put on. 😶😱

                                                                                  • _ heyguysitsmerob
                                                                                    _ heyguysitsmerob  21 hours back

                                                                                    How does he get he get his farm to irrigate?

                                                                                    I’m trying to make an automatic farm in my world.

                                                                                    • INTERZIS PERSOANELOR CARE MA CUNOSC

                                                                                      I really miss Joergen 😔💔😭

                                                                                      • Demonetisation Wizard Boi

                                                                                        An ad for pet cremation came on as you collected your pets

                                                                                        • puiwenlam lam
                                                                                          puiwenlam lam  23 hours back

                                                                                          Is anyone gonna ask where the baby lama went

                                                                                          • Naber
                                                                                            Naber  23 hours back

                                                                                            24:31 PEW ASMR

                                                                                            • Rotta 123
                                                                                              Rotta 123  24 hours back

                                                                                              är du svensk? Och jag undrade videon när det är på finska

                                                                                              • dave bauso
                                                                                                dave bauso  24 hours back

                                                                                                Sven's wedding is so cute!!!!!!!

                                                                                                • Simen Salomonsen
                                                                                                  Simen Salomonsen  1 days back

                                                                                                  Is Sven gay?¿