Nick Swisher speaks with Yelich, Merrifield, Contreras, Gallo and Bellinger at ASG 2019 | FOX MLB


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  • FOX Sports
    FOX Sports   2 months back

    Who will win the All-Star game?

  • G Gizzle
    G Gizzle  2 months back

    yeli’s brows 😍

    • G Gizzle
      G Gizzle  2 months back

      cody wants to laugh i love it 😂😭

      • Dick Hurtz
        Dick Hurtz  2 months back

        3 seconds in and i'm dying at how pumped up Swisher is.

        • Joseph Wingate
          Joseph Wingate  2 months back

          I thought this was a WWE interview.

          • mads k
            mads k  2 months back

            Yeli’s brows >>>>

            • BKK
              BKK  2 months back

              Swisher is annoying asf

              • Jeffrey Garcia
                Jeffrey Garcia  2 months back

                Nick should be a TV game host

                • Sebastian Miller
                  Sebastian Miller  2 months back

                  Not to be rude but I feel like Nick is all coked out all the time

                • Xxxx Soto
                  Xxxx Soto  2 months back

                  I love Swish‼I'm so glad the MLB found something for him. He's so neccessary. Plus he was my favorite Yankee👊🏽

                  • Lucas
                    Lucas  2 months back


                    • BBBMamba
                      BBBMamba  2 months back

                      Whit Merrifield is such an underrated talent man, hoping someone on a contender trades for him so he can actually show the larger audience how good he is

                    • Professor Statisyahu
                      Professor Statisyahu  2 months back

                      Can I please have some of the drugs Swish is on?

                      • GucciGrind
                        GucciGrind  2 months back

                        gotta love nick swisher’s energy

                        • Mr. Boombastic
                          Mr. Boombastic  2 months back

                          I can see Swish in the WWE

                          • GucciGrind
                            GucciGrind  2 months back

                            why was whit merrifield so uncomfortable?

                            • BKK
                              BKK  2 months back

                              Cuz Swisher is such a fake

                            • Hi BUDDY WAZ UP
                              Hi BUDDY WAZ UP  2 months back

                              "yeah, uhm, yeah, uhm, great all star, great uhm ,, obviously a good, uhm nice night ,uhm, thank you. "