Should the Blue Jays Move Vlad Jr. From 3rd Base? | We Need To Talk

  • Published: 21 August 2019
  • After suffering another injury, is it time for the Blue Jays to move Vladimir Guerrero Jr. away from the hot corner?
    Faizal Khamisa is joined by Ben Nicholson-Smith to discuss.

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Comments • 42

  • Me
    Me  3 weeks back

    Scouts have been saying he isn't a 3B since he was like 17 so none of this is surprising. The Jays aren't playing for anything right now but he will be moved sooner rather than later.

    • James Fralick
      James Fralick  4 weeks back

      vladie needs to lose some weight

      • Drogon Targaryen
        Drogon Targaryen  4 weeks back

        Play him at 1st next year when Smoak moves on. Him and Rowdy can platoon

        • Rick Robitaille
          Rick Robitaille  4 weeks back

          Putting vlady at first seems to make sense but wrong,throw out connventional thoughts, put vladys gun and safety in outfield

      • LarryFrancona
        LarryFrancona  4 weeks back

        The young man needs to get in shape.

        • LarryFrancona
          LarryFrancona  4 weeks back

          Storm Rider ... the young man has tremendous talent, but he needs to get in better shape in order to handle the rigours of a 162 game season. Has nothing to do with being a bodybuilder and everything to do with looking after himself - he's already been injured three times this year. It's obvious, don't let Sportsnet tell you otherwise. I wish the kid well.

        • Storm Rider
          Storm Rider  4 weeks back

          LarryFrancona he is in shape, Prince Fielder was in shape just because he isn’t a body builder doesn’t mean he isn’t in shape

      • Michael
        Michael  4 weeks back

        Why move him if you don’t have anyone to fill the roll. This 20 year old who hasn’t even played a full year in the majors. I think they should focus on getting and keeping him in shape so to prolong his career.

        • Mike S
          Mike S  4 weeks back

          He’ll ask to be traded soon.

          • Leam D
            Leam D  4 weeks back

            He can ask all he wants but is under control for many years. Do you even watch baseball?

        • Peter Peng
          Peter Peng  4 weeks back

          too heavy - will damage own joints and cartilage

          • Ryan Laing
            Ryan Laing  4 weeks back

            He is too fat to play at third, you need to be a freak specimen to play third. Look at Donaldson

            • LISTEN TO ME
              LISTEN TO ME  4 weeks back

              Fatty Guerrero will never survive at 3rd.

              • ClayClaydol
                ClayClaydol  4 weeks back

                His Rtot/yr is -27.
                He's been pretty bad in the field.
                He has to improve or else the Jays will have no choice.
                The "conditioning" narrative is tired, BNS. Move on to a relevant factor.

                • ClayClaydol
                  ClayClaydol  4 weeks back

                  @Storm Rider His talent is hitting. He isn't good at 3B right now. I'm not saying he can't improve. I'm not saying he can't be great at 1B.
                  If he continues to be a negative impact player on the defensive side of the ball, that's what the DH should be used for.

                • Storm Rider
                  Storm Rider  4 weeks back

                  ClayClaydol it’s his first year as a 20 yr old playing a premium spot relax his talent will speak for itself! This is the city of Toronto’s biggest issue patience, yet we have won nothing

              • Chewy Ltd
                Chewy Ltd  4 weeks back

                Mobility is a big thing in baseball and Vlad is a proven hitter for the team to really get better perhaps think about platooning him at a few positions and let him be a designated hitter.

                • Mitch91PyroisB0SS
                  Mitch91PyroisB0SS  4 weeks back

                  Then if he moves to first, who goes to third, and then what do you do with smoak and tellez at first?

                  • Russell Styles
                    Russell Styles  4 weeks back

                    Mitch91PyroisB0SS Tellez goes DH and Smoak is a free agent in 2020. Bet they don’t resign him. Drury can play third...see what they can sign or trade for in off season if they let Smoak go.

                  • OmbreComedy
                    OmbreComedy  4 weeks back

                    Mitch91PyroisB0SS Drury plays third and rowdy and vladdy rotate DH and first. Smoak is gone

                • freewillobjector
                  freewillobjector  4 weeks back

                  I like Bichette at 3rd more than Vlad. Vlad is a DH/LF.

                  • freewillobjector
                    freewillobjector  4 weeks back

                    I'd have to agree. Vlad isn't athletic enough for defense. And you gain weight as you get older. He is only going to get worse. I'd have both of them take reps in LF and RF. Vlad at 1st. Bichette, it's hard to say if he can be a everyday defensive infielder. I don't think Vlad can. He will never be quick enough at his size to handle 3b. At least Bichette has reflexes from SS. Arm or no arm. You can get away with an avg. arm if you are quick to pivot and throw. Remember the Graig Nettles flip, that Cal Jr. used at 3b? I don't see Vlad being all that mobile at that size for 3b. I'd love to be wrong. Just going by what I see. There is a reason Jeff Kent never lasted as a 3b but half the season, then was traded to go back to 2b. He wasn't quick enough, hands wise, and at his height to get down fast enough. Vlad reminds me of when Ron Gant was moved from 2b to 3b for Atlanta in '89. He was sent down to A ball to learn to be a CF/LF at the All Star Break.

                  • GamerTag97
                    GamerTag97  4 weeks back

                    Just worried about Bo's arm if he can play 3rd. Vlad is not a LF probably 1st base.

                • Rick Robitaille
                  Rick Robitaille  4 weeks back

                  Although vlady surprisingly quick on his feet,powerful arm,dont think he has the body type to change directions impulsively and throw off balance in awkward
                  positions, I would put vlady in outfield where his straight away speed works for running down balls and gunning out baserunners that's vladys body type the way I see it

                  • Rick Robitaille
                    Rick Robitaille  3 weeks back

                    @Leam D
                    Fair enough
                    I think vlady has shown flashes of brilliance but I do think he's vulnerable to injury at third,its a very
                    Physically demanding position,I hope I'm wrong,I know one thing vlady does need to be
                    A steady guy in one position, as he loves to compete and be out there with teammates, let's cross our fingers,maybe he will surprise us all at third

                  • Leam D
                    Leam D  3 weeks back

                    @Rick Robitaille Id leave him at 3rd. He has been fine.

                  • Rick Robitaille
                    Rick Robitaille  3 weeks back

                    @Leam D
                    Were would you put vlady beside third base,excluding the obvious

                  • Leam D
                    Leam D  3 weeks back

                    @Rick Robitaille they cannot field an entire team of outfielders

                  • Rick Robitaille
                    Rick Robitaille  3 weeks back

                    Wouldn't call Jose Bautista a great catching outfielder, yet he was noticed because of strong arm,there are so many examples to name

                • Donut
                  Donut  4 weeks back

                  They should put him at short.

                  • Dfgcc Gggff
                    Dfgcc Gggff  4 weeks back

                    No young defender is perfect when they first hit the bigs

                    • jsem94
                      jsem94  3 weeks back

                      Matt Chapman was excellent immediately. Manny Machado also had his best season defensively in his first full season in the bigs.

                    • ClayClaydol
                      ClayClaydol  4 weeks back

                      Andrelton Simmons (the best defensive SS in the history of baseball) had his best Rtot/yr in his rookie year. 54!

                  • Dfgcc Gggff
                    Dfgcc Gggff  4 weeks back

                    Why should they he has played well at third

                    • Michael MacRae
                      Michael MacRae  4 weeks back

                      They'd put him at first lol

                      • DarkRage CK
                        DarkRage CK  4 weeks back

                        pointless vid