Street Food in Peshawar - GOLDEN PULAO Mountain + Charsi Tikka Kabab + Pakistani Street Food Tour!

  • Published: 27 April 2019
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    Today, I'm (The Food Ranger, Trevor James) bringing you in DEEP for a FULL ON street food tour of Peshawar, Pakistan. Peshawar is one of the oldest market towns in the world and has one of the richest street food scenes you'll ever witness! You need to travel to Pakistan!

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    We're going Foodrangin' for tons of FAMOUS Pakistan Street Food - including the AMAZING BBQ Nisar Charsi Tikka Kababs, some amazing UNSEEN Pakistani Pulao, and ULTRA RARE PIZZA NAAN!!

    You will fall in love with the street food in Peshawar as soon as you arrive! Today, we're starting out with an UNSEEN Pulao, found in downtown Peshawar in the old area where there is street food everywhere! Here, it was full of basmati rice and huge chunks of beef and huge beef bones with unbelievably delicious bone marrow!

    After this, we're going Foodrangin' and finding some local street stalls before going to Nisar Charsi Tikka BBQ Mutton HEAVEN!

    First, we found a local Pakistan street food served right on the street, the fruit chaat! It was a delicious fruit salad topped with a rose syrup! This was amazing, but what was even more delicious than this famous food in Pakistan is the Pizza naan we found next!

    After tasting the fruit chaat, we walked down a local alley in Peshawar that was full of delicious Pakistani street food, like mutton kerahi (sometimes called Karhai) and fried street fish!

    We found one of the most unique street foods in Pakistan, the Pizza naan! It was loaded with tomato, coriander, potato mash, and sliced potato! It was quite salty and was delicious!

    After this, we made our way to Namak Mandi in Peshawar to visit the super famous and ultra unique Nisar Charsi Tikka! But first, we found a home cooked Pakistani street food, the Saag! Here, it was served with lassi and also Pakistani corn bread! It was so unique!

    And for our final meal, we went to the WORLD FAMOUS Nisar Charsi Tikka! Here, we met the LEGEND himself, Mr. Nisar Charsi! Here, you can get huge BBQ kababs and also delicious Mutton Kerahi! It was so amazing to taste!!!

    I hope you're enjoying this big Pakistani street food video series! Thanks so much for watching, I would love to hear from you down below!

    There is much more street food in our Pakistani food videos series, get ready for the playlist of a lifetime!!


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    Yeet on My deet  24 minutes back

    This dude's videos just makes me melt

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      Anime Boy  2 hours back

      You can get anything for free unless you're a citizen

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        Jahed kibria  2 hours back

        A pure smile can bring million tons of happiness ♥♥♥

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          John Seena  3 hours back

          Love from Peshawar
          Keep visiting dear 😊

          • John Seena
            John Seena  3 hours back

            We Pakistani may be not that rich
            But our hearts are full of love for everyone 😊😇😇
            Thanks 🙏 for visit.

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                Maloor Nasco  4 hours back

                lovely people Peshawar..from Kerala 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 INDIA

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                  Pashtun Channel  4 hours back

                  Glad you enjoyed it bro. I go Peshawar every day. I'm hoping you come back next time as my guest.

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                        You are really respectful person love from Pakistan

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                          Usman Farooque  8 hours back

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                            Taj Mohammed  8 hours back

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