Last Names


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  • Angela Chacon
    Angela Chacon  28 minutes back

    My last name is Chacon..

    • Tinker _uk28
      Tinker _uk28  3 hours back

      Ng is a letter in welsh such as 'fy Ngorff'. Which means my body

      • Chief Sync
        Chief Sync  3 hours back

        i am also from philippines and my name is Allan Antonio jr calupit manito

        • Zaid Shah
          Zaid Shah  3 hours back

          P O N G E B O B B B B B

          • FLOART
            FLOART  4 hours back

            Nailed It!
            My last name is Warzyński. And it's no easy XD

            • rato ralado
              rato ralado  4 hours back

              hello may name is luiz gabriel

              • Pytor
                Pytor  5 hours back

                have fun with Finnish surnames ;)

                • Charlotte Rygaard Bugge

                  My actual last name is Majeed. EVERYONE pronounces it like fucking MaYEET

                  • Xxlolbit Xx
                    Xxlolbit Xx  8 hours back

                    OMG YOU PUT romainian flag im ROMAINAIN

                    • Captain America
                      Captain America  9 hours back


                      • smg SugaKookie 11
                        smg SugaKookie 11  9 hours back

                        As a Malaysian, i find ur last name easy to pronounce. I dont even have a last name :,) mine is just a solid Name 👌

                        • MOBILE GAMER
                          MOBILE GAMER  9 hours back

                          My classmate's last name is "Sy"

                          • Allenxavinzky Adjiewibowo

                            My whole name is basically a tongue twister for all teachers

                            Like how hard is it to pronounce lmao

                            • Roaa 3mor
                              Roaa 3mor  10 hours back

                              My family name is JAZMAWI , what worse,My name is ROAA ,FML

                              • jena alegro
                                jena alegro  7 minutes back

                                Wanna know what's worse I know people who have names like

                            • Larry Acaso
                              Larry Acaso  10 hours back

                              Mah last name is Acaso

                              • Jannabel Tinoy
                                Jannabel Tinoy  10 hours back

                                This is my sisters account and my name is

                                John stephen m. Marco
                                And the m is marco :I i know confusing

                                • Kim's my main man
                                  Kim's my main man  11 hours back

                                  I'm a pilipino my last name is Biñas pronounce like dis bin ya s

                                  • Ruben Marpaung
                                    Ruben Marpaung  12 hours back

                                    Im Indonesian, and i guess i pronounce it correctly

                                    • Anotherordinaryguy 499
                                      Anotherordinaryguy 499  12 hours back

                                      The Philippines has more native languages than anyone thought of.

                                      • Aden_ 62
                                        Aden_ 62  13 hours back

                                        Coronel 👈

                                        • Govie Govie
                                          Govie Govie  13 hours back

                                          I'm filipino, and my last name is "Gabuya"

                                          • ley park
                                            ley park  13 hours back

                                            panana bann

                                            • Jun ian felipe Hernandez
                                              Jun ian felipe Hernandez  13 hours back

                                              By the way I'm Filipino

                                              • Jun ian felipe Hernandez
                                                Jun ian felipe Hernandez  13 hours back

                                                Trust me mine is worse hernandez

                                                • *-_Gacha_ Kryptonite_-*
                                                  *-_Gacha_ Kryptonite_-*  14 hours back

                                                  Filipinoes are the only one that can say your last name.
                                                  For those people who cant:
                                                  So your full name is
                                                  Domics Panganiban?

                                                  • Private LG
                                                    Private LG  14 hours back

                                                    Filipino hereeee
                                                    My surname is BAUTISTA

                                                    • Minato Yukki Tashiro
                                                      Minato Yukki Tashiro  14 hours back

                                                      Im pure filipino but I have a japanese first name. .-.

                                                      • Eugene Orcino
                                                        Eugene Orcino  16 hours back

                                                        My Last Name Is "Orcino" Im Expecting People When i Go To Canada Saying It As Or-Ki-No.

                                                        • Ace Flames
                                                          Ace Flames  17 hours back

                                                          Buti apilido ko cruz
                                                          Translate: ↓
                                                          Good thing my last name is cruz

                                                          • Izzy Summer
                                                            Izzy Summer  17 hours back

                                                            My is sukolsky

                                                            • bendy jorge
                                                              bendy jorge  19 hours back

                                                              My name is jakekurtgarcia

                                                              • Erix Mendoza
                                                                Erix Mendoza  19 hours back

                                                                Yup Mendoza is very easy to pronounce

                                                                • Cubing Adventures
                                                                  Cubing Adventures  19 hours back

                                                                  Lol mines three letters but my friends is Andjelkovic

                                                                  Also huseinovic

                                                                • saad khan
                                                                  saad khan  20 hours back

                                                                  My last name is khan

                                                                  • Trîçkêr Tîçkêr
                                                                    Trîçkêr Tîçkêr  20 hours back

                                                                    P u n j i b o b

                                                                    • AL- Johara
                                                                      AL- Johara  21 hours back


                                                                      • Rylee Smith
                                                                        Rylee Smith  21 hours back

                                                                        Lol I just have trouble with people spelling my first name since there’s over like 10 ways to spell it. Though for some reason some people insert an “A” in it 🤔🤔 not sure where that thought or misconception comes from

                                                                        • Sand Assassin
                                                                          Sand Assassin  21 hours back

                                                                          My last name sounds like Suzuki but is pronounced like the dog breed ,but instead of an a in the dog breed there is a I for my name......can any guess what it is?

                                                                          • Hayley Fox
                                                                            Hayley Fox  24 hours back

                                                                            I live in singapore and ALOT of people have the sure names ng...

                                                                            Its pronounced as ang or eng

                                                                            • Animating With James
                                                                              Animating With James  24 hours back

                                                                              Ummmm...... I’m Thai

                                                                              • lu lu
                                                                                lu lu  1 days back

                                                                                My last name is "alatrista"

                                                                                • Racheal Marko
                                                                                  Racheal Marko  1 days back

                                                                                  2:25 did anyone realize those names are connected

                                                                                  • Wild Shot
                                                                                    Wild Shot  1 days back

                                                                                    my last name is raffensberger

                                                                                    • Brooke Johnson
                                                                                      Brooke Johnson  1 days back


                                                                                      • Jultruh
                                                                                        Jultruh  1 days back

                                                                                        My last name is "Diaz" easy, only I am Uruguayan and here we do not differentiate the s from the z when speaking, so people usually write it "Días" as the days of the week: ^

                                                                                      • Kemal Utku Yüzbaşıoğlu


                                                                                        • laura lopez
                                                                                          laura lopez  1 days back

                                                                                          Panini bun

                                                                                          • Beqa
                                                                                            Beqa  1 days back

                                                                                            1:48 *Wind Style: Ultimate Spelling Jutsu*