Luna "Chinatown" | FishCenter | adult swim

  • Published: 10 October 2019
  • Luna performs "Chinatown" on FishCenter Live.
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    Luna "Chinatown" | FishCenter | adult swim
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Comments • 22

    VICTOR DEZ  1 weeks back


    • Sir Cen
      Sir Cen  2 weeks back


      • malakai713
        malakai713  2 weeks back

        big daniel johnston (rip) vibe from this, in the best way

        im a new luna fan

        • mrmanback
          mrmanback  2 weeks back


          • The Heart Of A Blackbird


            • Diarmuhnd
              Diarmuhnd  2 weeks back

              *The band did NOT get attacked by a sea monster? I am confused... where's the Robot Chicken Nerd?* ...Oh...

              • Troy Müller
                Troy Müller  2 weeks back

                This is the best rock song about china town followed closely by destroyer’s. Speaking of which, I feel like baebae Papa Bejar would do adult swim (sooner than NPR). You should try to make that happen.

                • Max avs
                  Max avs  2 weeks back

                  Love it. Sucks I missed the episode.

                  • Paulo HP Bender
                    Paulo HP Bender  2 weeks back

                    Why is Rick so well dressed? What happened to his voice!? Why isn't he drooling!? Is this detoxified Rick? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!

                    • Moist Tony
                      Moist Tony  2 weeks back

                      Rick and Morty is so cool hahaha I have the t-shirt hahaha Pickle Rick am I right hahaha

                  • Brohann Sebastian Bach
                    Brohann Sebastian Bach  2 weeks back

                    they look uninterested in their own music

                  • Bill 'I Did Not Bang That Woman' Clinton

                    Nice song. Listened to it multiple times just now. Where can I learn more about the band? Adult Swim didn't leave any info on the video's description.

                    • Bill 'I Did Not Bang That Woman' Clinton
                      Bill 'I Did Not Bang That Woman' Clinton  1 weeks back

                      @Cohesive G-unit sure. i also know now that there are assholes on the internet. thanks for pointing that out as well

                    • Cohesive G-unit
                      Cohesive G-unit  2 weeks back

                      @Bill 'I Did Not Bang That Woman' Clinton well, now u know, theres a literal universe at ur fingertips. Dont say dumb shit, be safe and, just enjoy the ride man!

                    • Bill 'I Did Not Bang That Woman' Clinton
                      Bill 'I Did Not Bang That Woman' Clinton  2 weeks back

                      @Cohesive G-unit actually ive only been using the internet for a week since leaving that comment. Just got out of prison

                    • Cohesive G-unit
                      Cohesive G-unit  2 weeks back

                      Umm maybe search "luna"?? Dafuq, first day on the internet? Welcome I guess

                    • The Heart Of A Blackbird
                      The Heart Of A Blackbird  2 weeks back

                      Dean Wareham - LUNA - Galaxie 500

                  • Rafael de Paula
                    Rafael de Paula  2 weeks back

                    long live to Luna and Galaxie 500

                    • MaxFN
                      MaxFN  2 weeks back

                      Who else is a true fan of Adult?💯

                      👇🏼 𝘐'𝘮 𝘨𝘪𝘧𝘵𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘵𝘰 𝘯𝘦𝘹𝘵 75 𝘴𝘶bs🤩

                      • zach m
                        zach m  2 weeks back

                        very good andc ccool