Iced Coffee vs. Hot Coffee "Iced Coffee's For Wimps!" | Prime Time Sports

  • Published: 23 August 2019
  • Jeff Blair and Richard Deitsch debate whether or not they prefer Iced Coffee over hot coffee and if Iced should be considered coffee at all.


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Comments • 26

  • fuebis
    fuebis  1 weeks back

    I’ve never heard any person say that😂

    • Aylín Espino
      Aylín Espino  2 weeks back

      iced coffee is actually made with 2x the amount of caffeine so in conclusion, it is true that, iced coffee > hot coffee

      • Tamara Fisher
        Tamara Fisher  3 weeks back

        This what happens during hockey's off season.

        • chipychawa33
          chipychawa33  3 weeks back

          Because drinking some thing hot makes you a big bad MF 😂.... OK

          • Jesse Pinkman
            Jesse Pinkman  3 weeks back

            It's TRUE tho

            • drumsallday19
              drumsallday19  3 weeks back

              wawa coffee is the best

              • William, the Tropical Scotsman

                I was just going to scroll past this, but I couldn’t let it go. Who tf approved of this segment? How did a professional sports news show allow for this to be distributed to their subscribers? Jesus, this is trash content.

                • de132
                  de132  3 weeks back

                  C'mon, you gotta stop taking things so seriously

              • Scramblieggs
                Scramblieggs  3 weeks back

                The coffee I drink depends solely on what season it is.

                • Chief, Toke A Bowl
                  Chief, Toke A Bowl  3 weeks back

                  these highlights r insane

                  • Gerhard Symons
                    Gerhard Symons  3 weeks back


                    • Tobias Jansson
                      Tobias Jansson  3 weeks back

                      Whats wrong Whit a cold beer

                      • neo8378
                        neo8378  3 weeks back

                        Clearly you’ve never lived in the south or a desert... iced coffee is the ONLY way to fly when it’s 100+ degrees before 10am

                        • Jonn
                          Jonn  3 weeks back

                          Why not both?

                          • TheBlackLeafs9
                            TheBlackLeafs9  3 weeks back

                            ice coffee for sure

                            • _SnapsZ
                              _SnapsZ  3 weeks back

                              What the hell are you guys doing

                              • Carter Scores
                                Carter Scores  3 weeks back

                                Watched this while drinking my iced coffee.

                                • Simple Simon Speaks
                                  Simple Simon Speaks  3 weeks back

                                  Um.......what sport is this?

                                  • CANT THINK OF A NAME
                                    CANT THINK OF A NAME  3 weeks back

                                    Coffee tastes like butthole

                                    • GOAT
                                      GOAT  3 weeks back

                                      Nothing beats room temp coffee👍

                                    • Thrift Store Gucci
                                      Thrift Store Gucci  3 weeks back

                                      Iced coffee is superior ✨

                                      • Ryan hardy
                                        Ryan hardy  3 weeks back

                                        Ice coffee > hot coffee

                                        • BigChubbz
                                          BigChubbz  3 weeks back

                                          Jeff Blair is a slob my god

                                          • Vegeta Blunt
                                            Vegeta Blunt  3 weeks back

                                            The one with zero cal and no added sugar.

                                            • RyGuy 65
                                              RyGuy 65  3 weeks back

                                              How does Marner take his coffee that’s all that matters