Zion Shows Off Spin Dunk With Ease In 2nd Preseason Game


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  • Max Doll
    Max Doll  2 weeks back

    If he will not mess things up, the trademark Williamson be there for a looong time after his successful career as basketball player.

    • Omar E
      Omar E  2 weeks back

      I've honestly never seen someone just do a standing dunk like that off vert in the NBA...the degree of difficulty on that is just ridiculous. Don't forget there were like 3 defenders there too, so the balls to even try that...This kid is going to be one of the greatest ever, no doubt.

      • Daniel P
        Daniel P  16 hours back

        And he did it with two hands and it was kinda inverted. You'd think he'd spin in the other direction towards the baseline under the basket but he turned back towards the opponents goal then back around to face the rim he scored on. It was real nice watching it first time because lt did take balls to try that in traffic with defenders right there as stated before

      • Entropic Void
        Entropic Void  2 weeks back

        To be fair, the NBA doesn't really play defense. But Zion's still great.

      • noland Sims Jr
        noland Sims Jr  2 weeks back

        I've seen all the dunkers in my life but I've never seen someone do a 360 with players around him.

    • MIN Prod.
      MIN Prod.  2 weeks back

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      • T.M. Will
        T.M. Will  2 weeks back

        The body control and hops for his size is just freakish.

        • foster_the_shota_thread

          you can instantly tell he wasnt a bust like people (including me) thought he was gonna be. look how confident he is with the ball, most busts look confused and stressed in the NBA

          • noland Sims Jr
            noland Sims Jr  2 weeks back

            LOL you are correct..those bust can't handle the pressure.

          • Louie
            Louie  2 weeks back

            @De’Aaron Rose Well said

          • De’Aaron Rose
            De’Aaron Rose  2 weeks back

            U stupid af for even thinking he was gonna be a bust

        • Itzahk Pearlman
          Itzahk Pearlman  2 weeks back

          The world loves Zion
          2020 Olympic Team 🇺🇸

          • Mercenary 1914
            Mercenary 1914  2 weeks back

            This man is getting the LeBron James media hype.

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              • Naybahood White Boy
                Naybahood White Boy  2 weeks back

                Ziom remind me of me so much when I was 20 back in 2003. Real talk

                • cedie p0tp0t
                  cedie p0tp0t  2 weeks back

                  Jordan smiling somewhere... This kid will sell his shoes effectively..

                  • killasyn14
                    killasyn14  2 weeks back

                    Spin dunk?

                    • Archie E
                      Archie E  2 weeks back

                      Thor's hammer?

                      • Redrum 213
                        Redrum 213  2 weeks back

                        N.Orleans will be the dark horses in the Nba... Z.willamson is dunking it easily in the nba.

                        • hailem hailem
                          hailem hailem  2 weeks back


                          • Johnny
                            Johnny  2 weeks back

                            You cant just have people flying through the air like that jackie

                            • Johnny
                              Johnny  2 weeks back

                              BoBiggHHB 3 YOU SAID S MY C

                            • BoBiggHHB 3
                              BoBiggHHB 3  2 weeks back

                              Heaven wants us to win. I'LL BURN YOUR HOUSE DOWN!

                          • Herbert Herbert
                            Herbert Herbert  2 weeks back

                            The media gonna let the players hate him because they ranked him so high calling him and icon 🙄,and all them bullshit, y'all need to chill because he only dunks and gets layups ,y'all acting like dunking is a new thing ,make the season starts and see when he have a back to back game how he's gonna performed ,and he's not like lebron hes more like Blake Griffin ,when he came into the league just dunking on everyone, then became so injury prone, Blake had to learn how to get a jump shot,he's shooting threes ,Zion is more thicker and heavier than blake with some big chunky legs .respect the guys in the nba who put the work in and become a complete player.

                            • Ronney Augustine
                              Ronney Augustine  2 weeks back

                              This man ain't even 20 yet.

                              • Hasson.
                                Hasson.  1 weeks back

                                Fax hes gonna leave a dent in nba history

                            • HonestReviews
                              HonestReviews  2 weeks back

                              Look at this dude.. He ready fam

                              • Ona Ebodaghe
                                Ona Ebodaghe  2 weeks back

                                If he stays healthy, I already see ROTY but potentially an All-Star this year 🤷🏾‍♂️

                              • KingSlim X
                                KingSlim X  2 weeks back

                                🗣Nun but high praise for this guy🙌🏽

                                • Samuel Gonzalez
                                  Samuel Gonzalez  2 weeks back

                                  That’s like an in-between 180/360. But why call it a "spin dunk," that sounds just as clueless as that female repoprter who asked him what he calls his 360 lol

                                • SK104
                                  SK104  2 weeks back

                                  This dude would be unstoppable as a TE lol

                                  • Pretty Tony
                                    Pretty Tony  2 weeks back

                                    I always felt he'd be more effective as a DE but DE or TE he'd be an all-pro if healthy! Lol

                                • Chairman Says
                                  Chairman Says  2 weeks back


                                  • Henry M
                                    Henry M  2 weeks back

                                    This man is already ranked higher than Klay 😂

                                  • Joshua Prince
                                    Joshua Prince  2 weeks back

                                    Yooooo what a spin bro😮😮😮😮