Street Food in Madagascar's Biggest City!!! Zebu Meat Heaven!

  • Published: 03 March 2019
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    Special thanks to Joel and Ramartour Madagascar for helping us get a taste of the best street food in Antananarivo. Go on your own tour of Madagascar with Ramartour: and follow them on Instagram to see more of Madagascar @ramartour_madagascar
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    1. SELESY: Mofo Akondro (Fried Bananas) + Mofo Anana (Fried Vegetable)
    ADDRESS: Antananarivo
    OPEN: Varies

    🍌We began our street food journey with a stop at one of Antananarivo’s popular fried banana and fried vegetable stalls. Two popular snacks for Malagasy people are fried bananas, which are sliced and then dipped into a rice and wheat flour batter before being fried; and fried green onion, mixed with the same batter, fried and then eaten with a side of chili vinegar sauce.

    💸PRICE: .13 USD/500 MGA per piece
    2. STREET FOOD STALL: Coconut Sweet
    ADDRESS: Antananarivo
    OPEN: Varies

    🥥PINK COCONUT SWEET: Shaved coconut and sugar are mixed together, then pink food coloring is added to attract people to buy this sweet treat.

    💸PRICE: .08 USD/280 MGA
    3. MALAGASY CAFETERIA: Zebu Sausage + Chicken + Baked Beans + Rice
    ADDRESS: Antananarivo
    OPEN: Lunch + Dinner

    🍛This open-air cafeteria is a common lunch stop for people in Madagascar. Lunch generally consists of rice, beans, zebu sausage or chicken and a side vegetable. I let Joel enjoy all of the veggies.

    💸PRICE: 1.42 USD/5,000 MGA
    4. SOPERO MILOMBOKO: Grilled Zebu Pako-Pako
    ADDRESS: Antananarivo

    🥙Grilled zebu is a type of cattle originating in East Africa. The zebu meat is mixed with garlic and ginger before being grilled.

    Pako-Pako is a unique Malagasy flatbread only served with the grilled zebu meat. Rice flour is mixed with coconut milk and oil, then kneaded and portioned into perfectly sized balls. The dough is flattened and fried in oil to perfection.

    Fresh pickled vegetable salad typically accompanies this traditional meal.

    💸PRICE: .28 USD/1,000 MGA
    5. STREET VENDOR: Mofo Gasy (Malagasy Bread)
    ADDRESS: Antananarivo

    Rice flour batter is rolled into a ball and fried in oil before being topped off with salt. This Little round fried bread tastes a bit like a salty donut and makes for the perfect afternoon snack.

    💸PRICE: .02 USD/70 MGA per piece
    6. STREET FOOD STALL: Zebu Mouth Salad + Chicken Legs

    🐮ZEBU MOUTH SALAD: Green peppers, onion, vinegar, zebu mouth and lime.

    🍗A common meal in Madagascar consists of a chicken stock soup with noodles and fried chicken legs.

    💸PRICE: .28 USD/1,000 MGA per chicken leg
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