Canucks Surprise With Length Of Extension For General Manager Jim Benning | Tim and Sid


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  • Scott Mallon
    Scott Mallon  3 weeks back

    Imagine Barkov and Laine on the same line.

    • Matt Melnyk
      Matt Melnyk  4 weeks back

      Tim and the dumb one

      • v8 dave
        v8 dave  4 weeks back

        The destroyer of Boston and Now van...The Van.. owners are Stupid...probably the Ex wife owns this Crap team

        • Canuck867
          Canuck867  4 weeks back

          The Score reunion!

          • Rhidgy Rhidge
            Rhidgy Rhidge  4 weeks back

            Benning is ours, go get your own GM. But seriously I love Benning, hope he’s in the organization for a long time.

          • Random Videos
            Random Videos  4 weeks back

            I'm all aboard if we get an assistant for him for free agency

            • M4str Qwief69
              M4str Qwief69  4 weeks back

              Tim & SID

              • Owen Wilson
                Owen Wilson  4 weeks back

                I like benning, I don’t get all the hate

                • Mr. Porkchop
                  Mr. Porkchop  3 weeks back

                  @cashtheyen i guess benning doesn't follow the league like you do either. He just likes making bad decisions on purpose. Gtfo here

                • cashtheyen
                  cashtheyen  4 weeks back

                  @Mr. Porkchop not at all, I HATED that contract from the moment it was signed, same thing with Edmonton giving Lucic that contract the same offseason and Ladd with NYI said it was out too lunch. Not my fault you don't really follow the league like I do.

                • Mr. Porkchop
                  Mr. Porkchop  4 weeks back

                  @cashtheyen cmon youre looking at the loui contract from hindsight. Loui was a good player before he came over. Everyone acts like they knew he was gonna be bad from the start

                • cashtheyen
                  cashtheyen  4 weeks back

                  @Owen Wilson I don't hate him but I see why people do with that pick and Loui's contract, but what people don't realize is Francesco is running the show.

                • Owen Wilson
                  Owen Wilson  4 weeks back

                  Lol you cant hate him for one iffy draft pick. You’re not going to get a gem every year, look at Edmonton

              • Tim Wallace
                Tim Wallace  4 weeks back

                friedman not bad analysis but what is that chia pet growing on your face.

                • Matthew Jay Evans
                  Matthew Jay Evans  4 weeks back

                  Oh dear God!!! Thats Elliotte Friedman??? WTF happened to him?!?!? Also, is he back in jail again???

                  • Rick Robitaille
                    Rick Robitaille  3 weeks back

                    Think he's getting to like that desporado look,wait till he brings it to hockey night in Canada set,picture don cherry's reaction

                  • Dee
                    Dee  4 weeks back

                    @Rick Robitaille i havent seen Elliotte with a beard yet and it doesn't look good on him so he looks a lil rough with it

                  • Rick Robitaille
                    Rick Robitaille  4 weeks back

                    He gets three meals a day, sid gets six,so sid
                    Has a potbelly, is that what you're implying

                  • Dee
                    Dee  4 weeks back

                    He looks homeless

                • Nathan Pham
                  Nathan Pham  4 weeks back

                  We just need a good Asst. GM that can give out good contracts.

                • dash gill
                  dash gill  4 weeks back

                  Live from jail?

                  • Laheys Liquor
                    Laheys Liquor  4 weeks back

                    the majority of vocal negative canucks fans on twitter and hfboards are fair-weather bandwagoners & think that Benning does not deserve a extension - any true fan with a brain that's been following the team closely would know this was the correct move and well deserved

                    • Kenny Cai
                      Kenny Cai  3 weeks back

                      I think a few Yinzers (a slang for people from Western Pennsylvania, usually used in a negative context) got in the mix. Why? These idiots probably want Chiarelli running the Canucks so THEY get a chance to pry Elias Pettersson off the team. Says it should compensate for the Naslund-Stojanov deal years ago. Man, talk about salty.

                    • Laheys Liquor
                      Laheys Liquor  3 weeks back

                      @jay w ok same to you jay 🤡

                    • jay w
                      jay w  4 weeks back

                      Laheys Liquor 🤣🤣 I repeat stay off the booze Jim!!

                    • Laheys Liquor
                      Laheys Liquor  4 weeks back

                      @jay w its not about just this year lol its about the big picture, end of the day hes built a core thats a contender in acouple years whether u like it or not lol

                    • Laheys Liquor
                      Laheys Liquor  4 weeks back

                      @jay w ok same to you lol

                  • Young Guns Hockey
                    Young Guns Hockey  4 weeks back

                    I made same type of video lmao

                    • K Gadwa
                      K Gadwa  4 weeks back

                      Young Guns Hockey nobody cares

                  • Crosby4ever
                    Crosby4ever  4 weeks back

                    I think Benning has been the best GM the Canucks have had

                    1. They had no prospects at any position when he took the job now they are loaded at every position of talent that is why they can draft a Russian player and have him stay in Russia cause they are deep in the AHL and he is supposed to be really really good

                    2. They only bad free agent signing he has made was for Eriksson most of the other ones he did he got out of them (Gagner, Spooner, Gubuarsson etc..)

                    3. Everyone complains about Roussel and Beagle but they needed size and toughness to help with the smaller more skilled young forwards now they have that (Myers, Benn, Ferland, Rousell, Beagle, Person, Levio and JT Miller)

                    4. His drafting at lower rounds and picks have been great (Demko, Guadette, Woo, #23 Boeser, Diepetro, Lind etc..)

                    • Emiliano
                      Emiliano  4 weeks back

                      K Gadwa Sure some prospects struggled in the AHL this past season, but that doesn’t mean that they’re bad picks. What about Podkolzin and Hoglander from this past draft? Juolevi still has potential, Madden was a steal last year. Demko looked solid at the NHL level towards the end of the season and Dipietro aside from that one NHL game this season was just fine, not to mention other prospects.

                    • Emiliano
                      Emiliano  4 weeks back

                      K Gadwa Benning has made mistakes some mistakes in free agency, but he’s been excellent at the draft.

                    • FaZe Papasito
                      FaZe Papasito  4 weeks back

                      @K Gadwa demko too

                    • K Gadwa
                      K Gadwa  4 weeks back

                      Beagle, rousell and Myers are all severely overpaid. Vancouvers prospect pool isn’t as good as you think, they all struggled in the ahl. Woo, Peterson, boeser and Hughes are his only good picks so far

                  • Michael
                    Michael  4 weeks back

                    Elliotte Friedman is my favourite hockey analyst and/commentator.

                    • mojo
                      mojo  4 weeks back

                      Ya hes chill

                    • Dalton Spillan
                      Dalton Spillan  4 weeks back

                      I three also love Elliotte Friedman

                    • LankyDutchman
                      LankyDutchman  4 weeks back

                      I too am also fond of Elliotte Friedman, fellow human

                  • mgdubya27
                    mgdubya27  4 weeks back

                    Tldr: Benning signed for a 3 year extension to the last year of his contract.

                    • dibs0equiped
                      dibs0equiped  4 weeks back

                      Actually Tim and Sid.

                      • William Nylander
                        William Nylander  4 weeks back

                        Nylander MIGHT be good ........

                        • sam93931
                          sam93931  4 weeks back

                          Tim, Sid and Fried?! Now that's what I sub for :D

                          • T BZ
                            T BZ  4 weeks back

                            Solid Friedman analysis, no reaching, facts and realistic predictions. He gives these two far more legitimacy than they deserve as interviewers.

                            • Tanbir Rana
                              Tanbir Rana  4 weeks back

                              Wow a Canucks vid lol

                              • Jessie Kandola
                                Jessie Kandola  4 weeks back

                                Tanbir from surreeyyy

                              • mojo
                                mojo  4 weeks back

                                I know right?! So rare!

                            • Jomaru Joestar
                              Jomaru Joestar  4 weeks back

                              Need to not give out garbage contracts and he'll be fine for the time.

                              • AKsleepygirl
                                AKsleepygirl  4 weeks back

                                As far as Laine goes, it isn't going to matter what team he's on, his attitude sucks, his teammates don't like working with him, he's f'in lazy, and when it comes to work ethic, he has NONE! If he wants to play in the NHL, he needs to get off his ass and start working for a spot on the team. Just standing there expecting the puck to magically get to you so you can shoot it, is not hockey, and it's not being a team player. This is the NHL douche bag, not an episode of Happy Gilmore! Damnit he pisses me off and I'm not even a jets fan!

                                • cashtheyen
                                  cashtheyen  4 weeks back

                                  he and Ehlers like there fortnite

                              • Brandon Narayan
                                Brandon Narayan  4 weeks back

                                Looking at the Canucks right now, I’d say the Eriksson contract is the only real anchor.

                                Sutter, Pearson, Baertschi, Edler all expire in 2 years when EP and QH need to be resigned. Beagle and Rousell will have one year left each so they are moveable contracts.

                                Still need help on the blue line but ultimately team looks to be in good shape.

                                • Léo Guilhem
                                  Léo Guilhem  4 weeks back

                                  K Gadwa most rumors had myers over 6m so idk how you got 3 as a fair price. Its UFA, discounts don’t happen on big names. Myers got maybe slightly above his value to play for a team who desperately needed him. I don’t see what the big fuss is about. The guy’s gonna set up EP Bo Brock and Hughes for the next 6 years so don’t be surprised to see him go back to 40 + making that 6m look perfect when the cap rises again

                                • K Gadwa
                                  K Gadwa  4 weeks back

                                  It’s expected when he gets sheltered minutes with wheeler. I’m a jets fan and Myers played behind buff and trouba lots. 3 mil would’ve been fair for hikn

                                • Léo Guilhem
                                  Léo Guilhem  4 weeks back

                                  K Gadwa you sure must know a lot of 30 point bottom 2 dmen then....

                                • K Gadwa
                                  K Gadwa  4 weeks back

                                  They’re going to over play him because they have nobody on the right side.

                                • Brandon Narayan
                                  Brandon Narayan  4 weeks back

                                  K Gadwa I don’t think he’s that bad. As long as they don’t overplay him. Like Ristolainen he should be part of a second pairing.

                              • Rick Robitaille
                                Rick Robitaille  4 weeks back

                                Tim,that fat guy was fast,and he was legit
                                Keep your dream alive
                                Good for Benning Canucks future bright

                                • Matthew Barnaby
                                  Matthew Barnaby  4 weeks back

                                  Why tf is Chewbacca on Tim and Sid???

                                  • CANT THINK OF A NAME
                                    CANT THINK OF A NAME  4 weeks back

                                    Friedman wtf happened?

                                    • Simple Simon Speaks
                                      Simple Simon Speaks  4 weeks back

                                      This summer i realized when they had the other host, that Tim and Sid is better without Tim and Sid.

                                      • montreal canada
                                        montreal canada  4 weeks back

                                        What’s up why you are angry 😠

                                        • Willie Desjardins
                                          Willie Desjardins  4 weeks back


                                          • Laheys Liquor
                                            Laheys Liquor  4 weeks back

                                            @Soroush Sharafzadeh in ~2 years we will be contenders again and with this core and JB drafting filling in the holes of the team with cheap ELC i think(hope) this time we will actually win one

                                          • Laheys Liquor
                                            Laheys Liquor  4 weeks back

                                            @Soroush Sharafzadeh fair enough. Some credit to benning for not moving on from the players you mention just because they were from MG era. They could of easily gave up on Markstrom but im glad they were patient with him, now we have great goaltending depth

                                          • Soroush Sharafzadeh
                                            Soroush Sharafzadeh  4 weeks back

                                            @Laheys Liquor Horvat is still our number one centre (in regards to ice time and trying to shut down other teams top players). Edler and Tanev are still our top pairing dmen. Markstrom is still our number one goalie and our mvp last year. All came from the Gillis era, i agree his scouting wasen't great but like i said, we were contenders.

                                          • Laheys Liquor
                                            Laheys Liquor  4 weeks back

                                            Gillis drafted 5 NHL'ers in his entire time with the Canucks. JB drafted 5 in his first year

                                          • Soroush Sharafzadeh
                                            Soroush Sharafzadeh  4 weeks back

                                            theleano1 Sedins only ever got 100 points with erhoff on the team who he signed. He got players to sign contact friendly deals. We didn’t do well on drafting but that’s cus we were usually trading them to gear up for a playoff run. I bet you think benning is a genius because of two picks but pro scouting has been an absolute tire fire. He should be fired.