Jim Benning Discusses Extension, Brock Boeser And The Future Of The Canucks | Tim and Sid

  • Published: 21 August 2019
  • Jim Benning joins Tim and Sid to discuss his three-year extension with the Canucks and touch on the current situation surrounding Brock Boeser.

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Comments • 54

  • Mohan Vinning
    Mohan Vinning  1 days back

    If you don't know, now you know ........

    • Angus Beef
      Angus Beef  2 weeks back

      Dill pickle at the end
      These Guys

      • MikeM
        MikeM  3 weeks back

        Take a shot everytime Benning says "you know"

        • The3rdeyedontdie
          The3rdeyedontdie  3 weeks back

          I’m super excited about watching the Canucks this season...like, you know?

          • Darryn Sharp
            Darryn Sharp  3 weeks back

            I didn't pick him for a dill pickle guy...

            • Josh Andrews
              Josh Andrews  3 weeks back

              Jet Black Jimbo!!!!!

              • Doctor Jones
                Doctor Jones  4 weeks back

                Jim “Dill Pickle” Benning 🥒

                • Tom Brady
                  Tom Brady  4 weeks back

                  They should have asked him if he really sleeps in a coffin

                  • nb11
                    nb11  4 weeks back

                    I find it cool how brock Boeser grew up in Minnesota and in his draft year Minnesota was picking one spot before Vancouver. They passed on the hometown brock Boeser and took eriksson ek instead. I bet they regret that a lot. Brock was so close to being a Minnesota wild

                    • Pierre Sam Sr
                      Pierre Sam Sr  4 weeks back

                      You know I know they know

                      • SHOW•• Shhukina
                        SHOW•• Shhukina  4 weeks back

                        Jim “Dill Pickle” Benning 🥒

                        • Naveen Dhak
                          Naveen Dhak  4 weeks back

                          Like Jim Nice Gentlemen!

                          • MrNutsack100
                            MrNutsack100  4 weeks back

                            Nucks owners did the easy thing. They were scared to fire Jim and have it backfire...

                            • Crosby4ever
                              Crosby4ever  4 weeks back

                              Brock will get done before the preseason for sure

                              And in 2 years when Petterson, Demko, Hughes have to be resigned there will be more money

                              Edler gone
                              Loungo penalty gone
                              Sutter gone
                              Erikkson gone

                              that frees up alot of money and we will the Jets tried to be but will be able to keep all of young great players (something the Jets are failing horribly at and are not done cause I think Laine will be gone soon as well)

                              • Rock Metal Fiend
                                Rock Metal Fiend  4 weeks back

                                These RFA's are gonna screw themselves in the long run.

                                • jake 8888
                                  jake 8888  4 weeks back

                                  All the ya knows make sense, Jimbo was a player lol. 610 NHL games

                                  • jake 8888
                                    jake 8888  4 weeks back

                                    @Cody Peabody yea he played for the leafs and Canucks

                                  • Tom Brady
                                    Tom Brady  4 weeks back

                                    too many hits to the head

                                  • Cody Peabody
                                    Cody Peabody  4 weeks back

                                    Nice spot, he totally talks like a NHL'er. I never noticed that before.

                                • K Gadwa
                                  K Gadwa  4 weeks back

                                  With the first overall pick in the 2021 draft, the Tampa Bay Lightning are so proud to select......

                                  • Andrei Sison
                                    Andrei Sison  4 weeks back

                                    K Gadwa
                                    Congratulations to the Vancouver Canucks for winning the 2021 Stanley Cup

                                • el_chino_778
                                  el_chino_778  4 weeks back

                                  Jim “Dill Pickle” Benning 🥒

                                  • Tyrel Meredith
                                    Tyrel Meredith  4 weeks back

                                    Such a doofus, ya know?

                                    • Gagan Mann
                                      Gagan Mann  4 weeks back

                                      These guys don’t know much about the Canucks. Their usually asleep when the nucks play! All they care about is the maple leafs. I hope Mitch Marner leaves Toronto!!

                                      • Dr Giggles
                                        Dr Giggles  4 weeks back

                                        Hate him or love him, hate the contract or love the contract, the one fact is the team has gotten better under his management. The young guys were all drafted under him and the moves he made this summer on paper has made this team better.

                                        • Trevor Wiersma
                                          Trevor Wiersma  4 weeks back

                                          Watch Bes sign for 700k😂

                                          • Hello There Folks
                                            Hello There Folks  4 weeks back

                                            Jim Benning says ‘ya know’ more than naruto

                                            • Cody Peabody
                                              Cody Peabody  4 weeks back

                                              AHAHAHAHA! I LOVE THIS REFERENCE!

                                          • Louie Christodoulidis
                                            Louie Christodoulidis  4 weeks back

                                            He said you know 68 times

                                            • Rick Robitaille
                                              Rick Robitaille  3 weeks back

                                              @Flowmasta Flam
                                              Thankyou someone has common sense,
                                              We are so cynical

                                            • campion04
                                              campion04  3 weeks back

                                              Hockey players all have this problem. Trevor is like this also.

                                            • Flowmasta Flam
                                              Flowmasta Flam  4 weeks back

                                              Although we can sit on our high horses and gaff some dude for an 11 minute conversation, I'm 100% positive we all have our own conversational quirks.

                                            • TheGamingKid7
                                              TheGamingKid7  4 weeks back

                                              1 away from 69 ya know ;)

                                            • JORD AWESOME
                                              JORD AWESOME  4 weeks back

                                              Louie Christodoulidis you know what

                                          • AIDAN HODZIC
                                            AIDAN HODZIC  4 weeks back

                                            they shouldve signed me lol

                                          • Deepak M
                                            Deepak M  4 weeks back

                                            Benning has done a good job and now he has core to contend with. The question is can he supplement the core pieces with right players so we can become legit cup contender these next 2 years will answer that.

                                            • longlun
                                              longlun  4 weeks back

                                              @K Gadwa and didn't Linden play a big part of that?

                                            • K Gadwa
                                              K Gadwa  4 weeks back

                                              All the rookies in the ahl were trash

                                            • K Gadwa
                                              K Gadwa  4 weeks back

                                              Rick Oleksy right. All he did was overpay vets leaving their prime. Only draft picks he has hit on was Petterson, Hughes and boeser

                                            • Rick Oleksy
                                              Rick Oleksy  4 weeks back

                                              by what metric has he done a good job?

                                          • theplayboymaster
                                            theplayboymaster  4 weeks back

                                            Finally no more false advertising

                                            • Rick Robitaille
                                              Rick Robitaille  4 weeks back

                                              You no what,Benning in a great position currently, when GMs go wrong we crucify them,when they do good we are reticent,
                                              This team in two year could be a contender,
                                              They have a super strong core with huge upside,BENNING continues to do his job....MAGIC
                                              WISH MY OILERS WERE TRENDING

                                            • stellaroj
                                              stellaroj  4 weeks back

                                              YAKNOWYAKNOWYAKNOWYAKNOWYAKNOWYAKNOWYAKNOWYAKNOWYAKNOWYAKNOW - Jim Benning 2019

                                            • Corey Kramps
                                              Corey Kramps  4 weeks back

                                              Yet another headline carefully masterminded behind the scenes by Kyle Dubas. I wonder what this means for the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Mitch Marner negotiations?

                                              • Dankius Memeius Maximus the Third

                                                The sith lord speaks

                                                • Braidster
                                                  Braidster  4 weeks back

                                                  ya know I like this signing ya know he’s done a good job drafting ya know he gets to see his plan through ya know and I hope ya know our FA signingss ya know can help out ya know our younger guys become the players they were drafted for ya know and uhh ya

                                                • Bubbles
                                                  Bubbles  4 weeks back

                                                  3rd . I think i have the wrong video i was looking for a personal extension type thing .

                                                  • Shane Nath
                                                    Shane Nath  4 weeks back


                                                    • Hello There
                                                      Hello There  4 weeks back