Final Fantasy - The Complete History (1987-2016)


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  • Christopher Williams
    Christopher Williams  3 weeks back

    Unfortunately this isn't a complete history... You guys forgot arguably one of the top 3 best games of the whole series final fantasy tactics!

    • Forcers Shieker
      Forcers Shieker  3 weeks back

      Ff13 was shit

      • MrScreamingSilence
        MrScreamingSilence  3 weeks back

        Thinking of the ff7 story now it sure is similar to our current state in the world

        • octavian taylor
          octavian taylor  4 weeks back

          link called... he wants his bluepee (blue rupees )

          • Selflessness Gamer
            Selflessness Gamer  4 weeks back

            Well i will dislike this i don't see the Final Fantasy Type-0 anyway so your story means incomplete

          • Raider Kid
            Raider Kid  4 weeks back

            screw mobile gaming. you can't compare the feels of touching buttons rather than tapping a screen. hope they make a remake of FF6

            • Bruce Wayne
              Bruce Wayne  1 months back

              Final fantasy 7 is the one everyone should know

              • Rewster Fewd
                Rewster Fewd  2 months back

                Now if only all developers made games like it was their last

                • Fanoli
                  Fanoli  2 months back


                  • André Marcondes Teixeira

                    I don't like FFXV. I wish it had turn based combat.

                    • BLGriffis
                      BLGriffis  2 months back

                      This dude is like wrong every other sentence 13 vs was changed literally cause 13 sucked its sales droped by half each title also he left out unless it recently changed that 7 is the highest selling 1 with 20 mil + copys sold and X 2 was not well received it did almost as bad as 13 2 and this is why im cryin on the inside the fk up behind 10 2 n all the 13s is now in charge of the 7 remake so they took there best game n took the biggest shit on it i love FF i cant stand square enix he also left out how hiroguchi quit cause enix was cash grabing whores who could give 2 fks less about a good game 10 n 12 have enix name on them but they vertually had nothing to do with script or development except vaan n penelo in 12 they were primarily behind the 13 garbage also look in to that hiroguchi also wanted each title to be a contained story so the new wrighter would have complete freedom and not just re shit out assets basically everything enix does face it ff is gone they company got took over by jap EA

                      • Kris Chris
                        Kris Chris  2 months back

                        it's sad the video really goes over a lot of informations, sometimes the biggest ones very often. Like for example Final fantasy XIII was the worst received Final fantasy in the series due to its very linear nature and female lead, and divided everyone because back then we all wanted a very open world game. It sold very well, but every mention of ffxiii is filled was filled with hate ans square started to feel so ashamed they dropped every plan for the spinoffs of the FFXIII universe (fabula nova crystallis ) and even completely destroyed FF Versus XIII to remove every single mention and link to Final fantasy XIII, which gave Final Fantasy XV (and why it was so chaoticly done and had so many issues at launch).

                        You can still feel it to this day playing FFXV, and looking at old footage, you see how it makes so much sense that the game was in FFXIII universe. It was supposed (and still is somewhat) to be a darker side of FFXIII, and the setting, which is almost identical to the current game on some parts (they kept a lot of original assets, same heros, same city of insomnia, same monsters , even same bosses sometimes...), was much darker. The decision to make it a complete separate game while removing every single mention of FFXIII made it very schizophrenic, with very linear parts and very open parts, and dark atmosphere to very light, almost goofy atmosphere all of the sudden. It was for the worse it made a lot of holes in the game and the plot and both games suffered from that decision.

                        Playing XIII nowadays can make realize what they had in mind. They really wanted to make a huge Final fantasy universe, with lots of games, lots of story and elements, the XIII is so polished and so "perfect" on its presentation, it plays like a movie (part of the reason why it was so hated back then, while conversely it feels very fresh nowadays in a world filled with mindless openworlds.... like FFXV). Every single camera plan is well thought, the textures are incredible, the cinematics are beyond gorgeous and almost the best square has ever made, the graphics almost look better on some parts than those of FFXV and its a PS3 game released 10 years ago... it really feels like it was the highest investment they ever made quality wise, like they wanted to make something huge out of it. Such a disappointment it never came through and that they'Re still paying to this day the price of scrapping everything related to the fabula nova crystallis, to the point of completely alienating the games that were supposed to be part of it, because FFXV, or should i say Versus XIII, seemed to have even more potential than XIII.

                        For anyone curious, i suggest you to look at old trailers of Versus XIII on Youtube. Sometimes you cant even make a difference with the current FFXV since they are so closely related, but everyone agrees that it was much darker, coherent and promising game than what we have today

                        • SilencerNate
                          SilencerNate  2 months back

                          IGN "Rycon" as in Scott?

                          • Daniel Smith
                            Daniel Smith  2 months back

                            These developers defined my life.

                            • Video Games And The World

                              My Final Fantasy rating

                              FF1 - 8/10
                              FF2 - 6/10
                              FF3 - 8/10
                              FF4 - 10/10
                              FF4 AY - 7/10
                              FF5 - 7/10
                              FF6 - 10/10
                              FF7 BC - Never played
                              FF7 CC - 9.5/10
                              FF7 - 9/10
                              Tactics - 8/10
                              FF7 DoC - Never played
                              FF8 - 9/10
                              FF9 - 10/10
                              FF10 - 8/10
                              FF10-2 - 7/10
                              FF11 - Never Played
                              FF12 - 8/10
                              FF12 RW - 7/10
                              FF13 - 6/10
                              FF13-2 - 5/10
                              FF13-3 - 4/10
                              FF14 - 9/10
                              FF15 - 8/10
                              FF Type-0 - 8.5/10

                              • Dyne Sheriff
                                Dyne Sheriff  2 months back

                                lol, you really hate FF13 don't you....

                            • Art of Zazoreal
                              Art of Zazoreal  2 months back

                              Final Fantasy 9 that was said to never come to PC also came to PC on steam and I have played it through at least two times now.....My fav Final Fantasy. Thanks to Silicone studio! for converting it.

                              • Car Car
                                Car Car  2 months back

                                FF7 was my first FF. I was so dumb (young) i played the game without a memory card. before my older cousin told me about how the fck to get to disc 2 and 3 and the whole concept about saving (memory cards). The game was intense i remember crying during some parts.. its awesome. shoutout to ff10, ff12 & 7. Three awesome ones

                                • Brian Prosise
                                  Brian Prosise  2 months back

                                  (Meanwhile in class)
                                  Professor: ok... Can you say Tifa?
                                  American Student: Tea-Fah
                                  Professor: ok... How about Tidus?
                                  American Student: Tie-Does
                                  Professor: Would you like a strategy guide to this?

                                  • Kymmi
                                    Kymmi  2 months back

                                    I still own ffvii and viii :D they're in a box full of old games from my childhood

                                    • pretend amnesia
                                      pretend amnesia  2 months back

                                      Keep it away from humidity and moisture in an air tight seal and itll last forever!

                                  • Steven Porter
                                    Steven Porter  2 months back

                                    Too bad the Remake of 7 changes SOOO much... All they had to do is take the Original game, put it in todays graphics, and rake in the money... But they are trying to get lightning to strike twice, and looks like that may get burned because of it.

                                    • Steven Porter
                                      Steven Porter  2 months back

                                      @Sephiroth Crescent Apparently you havent PLAYED FF12, FF13 1-3, Hell, even FF15. While 15 has the most 'Hack and Slash' it has the Shitty Strategic Mechanic to it as well. The Attempt at a Real Time Combat system has never been well executed.

                                      And yes, as stated in an Interview at E3, there will be Microtransactions. SquareEnix may not be EA, But they are still in this for money and are going to milk it for all its worth. If you dont believe that, then you obviously havent been around the game industry, or ANY industry, for long...

                                    • Sephiroth Crescent
                                      Sephiroth Crescent  2 months back

                                      @Steven Porter so the entire game is trash just because of combat? Even though they said it's not just hack and slash it's strategic? And it's for both players? And no. There will be no microtransactions. EA is only that bad.

                                    • Steven Porter
                                      Steven Porter  2 months back

                                      @Sephiroth Crescent Yes, I do, because the Combat System is trash, Just like it was in 12, 13, and 15. FF doesnt need Micro Transactions either. But hey, we are gonna get em. And the Story was fine. If it wasnt, it wouldnt be the single most popular Final Fantasy ever made. And I cant think of a SINGLE final fantasy before 12 or 13 that we really learned much about the Supporting Characters. We dont know Jack about Quistis, other than she was a Young SEED and and Younger Teacher, Dont know anything about the other 2. In 9 we dont know anything about the knight or others. Because the Story is about the One or Two main characters, everything revolves around them and their struggle.

                                    • Sephiroth Crescent
                                      Sephiroth Crescent  2 months back

                                      @Steven Porter so? FF7 aged badly. Bad translation bad graphics short story, and you barely get to know the characters. Except Cloud. This is the FF7 they wanted to make but couldn't with technology limitations. You don't even know if it's gonna be trash.

                                    • Steven Porter
                                      Steven Porter  2 months back

                                      @Sephiroth Crescent Did I play it? Obviously not. Will I play it? Not a Chance. And No, Playing a Remaster with new graphics is no different than replaying the game with old, just with new graphics...

                                  • Death By Unicorn
                                    Death By Unicorn  2 months back

                                    YOU DIDN'T MENTION EIDOLONS! DISLIKING THIS VIDEO!(just kidding but seriously that was one of the best part of FF13. AND 6 CHARACTERS!!!)

                                    • Death By Unicorn
                                      Death By Unicorn  2 months back

                                      I didn't realize how messed that planet is! Worlds worse than fallout. Crazy demon feckers runnin around

                                      • Waberoid
                                        Waberoid  3 months back

                                        Didn't even mention the good under rated ones. Shame.. since Tactics and Crystal Chronicles were and are still very good games.

                                        • WiLL
                                          WiLL  3 months back

                                          After FFX it has gone to shit. I don't know how Square Enix hasn't gone bankrupt yet.

                                          • GoodDay's Games _
                                            GoodDay's Games _  3 months back

                                            I want to see FF3(USA) fav!

                                            • K I T S U N A M I
                                              K I T S U N A M I  3 months back

                                              I thought he said, "three dickheads of final fantasy"

                                              • Failure Z
                                                Failure Z  3 months back

                                                2:00 Everything that starts with a f ok you're heard. What about: Fucking Franchise supported by fucking, fucking, fucking square Enix.

                                                • Luka Lux
                                                  Luka Lux  3 months back

                                                  Anything with f huh FUKING FANTASY

                                                  • Brigade Leader Haruhi Suzumiya

                                                    I am so glad and thankful a friend many years ago for getting me into Final Fantasy. I first started with Final Fantasy X 10 Video Game on the PS2 back in Jr. High School. I am glad to be a fan of this great video game series ever since 2008 to now. This is one of the grestist vídeo game series ever made. An old friend got me into Final Fantasy cause he knew i enjoyed Kingdom Hearts a lot. Anyways this music on FF has such good music to listen to.

                                                    • Mike Jones
                                                      Mike Jones  3 months back

                                                      IX was the last good one

                                                      • Bru
                                                        Bru  3 months back

                                                        you forgot Final Fantasy :Tactics. the best one

                                                        • Tou Iij
                                                          Tou Iij  3 months back

                                                          this really good

                                                          • Mason Litowsky
                                                            Mason Litowsky  3 months back

                                                            "THREE DICK EHDS WORTH OF ISTORY"

                                                            • Rinee n
                                                              Rinee n  3 months back

                                                              And final fantasy returns to main Nintendo counsel with the switch!!

                                                              • goe blod
                                                                goe blod  3 months back

                                                                ive got 7 8 and 9 on the ps3

                                                                • Kai Quicksilver
                                                                  Kai Quicksilver  3 months back

                                                                  Omg the feels

                                                                  • LambentTyto
                                                                    LambentTyto  3 months back

                                                                    This was a great video.

                                                                    • Walt R. Buck
                                                                      Walt R. Buck  3 months back

                                                                      And I bought about 50000 of those US copies.

                                                                      • I have no good names
                                                                        I have no good names  3 months back

                                                                        Im here because i main cloud in smash ultimate

                                                                        • Wiko Lite
                                                                          Wiko Lite  3 months back

                                                                          My favorite final fantasy ever! 😁👍

                                                                          • The Really Negative Person in the comments

                                                                            So, what about the 3Ds remake for final fantasy IV?

                                                                            • Ornery Unicorn
                                                                              Ornery Unicorn  4 months back

                                                                              A bit I mean a lot

                                                                              • william H
                                                                                william H  4 months back

                                                                                ff7 , IMO best ff ever ....

                                                                              • Master Skeletor
                                                                                Master Skeletor  4 months back

                                                                                you are dumb af.. 1987 in japan but dude it was 3 years 1990 before we got it in the states.. not only were you not in the states you werent even born.. so go play YOUR ff 15 and stop pretending to know things you dont. **slaps you**

                                                                                • Cygnus Orb
                                                                                  Cygnus Orb  4 months back

                                                                                  FF8 is better than 7...Wanna fight!?

                                                                                  • Cygnus Orb
                                                                                    Cygnus Orb  4 months back

                                                                                    @Sephiroth Crescent We could duel like Squal and Bitch Boy Sypher

                                                                                  • Sephiroth Crescent
                                                                                    Sephiroth Crescent  4 months back

                                                                                    No thanks but I respectfully disagree

                                                                                • Michael Pate
                                                                                  Michael Pate  4 months back

                                                                                  Very helpful for someone starting with FFXIV who hasn't owned a console since the Atari 2600 and never played any of the previous games.

                                                                                  • elook
                                                                                    elook  4 months back

                                                                                    2019 and still waiting for FF7 lol

                                                                                    • Noctis i
                                                                                      Noctis i  4 months back

                                                                                      Final fantasy 15 and final fantasy in general is one of the best things I’ve had the pleasure of playing