Antonio Brown must adjust to a new role with Tom Brady and the Patriots - Ryan Clark | SportsCenter


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  • DeVantre Parks
    DeVantre Parks  3 days back

    Greatest living American??? You people go waaay too far! smh Get some perspective

    • Guy Ahart
      Guy Ahart  4 days back

      He's a gifted, talented, problem wide receiver. He made play's under Big Ben, would'nt he continue to make plays under Tom Brady?

      • Pho You
        Pho You  5 days back

        Julio Jones coming to the patriots next season I’m calling it

        • c c
          c c  6 days back

          Brady offered to Antonio to sleep in his bed, we don t know if Giselle is involved too in this deal

          • Pepe Love
            Pepe Love  6 days back

            AB wasn’t a distraction for many yearssss in Pittsburgh. AB started causing trouble just last year because of Ben blaming him. Everyone forgot that he did behave professionally for many years. He will have no trouble in New England

            • sphere 528
              sphere 528  6 days back

              NP *CHEATING* is part of the patri-*CHEATS* culture

              • Chevy Lover
                Chevy Lover  6 days back

                As a Patriots fan got sick to my stomach when I heard this A.B. clown going there

                • Xander Sanders
                  Xander Sanders  6 days back

                  AB not gonna like when Brady gets 99% of the credit😂

                  • Dats a paddlin
                    Dats a paddlin  6 days back

                    He better STFU and get over it lol. The man got 6 rings and been on the team for 20 years. He better say when and where do you need me at Mr.GOAT sir

                • Theykno Hothead
                  Theykno Hothead  6 days back

                  Dont compare josh gordan to AB 💯💯💯

                  • Shawn Guron
                    Shawn Guron  6 days back

                    The patriots remind me of the warriors, just so thirsty to win at any cost. Signing dickweeds like demarcus cousins and antonio brown, just not a organization you can respect like the san antonio spurs etc. I feel like karma will get to them like the warriors too, it will not end well for this team

                    • Shaun Richards
                      Shaun Richards  6 days back

                      I think Patriots go 19-0 you heard it here first. Let's just appreciate greatness ladies and gentlemen.

                      • Master
                        Master  6 days back

                        Brown won't make it to Miami. He is going to skip a practice or be on his phone during a meeting and be gone by the end of the week. Bets? He doesn't respect authority.

                        • Mr.CoCoNuts
                          Mr.CoCoNuts  6 days back

                          Jerry Jones is so jealous as this team which has major controversies,cheaters, bad players(who don't effect the game) and big personalities like them but they win:D

                          • Danny Bee
                            Danny Bee  6 days back

                            That boy is a clown no doubt
                            Antonio Brown is a talented player but he is a drama king that I wouldn't want on my team
                            As a Patriots fan, I don't even want him here

                            I copied and paste the top comments in this chat and I totally agree with the intelligent people in here. New England does not need him which is true. Trust me his days are numbered in the league. I have a $50,00 dollar bet on the table with 2 other buddies of mine. AB is going to help me win this money by week 4 when he is no longer in the league. Watch and wait. AB is a serious cancer. Folks this is not a black, white or brown thing. Antonio Boy Clown (my bad) Antonio Brown is talented yes but not intelligent. I am a brutta and I will make this statement proudly. He is another brother that made it to the league based on talent, he cant keep his act together he is selfish, a social media attention byaatcch and a total embarrassment to himself, his family, the league and those that supports him. Responsible folks don't endorse or encourage this ratchid behavior. AB please act a fool I am in line to make $150,000.00. My two retarded friends thinks the patriots are going to turn your ignorant ass around. I am not hating on you bruh just stating the obvious.

                            • c K
                              c K  6 days back

                              AB is in self destruct mode and he medicates himself through his addiction to social media. But just like any other addiction, a man truly has to want to change in order TO change. I look at each new team as a rehab. The opportunity is there for him to ‘get clean’ with each new team but I don’t he wants it bad enough. He might be able to hide it for a while, but ultimately I think his addiction to the attention, to the notoriety, and to the money, has not only corrupted his brain, it’s also taken over his love for the game. If he can’t get right in NE, which I don’t think he will, then the saga of Antonio Brown will go down as one of the greatest tragedies in NFL history.

                              • Sb Staysharp
                                Sb Staysharp  6 days back

                                Ju ju got locked up by Gilmore

                                • Anthony Uccello
                                  Anthony Uccello  6 days back

                                  You know ESPN are struggling when they show you cartoon images of players instead of footage

                                  • grandmastercs
                                    grandmastercs  7 days back

                                    THE GREATEST LIVING AMERICAN

                                    • M
                                      M  7 days back

                                      He's living with Tom Brady and family now, until he gets himself together.

                                      • Biggofwi
                                        Biggofwi  7 days back

                                        The greatest living American? What?

                                        • cliff woodbury
                                          cliff woodbury  7 days back

                                          Shakespeare couldn't write a script this good! First off ESPN needs to stop lieing about Antonio Brown JUST joining the Patriots as hes always been on the team, its just that we havn't seen the credits at the end of this NFL movie. 2nd off, AB is the closest thing to Randy Moss Tom Brady has ever had (not as fast as Randy but better rout runner) and he is going to fit into one role and one role only with the Patriots. Hes going to be Tom Bradys number one target and the Patriots biggest threat since Randy Moss and unless he is blackballed he is going to have the best WR numbers on the team since Randy Moss; remember he wasn't playing because of injuries so there aren't any of those issues to deal with. And if you want to know do they need him. Yes they do - if they want any chance of sniffing the Super Bowl they do.

                                          • Timothy John
                                            Timothy John  7 days back

                                            I hope antonio brings back the milk moustache 🥛👨🏿‍🦳

                                            • sfen2405
                                              sfen2405  7 days back

                                              He will be a piece of the pie..maybe the forth piece of the pie. if not good enough, "shelf".JMO

                                              • DonalD MagneSS
                                                DonalD MagneSS  7 days back

                                                Yes ,for you baby men still watching this wack shit , Antonio will have to adjust from smashmouth football to the biggest pussy in all NFL history ...from battlefield football gay disney orchestrated mock battle football , yes ..Antonio will have to embrace the music of vanilla ice ...Antonio will need to listen to "color me bad "...the gay hippie happy music tom listens to ...Antonio will need to make serious gay white slice of bread adjustments ....we already got the real SiX ...we stopped all football games when your patriots started committing suicide in prison ....and we are investigating how you are attacking fans the Colorado Pittsburgh fan that was pregnant stabbed to death a bitch named chris ...but to turn the tide of a fucking game ....that was a piece of shit fan ....hiding my fake cousin i might get rid of ....a violent pile of shit that sells drugs in corona cali ..i might have to end that one .....but yeah we don't watch bitch shit like the NFL ....there was a time when it was real ....and those men will be respected ..those fans will be respected ....but the NFL is dead in the water .....tom brady is the most homo ..not sapien , ever the history of homo ....elton john looks at tom brady and says "man the fuck up " ..that gay ...lost between hippie happy gay and actual gay ...tom .. ...why don't you guys stop playing with yourselves watching gay football and go solve a series of murders , or go be a marine ....go serve in the coast guard something meaningful ..besides analyse the paper thin ass of a tom ....

                                                • JR
                                                  JR  7 days back

                                                  The only way the Patriots do not win the Super Bowl this season is by putting a bounty on Brady! :)

                                                  • See It 2wice
                                                    See It 2wice  7 days back

                                                    The following players did not play Week 1 for New England: Antonio Brown, Kyle Van Noy, Joejuan Williams, N'Keal Harry, Damien Harris, Demaryius Thomas, Ben Watson, Lance Kendricks. Basically, their best incoming receiver, one of their better linebackers, their first, second, and third-round picks, their two starting tight ends, and another of the most productive receivers in the past 6 seasons all didn't play but could be back soon. That has to be terrifying.

                                                    • DUMBMERICA WAS NEVER GREAT!

                                                      This garbage is sports not news. put it on the right f****** feed

                                                      • Connie B
                                                        Connie B  7 days back

                                                        What happens when Pats lose both Gordon andBrown? All good on the eastern Front?

                                                        • Classic Jay
                                                          Classic Jay  7 days back

                                                          Hey who gives a fuck right😝 pay cops and teachers more

                                                          • P. WILD TV
                                                            P. WILD TV  7 days back

                                                            Patriots not losing one game. Unless they beat themselves. And I'm a saints fan

                                                            • Dirty Burger
                                                              Dirty Burger  7 days back

                                                              Oh I'm sure AB will be a model citizen for the evil empire

                                                              • Just Saying
                                                                Just Saying  7 days back

                                                                Anyone heard from Rob, the fool, Parker?

                                                                • Lung Dong
                                                                  Lung Dong  7 days back

                                                                  Kick the cry baby out of pro football.

                                                                  • Crypto Bunny
                                                                    Crypto Bunny  7 days back

                                                                    The only question is who will be in SB with Patriots

                                                                    • Crypto Bunny
                                                                      Crypto Bunny  7 days back

                                                                      Miami sucks bad.

                                                                      • Alexander Nieves
                                                                        Alexander Nieves  7 days back

                                                                        New England fans are Halirius. They made fun of Antonio Brown being an idiots when he was made a live video inside the steelers locker room, Also, this year circus since he was let go, guess people forgot how many great player came from another team and couldn't adjust to the play book or the patriot way, Now New England fans are happy they have him. I know it's a different sports but I guess New England fans forgot how Kyrie Irving work out for the Celtics. The sad part is I like A.B., but men he acted childish when he didn't get his way. Can't believe I'm going to say this but I hope to see you act like a child on the field when Brady don't see you open.

                                                                      • J Alves
                                                                        J Alves  7 days back

                                                                        With or without AB the Patriots are the best team in football, if AB works out for them then it’s literally no competition

                                                                        • The Big Bronkowski
                                                                          The Big Bronkowski  7 days back

                                                                          Remember when Brady haters said he can only throw to TEs 😎😎

                                                                          • braiden45
                                                                            braiden45  7 days back

                                                                            Antonio "NFL has to play by MY rules" Brown conform LOL??

                                                                            • Robert Sparkes
                                                                              Robert Sparkes  7 days back

                                                                              I’ve seen winning teams on paper lose before. On week one, WE DONT GIVE OUT TROPHIES 🏆...

                                                                              • Tony Lopez
                                                                                Tony Lopez  7 days back

                                                                                Lol juju a bust

                                                                                • Rius Smith
                                                                                  Rius Smith  7 days back

                                                                                  Yeaaaa I've got money on the Pats again this year

                                                                                  • Writer Man1
                                                                                    Writer Man1  7 days back

                                                                                    I have thought seriously about AB joining the Patriots and I have to believe, AB is very intelligent and most likely will not mess up an opportunity to win a championship. He'd never be looking at winning a championship with the Raiders or Steelers, def. not this year. No one knows how many more years AB can be at the top of his game....I actually think that he will surprise everyone and end up as a MVP contender either of the league or possibly of the Superbowl. His move was calculated to land in New England and I believe he'll be all in on winning and possibly hoisting a Lombardi.......

                                                                                    • KUZIN V KNEE ! !
                                                                                      KUZIN V KNEE ! !  7 days back

                                                                                      Yes week one is only the beginning for Pitt. They will sync together quickly I think, however when I saw close ups of Big Ben, he did not look good, nor did he play real good. If I were Tomlinson, I would begin heavy training on the #2 QB, discreetly.

                                                                                      • Wesley Bryant
                                                                                        Wesley Bryant  7 days back

                                                                                        Brady and Edelman are 40-0 playing at home against conference teams wow. Brady might have multiple spots in the top 10 QB-WR duos list

                                                                                        • Nice Guy Eddie
                                                                                          Nice Guy Eddie  7 days back

                                                                                          I thought that ESPN was doing mostly virtue signalling political tripe disguised as sports. An actual sports story? They must have the self-righteous Max Kellerman in reserve just in case.

                                                                                          • Frank V
                                                                                            Frank V  7 days back

                                                                                            AB couldn't beat the Pats with his God given talent, so he will fold and join them. This says a lot about his character. If you are the baddest man on the planet, you should fold and join the team you could never beat. That way you can now call yourself a winner.

                                                                                            • Tammy Powell
                                                                                              Tammy Powell  7 days back

                                                                                              LOOK AROUND AT ALL THE END TIME SIGNS EVERYWHERE ✅